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  1. Bright flash 2 bangs followed And it's still going .
  2. Hi Jethro, how on earth can people still get away with it!! I'm glad my kids didn't see the advert .
  3. Thunder here for past 10 minutes only seen a couple of flashes of lightning
  4. All gone quiet now with just the odd flash. Must try and get sleep now up at 6 for work tomorrow.
  5. Constant thunder and lightning here plus heavy hail.
  6. Sat on the doorstep this afternoon listening to my cuckoo for half an hour before he got drowned out by the diggers in field behind the woods.Bought a smile to face the cuckoo not the wretched diggers.
  7. After last night's snow a grand total of 13cm. Kids happy they get a snow day other half and eldest daughter has to go to work. Those who are driving in today stay safe.
  8. Just kicked cats out for a bit definitely a patch of yellow snow here lol
  9. Snowing here all be it tiny flakes. Meto app has me down for 5 hours heavy snow tonight.
  10. Morning everyone , I just woke up to this to be honest was expecting much but wow what a surprise it actually looks prettier than last time.
  11. Well what can I say that hasn't already been said this winter has been fantastic. Before this passed week I thought it was going to be another dull winter but it certainly went out with a bang. A big thank you to all posters that have kept me entertained through all of it. I hope all the newbie posters will stick with us in here and seen how crazy it gets from time to time. Roll on thunderstorms and the summer warmth now. I will leave you with a couple of pictures taken earlier. No cats were harmed in the making of the picture lol
  12. Looking more like a blizzard here now than yesterday