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  1. Heavy snow here for last 3 hours. Police stopping traffic from using the Braco to Crieff road due tho atrocious road conditions.
  2. Is it just my connection or did the live storm disruption across the UK feed from the BBC stop yesterday ?
  3. Winds have certainly increased here over the last 15 minutes. Live at the side of some woods that give a very good indication on wind conditions. Dry and increasingly windy.
  4. Still the odd snow flurry here on the Perthshire/Stirlingshire border with slight gusts, a non event at the minute.
  5. And the same here for Perthshire/Stirlingshire border. Windy with snow flurries, so far a non event. Suspect it may liven up a wee bit later.
  6. Wind has just picked up here and within 2 minutes the roads are white. I expect it is going to get a lot worse as the day goes on.
  7. 15 year old McCallan from a Glencairn Whisky Glass. The only way to drink Whisky.
  8. This was what he posted about 45 minutes ago. "HURRICANE SANDY - Windy says latest just in from the US . . . . . . And take a look at the fukers path, he's heading back out to sea . . . . . . . watch this space for regular updates !! That is all !!" I blocked him months ago as some of his postings leave me shaking my head. He is known as Windy Wilson and has thousands of followers on Facebook.
  9. One of our local amateur weather men has just reported on Facebook that Sandy is now heading back out to sea. I find this implausible or is he correct? He posted this wee bit of information in the last few minutes. M...
  10. Cochrane's comment last night about supporting Devo Minus just goes to show how out of touch he is with the people of Scotland. Mark Serwotka as a Trade Unionist should have been supporting Margaret Curran and the Labour Party but that was plainly not the case. A sign of the times when a trade unionists criticises a once Socialist party. There is some speculation that the STUC may come out in favour of Independence and I think that will certainly be news of some note if it happens. My Father was a member of the Labour party for many many years and has voted for them for all his adult life and
  11. Still no rain here in Perthshire but the winds have been pretty impressive. I live on the edge of some woods and much to my amazement there has been no damage at all. I suspect it has been gusting in excess of 70mph yet there are no branches in the garden and no trees down. I believe that we are still looking at gusts in excess of 70mph for the next couple of hours and they are still forecasting heavy rain. It will be interesting to see the official figures for this area once things calm down. Roads are all passable with nobody in the village reporting any problems at all.
  12. Wind now beginning to ramp up here and off to the North East things are becoming very dark indeed. Expect heavy rain to start shortly with the winds picking up further.
  13. Still a wee bit of wind here and it has just started to drizzle but nothing out of the ordinary for this part of the world.
  14. Winds now beginning to pick up here in Perthshire but yet to see any rain of note. I think we are looking at the wee hours of the morning for the heavy rain and winds (Gusts in excess of 60mph). Tayside Police have just issued a severe weather warning for this area.
  15. Still dry here in Perthshire with very little wind to speak about. Wind does appear to be picking up very slightly but at the moment it is just another normal September day. My understanding is that this system will make her way over Perthshire later this evening.
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