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  1. Just got another warning for more heavy snow this evening I'm just in the warning zone.
  2. 😁 hasn't stopped all day! Snow coming down heavy again wind picked up as well.
  3. Snow coming down really heavy now ❄❄❄❄❄❄😁
  4. Woke up this morning put radio on to check road reports and school closures daughter happy school is open. So off she went about 2 mile walk to school she doesn't care. Got phone call from her to say shes at school safe and sound , hang on a minute teachers just told us school is now shut I'm on my way home.!!! 😂😂
  5. Not much here this morning! A couple of cm at best still nice to wake up to.
  6. I have just got in from picking up my very poorly son from school. He's not very happy because he won't be able to go out in the snow in the morning 😟. A very refreshing four mile walk for me. Temp is currently at 2.7c here.
  7. Well I'm feeling excited now !! Woke up to a temp of -6.1c, it's now just reached -5.2c . Housework done, cup of tea at hand, tablet fully charged with charger close buy, now I'm ready for a day of forum reading and radar watching. 😊
  8. I am now crying with laughter beerandkebab 😂😂😂😂😂
  9. My squirrels all six of them have been frantically running around looking for their nuts this morning, I knew I should have put little flags out to mark the spot for them make it a bit easier when it's covered in snow 😁
  10. Trying really hard not to get excited , I want to go to bed now so tomorrow comes quicker and start the radar watch and refreshing this fantastic forum every 2 seconds but the kids are telling me their hungry so I better feed them first.
  11. Morning, woke up too -2.3c this morning (06:30) it's icy out and a real peasouper outside now current temp is -1.4c. Looking forward to tomorrow's snow event. Fingers crossed more get in on the action. My garden looks like a scene out of a Disney film at the moment wildlife everywhere making the most of the food I have just put out. 😊
  12. Big wet flakes for the past 20 minutes. Temp is 2.1c
  13. Good morning all, I'm just inside the warning area for Tuesday Wednesday. I'm really trying not to get excited as I know from past experiance it can all change at the last minute. Haven't even mentioned it to the kids. Starting to struggle now lol I don't care how much falls as long as I see it fall. Here's hopi g it changes so more get in on the action ❄❄❄