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  1. This is amazing weather loving it

    1. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      Only because you don't have to go to work.... ;-)

    2. Clare_Bear
  2. This is amazing weather loving it

  3. This weather is just gorgeous shame where I've been working for past few shifts there has been no windows :(

  4. hahahahahaha that is so me i sent my partner up the steepest road when we were in the lake district a few years ago teehee
  5. I am so very cold

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    2. Clare_Bear


      It cant be the weather..... I am in doors and the storage heater has been on all night. I have sheepskin slippers on and I cant feel my feet, they are so cold and blue looking :S

    3. gottolovethisweather


      Brrr. Let us hope the model outputs start suggesting some warmth coming to our shores soon. Often being miserable outside makes it miserable inside and we need the sunshine. Anybody know when I can next expect to see some sun?

    4. Clare_Bear


      so true but i best make most of the day light as of today as going onto nights. I don't know what the weather is given and as i am new to all this I am not quite up to speeds of understanding the weather talk even though my partner is always trying to tell me what things mean i might get the hang of it soon :D

  6. my profile picture wont stay on :( it keeps disappearing help

    1. Paul


      Seems ok to me?

    2. Clare_Bear


      Oh OK thanks :0) I just cant see it so think its not there and there is me changing all the time thinking its not working lol

    3. Paul


      It can be a bit slow to update sometimes, and you can only change once a day as the system will only check once every 24 hours for new a new pic.

  7. Sheffield Tops I took this on the way to work
  8. Thank you I will have a look and if I get stuck I will give out a shout lol
  9. What a lovely day it has been :D

    1. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      Can i turn the heating off now then....? :-))

    2. Clare_Bear


      ummm you can for me but didnt you said it could be getting a bit cooler

  10. Hello, I am Clare I am kind of new, although been on since 27 August 2011 but only been on a handful of times. Love 2 word story and have posted a few times. My partner has got me into net-weather as he is on constantly and he is always wanting to show me things. so I signed up and here I am wanting to learn more Any tips to get me started so I don't have to ask my partner and drive him up the wall ;D
  11. i cant believe how dark it is becoming, love it

  12. what a glorious day blue sky's and sun beaming :D

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