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  1. Well It’s snowing. In the south east. Outside my window.  Winter is definitely over ?

    1. lassie23


      you pulling my leg:nonono:

    2. jvenge


      Ha. It's a general problem with the more fanatical collides. They ignore a cold spell they are in, get upset because the longer term output isn't showing something even colder.


  2. Absolutely cooking out there today, don't forget to stay hydrated if you're like me and have the misfortune of travelling on the tube! 

  3. Well this is all rather exciting! Time to crack out the winter coat finally....

  4. This front needs to get a move on, I've got a baby to introduce to a Delta Lady!

  5. How beautiful is it out there today! And a 24c forecast for my birthday tomorrow, I'll take that thank you!!

    1. Dancerwithwings


      You also :)looking like it will cloud over for mine :(

    2. Daniel*


      Happy belated birthday!

  6. Usually counting down to Stormchasing. Instead I'm on early Mat leave and looking longingly at the risks this week. Nice if you like trees.....!

  7. Soooo..... No Stormchasing for me next year, we're having a baby instead!

  8. We're chasing!!

  9. If you're calling it a bust at 11am, you'll never make a stormchaser!

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    2. Mapantz


      Yeah man, absolutely! I'm usually touching a bust by 11am. :O

    3. Dancerwithwings


      Yep! we've got at least till 11 tonight :D

    4. A.J


      you tell 'em Jo! :) ......miserable gits!

  10. Good Lord! Those Cape values for the weekend are pretty exciting!

    1. IanR


      I have a feeling its going to be one of those over hyped situations yet again, were a select few will get a decent storm but many will feel what all the fuss was about, sorry to be negative but its been indoctrinated into me regarding thunderstorms in this area over the last few years, seen it all before , time and time again , good luck to get a storm everyone, hope this really is like one of those 80's style MCS systems that were so common and reliable back then

    2. Team Jo

      Team Jo

      Texas has kind of ruined UK Storms for me anyway so my expectations are low. I just really like the look of the potential.:)

  11. One more day to bin off the jetlag.. Argh!

  12. 11 states, about 9 million hours of video and 1000+ photos to go through.... And lagging quite hard now! Thank god it's bank holiday!

  13. Good morning from Wyoming! We are chasing live from. Montana shortly....



      I thought you were going from Nebraska to Wyoming....Not Montana!!!!!!!

    2. Team Jo

      Team Jo

      Nope... Just about to get into Montana, there's snowy mountains.. (And a ts warning)

    3. Nick L

      Nick L

      You'll be in Canada at this rate!!

  14. Nebraska bound!

  15. Nebraska bound!

  16. Good morning and goodbye Indiana! Heading west for warmth, Kansas and weather.....

  17. We are streaming LIVE from Kentucky! Chasing a tornado warned area of activity.

  18. Good morning...Indiana!

    1. jtay


      Lucky Diana :D

    2. lorenzo


      Have a Blast Jo X

  19. Good morning (very chilly!) Illinois!

    1. lassie23


      You get around LOL! Afternoon from a stormy London!

  20. Good morning from Missouri!

    1. A.J


      morning Jo!...send a couple of supercells my way please? :D

    2. Team Jo

      Team Jo

      Haha! I'll try and send them on the jet :-)

    3. lassie23


      Any tornadoes to report? I heard Orrick got hit a couple of days ago!

  21. The stream is up and we are chasing LIVE from Nebraska!

  22. Nebraska. Very brown.

  23. Off to Nebraska! And crumbs it's hot!

  24. Oh Kansas, you beautiful creature! Pancake stack supercell, amazing structure, marble hail and stunning lightning. And it's only day one!

  25. On the road to Kansas!

    1. lassie23


      Are we there yet?

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