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  1. Thanks. I’m pretty well versed in sun angles. Fairly sure we have had significant heat in August, though so not sure what your point is aside from trying to pick an argument? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. May I suggest that those who wish to conduct the winter post mortem two day into February perhaps wait until winter is actually over. And by that I mean something like April? I mean, unless you were under a rock last March it is exceptionally premature. Would you write off Summer in August?! No. Calling people out for having the balls to nail their colours to the mast and call a longer range pattern and publicly give a forecast a shot should be applauded not ridiculed. I don’t see many of you who are saying ‘I told you so’ with a great deal of public analysis under your belts. be nice.
  3. Not sure - looks like the front has stalled like Steve said, we just dropped low enough temps for the drizzle to turn into snow, but I also am up a hill too which helps matters. fingers crossed for you!
  4. I’ve not actually checked the radar! Where are you?
  5. Snowing heavily in brentwood and sticking....
  6. We have intermittent snow and then snizzle in camden at the moment. Leaving work in a sec so will see how we're faring at home. Nice bonus falls hopefully!
  7. Yes same here the wind is really howling, It’s Baltic! We do have a bit of snow tho (sorry..)
  8. Okay we’re away! Small flakes blowing about in the not insignificant wind, just outside Brentwood. Most of it’s in the air but it’s a start! 🙌🏼
  9. 1.5c at the mo with a -2c dp. Wind picking up also - We have some decent elevation here so I just hope it doesn’t swizzle before it gets to me...
  10. moderate snow falling here now in Brentwood 😀
  11. I don’t know what everyone else is looking at but on the face of it I think we have a reasonable chance for snow for most over the next few days. The tone/vibe in here is akin to the type of atmosphere I come to expect when we’re experiencing weeks of screaming zonal. I don’t know if some are fatigued, some just want to pick a fight or what. If someone makes a comment that you find not in line with the spirit of the thread, please report it rather than reply to it. And honestly please think about your post before hitting send - if you wouldn’t say it someone’s face in the pub it’s probably best kept off here. The majority come here for weather discussion, not a row, this isn’t the place for open hostility against each other, broadcasters or tv channels or the met office. So Please Keep it civil. I don’t enjoy ploughing through three pages of sniping that has to be trimmed down. I imagine neither does anyone else! Thanks 🙂
  12. Hi 🙂 We seem to have the same commentary every time a BBC forecast comes up and isn’t aligned with the current output- It really has been done to death! And there is a thread specifically for that kind of chat so if you need to express your feelings on broadcast forecasts, we have a place for you!
  13. If you are unable to support your one liner or cannot keep your emotions in check I really suggest you head into banter to moan or even better just step back from the models for a couple of hours. Writing off the winter in January is totally ridiculous. Let’s just nip that in the bud.
  14. Morning Cold-Chasers.. Before we kick off another fraught day in here, please remember that the models do not dictate the weather, and it is pointless picking holes and overanalysing and getting yourself in a tizz over computer generated statistical simulations. It really isn’t! I know everyone is dying for a day off work BUT.. Every single cold event has its wobbles. Unfortunately with the wobbles seem to come unhelpful posts- and for anyone that saw my post last night which is probably 10000 pages back, I talked about one-upmanship. So once again-there are no prizes for being the person who declared that this would be a bust already. If you like the feeling of being right and dwelling jn the misery of others, this isn’t the place for you. The tone of some of the ‘I told you so’ posts creeping in already is really unpleasant and unnecessary. This isn’t what this forum is about and is not in the spirit of things at all. If you wouldn’t say it to someone in the pub for fear of losing some teeth, it’s probably best not typed out and posted. I appreciate that these scenarios cause emotions to run high but it’s not okay to turn on one another. It’s also not very cool to mudtrack into twitter - going off and complaining about this forum and it’s posters on a public platform replying to senior Meteorologists just makes you look like a child. If you have an issue, please report it to the team. Finally any obviously trolling or wind up posts will be removed and you’ll find yourself unable to post for a bit. PLEASE be nice to each other. Otherwise might be best turn your screen off and enjoy some cold air- it’s not like it was in December!
  15. PLEASE can we take the BBC chat into the relevant thread. thanks.