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  1. Hi ajpoolshark yes sounds like they are out on the firing ranges and some tanks rumbling around as well.
  2. I was just going to say the same thing text mum. Can't even here the birds it's getting darker here can just make out red sun through the trees.
  3. Cleared here now can still hear thunder heading towards Salisbury.
  4. Wind has really picked up here continus thunder in distance not sure if it going to reach us.
  5. Morning all, well looks like I won't be seeing much of the beautiful white stuff. So good luck to all of you in the sweet spots today.
  6. I'm still trying not to get to excited, I work in a care home in Old Sarum so have reserved a bed for tomorrow night just in case lol. Wishful thinking that we might get snowed in.
  7. Currently -7.7 here . kids not very happy about walking to school in it lol. they are both trussed up like turkeys .
  8. Good morning all, after watching the temp stick at -3c all of the evening I woke up this morning to see -6.6c.
  9. Right over us now. Some pretty amazing lightning strikes. Still no rain.
  10. 3rd rumble of thunder getting closer .
  11. Blimey what a morning started by driving through flooded roads on school run, the last fence panel gave up and is now spread all over garden and then a phone call from my daughter asking to be picked up because school has been shut the roof had blown off absolute chaos there kids parents and police everywhere. Now back home watching big chunks of wet snow mixed in with the rain.
  12. Loud rumble of thunder shook the house. Looking out window looks like a blizzard very white.
  13. Nearly dropped the kettle when I seen the warning its right over me! Fingers crossed .