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  1. well disappointing to say the least anyway looking at the ECMWF this morning and last night GFS I think come next week it will be a blend between EC and GFS a half way house I think that this is what will happen
  2. well well well it is about time the model outputs showed us some interesting charts it is also interesting regarding the ECMWF 46 day output how ever I will firmly keep my feet glued to the ground on till the Met office come on board
  3. A question for you folks when does the GFSP becomes operational? and for all these exciting outputs I will keep my feet firmly on the ground until the Met office comes on board their 6 30 day outlook from yesterday was rather sobering
  4. A good GFS but it is in the not reliable timeframe 240 hours well that says it all May I wish all of you at NW a very happy prosperous and a peaceful 2019. I hope it’s a good one for everyone and you all get what you want including plenty of cold and snow.
  5. makes me sick watching all that snow falling in Turkey and here we have all that mild crap anyway may i wish all nw members and staff are very happy prosperous and a piece for new year. I hope 2019 is a good one for every one
  6. Well folks I know models have been up and down although I think this will change in the next day or 3. In the mean time why not take a look at gavs weather vids and the seasonal model updates this from late winter to early spring Jan thru to March. May i also wish every1 at netweather a very happy newyear for thos of you who haven't had a good year may 2019 be a good1 for you, also thanks to all nw staff for their work thru out the year. happy and a snowy 2019. Here is the link to this seasonal model round up.
  7. well if it’s any comfort to all at the moment the Met 6/30 day still sticking to mid jan cold spell win fog frost and snow
  8. Well folks I know it's doom and gloom from the model outputs atm but no fear this is from gavs weather vids the jma monthly outlook it does show some light at the end of this very dark tonal. A bit of advice though don't look at the CFS V2. https://youtu.be/ldrkSU_GffY
  9. A question for you folks according to Space whether there is a Corrinal hole facing the Earth and they reckon solar winds will arrive on earth with in three days would that have any effect on what the current model output is showing thank you.
  10. for January 2019 my guess is 6.5c and 90 5MM rain fall thank you
  11. The UK has one of the crappy climates it is there four hardly surprising that we get weeks on end of atlantic crap during winter A grim update from Ian penel. as for the SSW it does not guarantee cold and snow for the UK in my personal opinion I believe that the hunt for called thread in the model discussion has too many hope casting.
  12. Well not much change in the outputs as of yet hopefully this will change in the next few day or so. mjoupdate. 24TH DECEMBER 2018.pdflooks like the mjo is going to go to a high amp faze if I understood the updated forecast rite. Well folks maybe it's time to take a break from models for a few days and come back to see if any changes have a good time all over the Christmas with all your family and friends. Here is the updated MJO forecast. mjoupdate. 24TH DECEMBER 2018.pdf mjoupdate. 24TH DECEMBER 2018.pdf mjoupdate. 24TH DECEMBER 2018.pdf
  13. and excellent GFS6 hours run for called and who knows possibly snow in the mean time there are warnings for snow and ice tomorrow even an amber warning from the Met office for those of you who are up north so enjoy tomorrow and let the model fun begin soon
  14. Well what a roller coaster ride it's been for the last few days will it won't it and I don't think even now the models have a handle on things yet come end of this week I think it will be lamppost watching for most of us. Yes I know the atlantic will break thrue but I don't think the block will just give up the fight yet. For those of you who is interested the MJO forecast has been update if you mjoupdate. 10TH DECEMBER 2018.pdfguys want to take a look.
  15. how they manage to get away with printing so much crap i can never understand. its the same old lemon every year.