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  1. Hammering it down here with heavy snow. Really windy too!
  2. In the short term eyes to the W/NW. For many western areas winds turn that way and increasingly cold. Looks like NW England, Wales/Scotland/N Ireland and even central areas see troughs in showery airflow. Euro4 reflecting this well its 12z run has just updated.
  3. Something to keep some of us interested as the flow turns colder from the W/NW. Through tomorrow.
  4. Hang on, GFS 12Z even shows precip moving in from NW/W Sunday early hours now turning to snow as it hits inland, looks to slide SE... Few tweaks and look what happens!
  5. A covering in places here. Roads are fine. Pavements have either puddles or a covering of snow. Grass is white.
  6. Oxford in a decent position SK? Looking at the EPS 12z. Thanks.
  7. Merry Christmas all! Tues night into Weds morning looking rather interesting!
  8. Heavy again here now and some of the heaviest we have seen since 2013.