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  1. although I know you said to PM you I think the strap thread itself need to be updated we are still posting on the 2017 I believe for 1920 I think that should be a new thread sorry for the off topic.
  2. rained here heavy most of the day today bitterly cold wind and according to the BBC weather app we should be getting sleet from 4 pm. haven’t seen any sleet yet it is still raining
  3. for November my guess is 9.2c as for precipitation I am going for 120 mm thank you. personally I believe that November will be rather mild and Atlantic driven
  4. don remember last year the Met office was going on and on about how cold and snowy it could get over Christmas so let’s not forget that fat either so the increasing in mild spells during or end of November may not come off then again it may do.
  5. Living near the Atlantic Ocean we have the crappest climate snow and cold is what I look forward to in winter sadly we don’t get that kind of weather here much this is the reason I don’t look forward to winter any more also lack of sunshine gets to me as well.
  6. Good to see winter thread open lets hope we all get the winter most of here enjoy. September long range model outputs have been grim how ever most long range models did go for a cold winter last year and look what we ended up with lets hope we don't get a repeat of last year. Compare to winter 18-19 I would be happy with a repeat of December 17 and March 18. In the mean time here is gavin's 6TH winter 2019 2020 update. https://youtu.be/hUcaOhQEwUk
  7. my guess for October temp 12.5c rainfall 102 mm thank you
  8. Well here we are folks here is the 5TH winter 2019 2020 update from gavsweathervids and I do agree with some of the posts it's good to see some seasonal weather. Link to winter 2019 2020 update.
  9. Hi folks i know this is not the winter thread but here is gavsweathervids first seasonal model round up for winter 2019 2020 and for those of who wants a cold winter it does not make a plesent viewing. I'm not too worried yet though it is still September after all. Here is the link for those of you want to take a look. https://youtu.be/XfBuZvxIr14
  10. Moderate rain here earlier on and phew distant rumbles of thunder bitween 5.45 6 am
  11. Interesting question I believe that we will get cold winters how ever due to our current climate I don’t think we will see the likes of 1947 or 1963 I hope I am wrong but let’s just wait and see
  12. for September I’ll go with 16.5c and 91 mm precipitation thank you.
  13. for August my guess is 15.5c rather cool and wet month I believe rainfall I would say 94 mm thank you
  14. never mind a thunderstorm we didn’t even get a light rain shower very hot and humid here also
  15. quite an intense thunderstorm here just over 15 20 minutes ago very bright lightning with loud thunder and rain
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