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  1. Very heavy hail shower earlier now a few rumbles of thunder here
  2. For may I am going for 9.8c another below average and wet 80mm rain
  3. moderate snow here by Villa Park settling A little on grass.
  4. my guess for April I would go for temp 7.5c I think this April will be quite dry precipitation therefore I will take 55 mm thank you.
  5. for March I will go for 6.5c as for precipitation I will go for 75 mm thank you. 😞
  6. I do agree with you and the charts you have posted these look like they are in line with Metts latest thoughts gone is the cold and wintry hazards from their extended Outlook
  7. can you please explain the uncertainty because the GFS only showing on called in the ensemble and UK but has now totally drop the cold forecast in their extended outlook they going more to wards mild than cold
  8. I must say models are looking absolutely uninspiring for the next 10 14 days very disappointed we didn’t really get anything from this cold spell I know March can produce snow and cold how ever synoptically it would have to be something very notable like 2013 or 2018 march. This year I cannot see this happening even the Met office have changed the wording on their extended outlook gon is snow showers developing in the east also disruptive snow fall. Cold wise this winter have been good even snow wise how ever it hasn’t been settling snow all over that’s what disappoints me we had the ingredien
  9. You’re absolutely right of course is not curtains for cold how ever to get something notable with settling snow in March it would have to be exceptional synoptic wise something like 2013 or 2018. At the moment no model showing anything like that even the MO have changed the wording slightly on their extended outlook.
  10. Interesting that because if you look at certain organisation the threat of developing snow showers from the east has gone and disruptive snow from the forecast called is good when there is snow about what we had this week seven days is enough for that kind of cold. I cannot see a another gold set up like we had modelled don’t really show that either.
  11. The Met office warning are becoming a laugh every time they issue advance warning just to remove it the next day I wouldn’t take those warnings seriously by self glad to see this useless cold spell ending looking forward to spring and the warmth I see a post or two in the model thread saying it would be good to have warmth after this epic winter. I wonder what planet they been living on if this supposed to be an epic winter I also see the strat drumer have gone quiet.
  12. snowing here but very lite settling on grass and on my plant pots got to say though the BBC app has been quite accurate over the last day or two for here.
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