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  1. Bring it on!! this is so exciting, If I can't get to work I will get my cam recorder out. I can't decide if I should go to the seafront or go to the wind farms? *must check my house insurance tomorrow* I might finally get my leaky conservatory replaced!
  2. Has anyone got any maps of rainfall predictions for this storm? I havn't seen any yet, I can imagine it's going to be a bit damp.
  3. One thing you have to remember is that a lot of the exposed coasts in the west/north of the UK receive a lot more pounding from wind than the south and inland areas from midlands downards. If a weak tree in the north is regulary pounded it will fall, so generally all the weaker ones are slowly picked off. In the South and inland we rarely see something of this strength so if it were to come of then we will most probably see a lot more trees downed here than the same strength storm hitting the north.
  4. Has anyone got any good tips for filming/photographing this beast? Would be great to get some decent shots. It's a real shame it's hitting bang in the middle of the night but I guess it will be less dangerous. I am a complete amateur with a half decent camera but no tri-pod. I was thinking of possibly getting some shots of places that are likely to suffer damage and then return to the exact spots after the storm. Has anyone tried this? On a side note, I find it interesting how such a powerful low is developing from a secondary low. In general we have 'calm before the storm' because usually v
  5. Im going to dust of the kite. My arms need a good work out. See if I can hold on and land in the north sea somwhere
  6. yea, I have been following this all night on the weather channel, really brilliant, this has been the best coverage to follow what it's really like to be in a hurricane.
  7. These storms coming up the channel have been brilliant, nice torrential rain, could lightening and deep rubmles. Hope for more of the same pls!
  8. Well im totally disappointed from a south eastern point of view, we were promised torrential rainfall amounts from yesterday and this morning and heavy gusting winds today, we ended up with barely anything. The radar was showing heavy rain over us and all we got was short heavy bursts, and the max gust we have had after being forecast up to 70mph is about 40mph pushing it. Very tame indeed down south. I guess I will have to look on to the next system.
  9. anyone got some more links to satelites to watch her dance and swirl? my http://www.yr.no/satellitt/europa_animasjon.html is just showing blank
  10. Morning, I woke up thinking Karin had died, but looking at the radar and warnings, it seems like thing are about to get serious. Those rainfall amounts over wales/north west england look very worrying, it looks like its time to prepare the sandbags and get the possessions upstairs! For me the winds are a bit concerning, the Met has 65-70mph in exposed areas which is very damaging for this time of year. Good luck to everyone in the heavy rain areas, please don't leave it to late to save your possessions and get to safety.
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