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  1. Could you explain this a little more please SNOWM4N (or someone else) for those of us who don't understand what it shows? Thank you.
  2. I'm confused as ever... they look very very different in terms of the end weather result to my untrained eye??
  3. Where are the verification stats? Does anyone have a link please? I thought I read earlier that the 06 was one of the worst performers?
  4. There is a fine line between troll and ******** and he/she unfortunately knows how to play the game.

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    2. Eugene


      lol I wonder who trisnow is referring to, I haven't been on here today and I know 100% who it is

    3. A.J


      I'm a troll, I'm a troll, and I live in a hole!

    4. Biggin


      Gets away with murder on here with his sneering windup posts. :)

  5. I've read a fair bit about the GFS always eventually plays catch up with the ECM and comes on board in scenario's such as this one but, can someone clarify if I remember this right - Wasn't there a scenario similar to this sometime last year around this time when most of, if not all of the other models were showing cold and lots of snow on the horizon and GFS was out on its own right up until a few days before and then suddenly all the others fell in line with the GFS and it had been right all along? I think it was about the time a member joined here with the username "ThatECM" (due to a parti
  6. Am I completely wrong or did the GFS used to update at 9:30am?? Sorry, I only visit here for the winter and can't find where it used to tell you the chart update times as the site has changed since last year. Nice change btw Netweather.
  7. Anyone advise me on how to add Youtube vids to a post?? Searched everywhere but can't work it out?? Thanks

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    2. trisnow


      Actually yeah in case you didn't know (I imagine you do) but the embed doesn't worked if you are copying and pasting an address from Youtube if you are securely logged in.

    3. Paul


      Thanks, will see if there's a way to force it to http on the embed.

    4. trisnow


      Cool. Ta muchly :)

  8. Search Google Play for weblivewallpaper (all one word) and install. I use a pic of Zermatt in the settings. http://www.zermatt.ch/html/bergbahnen/webcams/findeln.jpg Or you can choose any other as long as you know the full link for the image.
  9. Following on from my earlier pic... it's still coming down in parts of the Alps! Love seeing the first snows arrive there. It means Winter ain't far away.
  10. The wallpaper on my phone is a webcam that auto updates and woke up this morning to a luvverly sight. Looks like some of the Alps have had a dumping! Maybe the updated map tomorrow will show white over the Alps.
  11. *******The "Ignores anyone" in my last post should simply be - "if anyone". Damn you autocorrect.
  12. Yeah Polar it is taken from that cam. Ignores anyone has an Android search for WebLiveWallpaper in Google Play. You can set any webcam image as your wallpaper and you can set it to refresh whenever you want. Great for watching the snow come in.
  13. Lovely snow ! Think we had to wait until November for the first snow last year Sorry trying to attach my screengrab
  14. I know this will prob be gone by later today but this made me quite excited! I have an image of Findeln in. Zermatt as my live wallpaper on my phone which refreshes every 10 minutes. Woke up this morning and my phone looked like this!
  15. You know winter isn't far away when see this thread! Quick search for cyclonic happiness and northern hemisphere and boom! My yearly weather forum reading and winter excitement starts again. Cheers CH and IF.
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