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  1. Managed to get some pics of eclipse might have to zoom in. taken with point and click and fingers crossed. this one was taken by using the bbq glass.
  2. Just looked out window and noticed there is light snow falling . Completely surprised as I wasn't expecting anything.
  3. Appears to be a problem with the traffic camera spoiling the view A303 solstice park looking East this morning.
  4. After a rest from the forum last night (fell asleep early) woke up to snow this morning.
  5. Light snow has been falling since about 6am . Unfortunately the video hasn't picked it up. Squirrels and birds been busy so far this morning. 😊 VID-20210209-WA0000.mp4
  6. Just been out to collect a parcel from the front door, as I came back in I shouted to my daughter " cor that wind would freeze the b***s of a brass monkey" Didn't realise she was on her team lesson and was greeted with laughter from the rest of the class plus teacher. Now been banned from living room while she is in lesson.
  7. Snow still falling temp dropping now. Having to use weather app for temp as my station has decided too give up .
  8. Went out for a walk about 10am up to Telegraph Hill , managed to drag 2 of the kids out of bed for it. First picture is of solstice park. Second pic is looking back over Bulford, third pic is me and my 2 girls at top of telegraph hill.
  9. Light snow falling here garden looks crispy . Squirrels are brave enough to run around looking for their nuts think it might take a pick axe to dig them up.
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