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  1. Not negativity, but harsh reality, been snowing for hours but so light with so little progress inland i can't see the next fronts making any progress, game over for us in Pontardawe. To hills at the weekend....
  2. Think this is going the way of Brexit! that second front is stalled over Devon...
  3. rapid fall in temp now 0.4, but nothing except a small bit snizzle ....yet
  4. Yep, l looking out over a wide area at 250m height, it's dry as far as the eye can see...weird
  5. Dam you lot stealing my snow with your mountains....
  6. Haven't looked at the models today....hope they are as good as my walk today
  7. BBC goning for valleys as main area just now, also Scandavian high development later, could be a cold Feb
  8. lets hope thurs don't go like today, made this just now..
  9. It's gone very cold now, maybe tonight the valley will get lucky..
  10. Snowing now, temp dropped 1 C in last 20mins
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