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  1. Just read the last 2 pages that's enough for me tonight.
  2. Just got in from work so got a lot of catching up to do. Probably fall asleep half way through mad thread but I give it ago .
  3. Points west talking about 1978 winter just before ian does weather.
  4. I know snow charts aren't that reliable but I would like to see some where it shows snow over all of us down here and not a gaping hole all round us. Sorry if that sounds a bit down but currently on painkillers and hoping I feel better for when it does snow .IT'S OUR TURN!
  5. I would love to know how my people are using the forums at the moment lol
  6. that's exactly what mine asked me. He even tried hiding my tablet today but the kids ratted on him. Lol
  7. Been glued to the forums past 3 days . I can't put my tablet down for more than 10 mins without refreshing. Driving the other half nuts.
  8. That sounds like fun I had a look at the website the tours are all booked up for a while trying to talk other half into taking me. Lol
  9. How did it go last night khodds did anything go bump?
  10. Hi khodds did anything go bump in the night? I'm hoping and praying this cold set up stays on track so the kids can get out there and enjoy the snow. Who am I kidding so I can get outside to play. Lol
  11. Didn't feel anything myself but my daughter said she felt the chair wobble but she wasn't sure if it was the cat jumping up lol
  12. Well done khodds can't help but feel a little jealous I love all things supernatural.
  13. Well all this reminiscing has tired me out , so happy snow dreams everyone.