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  1. very heavy snow here and the wind is blowing the snow all round it is settling how ever when the Sun comes out it melts again as for people writing off the snow event is because most of us won’t even get a covering personally I don’t think the yellow warning for some part of the West Midlands is warranted
  2. moderate snow now falling here leaving a slite dusting on beans and grass but the wind is quite strong so it blowing the snow quite a bit
  3. drizzling here also getting breezy and cold the BBC app has light snow from 4 AM tomorrow morning
  4. The Met office has been putting out yellow warnings for snow since Wednesday how ever I personally don’t think the warnings for many parts of the West Midlands is needed waste of yellow warnings I believe specially for the likes of Birmingham and other places
  5. yellow warning out for the Midlands but would this yellow warning of snow bear fruit i wander nder it would be good to see a last little bit of snow before spring properly kicks in.
  6. Well Well what a ride it's been I hope every1 enjoyed all the snow and cold it's raining on and off here. still have quite a bit of snow cover left but i think it will be gon by tomorrow. If there's one thing i learned from this cold sbell is that cold air is not so hard to shift all this talk that cold is hard to remove well this time it proved that it isn't.
  7. snowing steadily here now covering everything once again I wonder if this will continue a little longer and how much we might get from this belt of snow
  8. lite snow now started here very fine at the moment I wonder if we are going to get another covering before the rain kicks in
  9. Last1 from me tonight folks. Just went out for a fag and my word it's cold still very lite snow coming down here. If the models are on the rite track then u never know we could see some mor snow next weekend too.
  10. I don't agree with some of the met offices warnings how ever this time I think they did well with their warning system given the models were flip flopping at times it is hard to forecast snow best of times. if any1 is to blame then I would say it's the media crying woolf every winter. As for blankit red warnings I don't agree because if they did that then folks just not going to bother with it or take any notice that in turn could cost mor lives.
  11. moderate snow still falling as I type this here by Villa Park I think there is going to be a bit mor to come for some of us yet enjoy what we have folks we don’t get snow or called like this all the time
  12. moderate snow still falling here every think is totally covered and looks like there’s more to come
  13. sno getting heavy here now and the roads are covered once again. winter 2017 2018 has been a good one for this area
  14. lite to moderate snow falling now here in Aston Birmingham later on I think we are going to get the heavy snow
  15. still snow is falling here in Brum as I type this and still breezy really looks like we have more of it to come later on The BBC app as me location down for heavy snow showers until 5 AM and then light snow after that and breezy