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  1. Has it settled on grass at all?
  2. Not looking promising for Oxford City trip to Welling today!
  3. Some bigger flakes. Settled on most surfaces despite wet snow.
  4. Snowing again here! Very very light. Temp of -0.1c warmest its been since midweek lol
  5. Yup, patchier now and looks to be dissipating. Still 10cm not bad in the end. Snow showers mon-weds, edge of the system yesterday light much of the day, this afternoon light to moderate, more moderate bursts. Not bad.
  6. 10cm here after this afternoons entertainment topping up after last few days small falls.
  7. Heavier again now. Greens on radar edging across.
  8. Snowing still here, an extra 2cm or so.
  9. Further 1.5cm so far been snowing since 2pm.
  10. I'm putting Wealdstone vs Oxford City from 1% of being on, to 0%. lol