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  1. so what has happened to all the snow you been forecasting for April I just thought I’d ask
  2. Ok I think April will be below average month and quite wet. I'm going for 6.5c and 120mm rain. Thanks
  3. I agree with you regarding the BBC monthly forecast anyway it wasn’t only the met banging the cold drum don’t forget the positively background signals either those background signals this year supposed to have given us a 602 63 but it never came off
  4. rain here with bits of sleet mixed in another pointless yellow snow warning from the Met office for here
  5. with all due respect forgive me if I don’t take the Met office seriously after the debuckle of this winter how could they forecast the next five years when they couldn’t forecast the 30 days accurately this winter. as for snow chances in the next week to 10 days I think only the high ground will benefit from it for low level settling snow I think this year is a bit too late
  6. I think March is going to be below average there for I am going for 5.6C and 95MM. thank you The mild spell has to come to an end sometimes and I think March will be the month.
  7. oh don’t get me wrong I am trying to be hopeful how ever looking at the model runs these are worthy of late spring not late winter as I said I am trying to have last bit of hope but going by this winter I don’t hold out much.
  8. I have to agree with shaky on this point I admire your positivity but so far the drum you been banging had not baird any fruit let’s wait and see what happens as summer sun already pointed the ECM was an cold out liar.
  9. I would like to be a bit positive after tonights ECMWF how ever so far this winter the good charts always stayed at day 10 or beyond this is the reason I am still not going to buy into the ECMWF evolution maybe I am a bit down after all the letdown so far this winter.
  10. hi frosty the back ground signals look excellent from March to May we I reckon we’ll have an SSW with a rapid drop response this March to May will be equivalent to winter of 62 63 only the thing it will be in spring. this will be re-membered of the spring of 2019 Spring that never was lol.
  11. excellent post bb totally agree as for background signals I don’t think it counts for much with the climate we have here in the UK
  12. as long as usa and Canada stays cold no way then we can get cold here in the UK especially with the crappy climate we have here.
  13. well it wouldn’t matter if it’s a cold start to summer as long as we get a couple of blizzard during June and July. I see the ECMWF is up to its old tricks like most of this winter sowing hope at day nine day 10 and then when it gets to the reliable it takes it away.
  14. now where have I heard that before it’s coming well it’s been coming since November. had any of this materialise the outcome would have been so different sometimes some things are just not meant to be and winter 2018 2019 was one of those it wasn’t to be for the UK as for the towels I have thrown mine in the ring for this season I will pick it back up in November and prepare my self for a another four or five months of torture.
  15. with all due respect the Met office extended outlook has not verified very well this winter it certainly did not come off smelling of Roses as for the CFS well it’s more like a chocolate fireguard model. if the CFs very fie sI will have the biggest slice of humble pie
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