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  1. I must say the easterly flow has been great for these parts it has been quite sunny and warm over the last few days
  2. nothing to report here not even rain
  3. for June my guess is 14.5 c 64.5 MM I believe it will be average or below month.
  4. very very close lightning strike earlier on with intense rain I have seen lightning close as today when I was out in Bangladesh 13 years ago very frightening overhead lightning it was torrential and very very loud thunder
  5. Constant rambling of thunder here must be from a storm nearby last night was just crazy so much lightning rain and thunder
  6. May could be a rather warm and slitely above avrage 12.4C and 63MM. Thanks.
  7. we had some wet snow here gave a dusting on bins and cars now it’s all going again and raining excellent winter snow every month
  8. just a guess for April I will take 6.5c as for rain I will take 115 MM I think it will be a Nother below average month
  9. just went and stood out side for a fag and lite snow here is falling and sticking who knows we may get another surprise fall tonight
  10. level snow for here today when I took measurement on the bin lid was 5 inches or 10 cm and there is now bits and pieces of snow falling
  11. what an amazing winter 2017 2018 has been and continuing into spring I must say that we I believe have 3 to 5 cm of snow covering and it is still coming down
  12. here by Villa Park the snow still coming down now covering everything I must say this is quite pleasant because I didn’t expect much from this snowy spell The BBC app as this area down for light flow from after midnight and heavy snow showers tomorrow those of you who haven’t got anything yet I think you will be surprised come tomorrow morning
  13. moderate to heavy snow showers here on and off since the Sun went down it now settling and leaving a nice dusting well more than a dusting here I think there will be some surprises overnight for us in the West Midlands
  14. very heavy snow here and the wind is blowing the snow all round it is settling how ever when the Sun comes out it melts again as for people writing off the snow event is because most of us won’t even get a covering personally I don’t think the yellow warning for some part of the West Midlands is warranted
  15. moderate snow now falling here leaving a slite dusting on beans and grass but the wind is quite strong so it blowing the snow quite a bit