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  1. Hi folks interesting article From the MetOffice I don't know if any of you read it? If you haven't then here is the piece. Predicting the North Atlantic climate is a step closer following a major scientific breakthrough. A?team of scientists, led by the Met Office, has?achieved a scientific breakthrough allowing the longer-term prediction of?North Atlantic pressure?patterns,?the key?driving force?behind?winter weather?in Europe?and eastern North America.? Published in Nature, the study analysed six decades of?climate?model?data and suggests decadal variations in North Atlantic atmospheric pressure patterns (known as?the?North Atlantic Oscillation)?are?highly predictable,?enabling advanced warning of whether winters in the coming decade are?likely?to be stormy, warm?and wet?or?calm,?cold?and dry.? However, the study revealed that this predictable signal is much smaller than it should be in current climate models. Hence 100 times more ensemble members are required to extract it, and additional steps are needed to balance the effects of winds and greenhouse gases. The team?showed that, by taking these deficiencies into account, skilful predictions of extreme European?winter decades are possible.? Lead author?Dr Doug Smith, who heads decadal climate prediction research and development at the Met Office Hadley Centre, said: “The message from this study is double-edged: climate is much more predictable than we previously thought,?but there is a clear need to improve how models simulate regional changes.”? Advance warning of severe winter weather?is?imperative to those?who?make risk-based decisions over longer timescales.??For example, better forecasts?can help the Environment Agency plan water management and flood defences, insurance companies plan for the changing risks, the energy sector to mitigate against potential blackouts and surges, and airports plan?for potential disruption.? Improving model simulations?will enhance the UK’s response, resilience and security against the effects of?extreme weather and?climate change – influencing future policy decisions to protect people’s lives, property and infrastructure.????? https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/about-us/press-office/news/weather-and-climate/2020/nao-predictability-paper
  2. For August temp wise I'm going for 15.5C as for rainfall I'm going 105MM I think it will be a quite a wet month. Thanks
  3. another excellent and hot summer day today no thunderstorms materialised I see now the Met office even cancelled the yellow thunderstorm warning that was in place until 9 o’clock tomorrow
  4. for July I am going for 102 mm precipitation as for temperature I am going with 15.5 Celsius given lots of uncertainty in the long-range outlook thank you
  5. message to the mods I think we should start a new thread this one has been running since I beleave 2017
  6. another thunderstorm here just over an hour ago this is quite remarkable I’ve had more thunderstorms in the last week 10 days than whole of 2019 and I think the more on its way
  7. two thunderstorms here today one was at 5:30 545 and the other one started around 750 I can still hear occasional rumble of thunder and see occasional flashes of lightning this is more thunder I heard today than I did whole of 2019 and also the heavy rain too. The storm at 5:30 had everything really sun lightning thunder and rain
  8. had a another storm about 930 this evening had heavy rain and lightning to I can feel here distant rumble of thunder intermittently not as regular as 930 storm
  9. had a few rumbles of thunder here with moderate shower this is the second Saturday this year we had thunder last Saturday we had a few rumbles too just started to rain here again but only spitting I wonder if we got more coming
  10. for June I am going for 14.3c and 55 mm rain I think June will be a dry month rather cool also thank you
  11. April I think will be quite a cool month so my guess for April is 8.5c and I also think it will be a wet month but not as wet as we have had there for I am going for rain total of 75mm thank you. also given current situation I hope every member on netweather keep safe and please follow advice given by medical expert and other pros keep safe everyone and look out for each other.
  12. just wow what an interesting outputs has been for the last few days but I will hold back on my excitement I see no mention of any deep cold from Exeter nor do they mention any snow and they do look at models like the ECMWF. I wonder if we might just might get a repeat of March 2013 who knows what ever the weather guys keep safe and look after each other these are certainly dark times what a strange year this is turning out to be again keep safe everyone and follow the advice being given out by the pros.
  13. don’t worry fizz511 we hear in Aston didn’t get any snow this winter either as I said earlier it sumbs up this crappy winter never mind a flake not even sleet here today.
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