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  1. Still falling as snow here! Not quite enough for the sledge sadly
  2. It’s not the bbc thread. Broadcast forecasts have their own thread. FWIW - the bbc don’t ‘sign off’ the weather.
  3. If you think a post doesn’t below here or is off topic then simply report it. posting about an off topic post is another off topic post..... you see where I’m going with this- look, you guys are going to have me crawling towards the gin bottle by 6pm if this keeps up...
  4. Okay, I’ve moved and removed a whole heap of posts. Please take banter into the appropriate thread. thanks!
  5. Guys, please read Paul’s opening post to this thread. personal insults around forecast, opinion or posting style are not welcome. If you are unhappy with a post directed at you please report it rather than retaliate. thanks. Be nice. 😘
  6. Genuinely considering adding the word Easterly to the Swear filter. There’s so much to be resolved at the ‘reliable’ time frame, I wouldn’t hang my hat on any of the outcomes - 10 days ago winter was over wasn’t it? On a serious note, there is some lively debate in here tonight which I think is really good for he most part. The part I’m not so keen on is the almost persistent attempts by some to shoot one another down. You don’t get any prizes for calling this one right or wrong. If you vehemently disagree with a poster I’d recommend PMing then rather than publicly nitpicking. Else your posts (and posting ability) might have to be revoked for a bit. Just be nice! As ever usual request apply, charts to back up one liners, Meto office and countryside discussion in other threads, sobbing into your wine on banter.... come on then ECM, what have you got for us tonight?!
  7. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. For me. For the 200-odd folks online eagerly anticipating the pub run. If you aren’t posting model discussion, if you’re incredulous that anyone in here is chasing, thinking, analysing, interpreting anything +t96 then just go elsewhere, this thread is not for your scorn/criticism of interest/pouring cold water on stuff. It’s poor to do so given then effort some of our posters go to analysing and making interpretations. if you want to moan about how hopeless statistically based outputs are then I urge to you the moan and ramps thread. If you want to make snippy observations on people trying to make sense of statistically based outputs, then a weather forum isn’t really going to be your thing is it? We have a short range thread which has some excellent analysis. It’s a good tonic to some of the teases we’ve seen in here and hopefully gives a bit more context and meat to progged output.
  8. Folks, I feel I’ve walked into a banter thread. Oh, wait it’s not! I know it’s January and everyone is back to work and sad and looking for the next cold spell, but PLEASE can we keep this to model discussion, there’s at least 15 posts I’m about to move/delete and sorry in advance but I’m probably not going to PM every single one of you to say sorry and give a justification because it’s Friday night and I’m tired. its been a really long week for model watching, and I think the unusual setups are cause for really great conversations. I kind of feel we all need to get up off the floor and just get over the ECM failure. Let’s move on. and be nice.
  9. I think anyone confidently calling out any model output at 10 days out to be correct probably needs to just sit back and think about slidergate last month. I seem to recall several mornings like this sitting on the train scrolling through pages of one upmanship and backslapping and trolling when the output and projected track changed almost run to run. And in the end lots of places ended up colder (and with snow!) than originally predicted. By the Meto included. I appreciate not everyone buys into the ‘it’s just one run’ mantra but let me put it another way - there’s a hell of a lot more runs between now and day 10. Let’s get the cold here first and then start worrying about how long it will stick around. Also, just be nice to each other please!? If you wouldn’t say your post to someone in person, then it’s probably not suitable for in here.
  10. Before I start scrolling back the last few pages I’m getting a sense of unpleasantness creeping in from the last few posts alone. Please, if you take issue with a post please report it and PM a member of the team so we can figure out the best way to deal with it. Please bear in mind that it’s rush hour and some of us are travelling so we can’t always leap on the reports immediately, but please, rather than attacking each other, just report, ignore and continue. Thanks.
  11. I think we’re done with who prefers what model and what it shows and who is right, no? None of this has actually happened yet, it’s all ‘probable/possible’ outcomes. the one liner stuff is super tiresome. And really confusing for the uninitiated.
  12. Interesting as I thought we had some distant flashes earlier. The wknd is continuous at the moment, sounds like a jet aircraft:
  13. Happy new year posters, lurkers, lovers, fighters! It’s looking like an interesting period of model watching currently, so welcome to those guests who have also dropped in to see what the scoop is too. In all likelihood you probably want to know if it’s going to snow, and where. We have some really good regional threads which cater for all those questions here: https://www.netweather.tv/forum/forum/142-regional-discussions/ if you’re a cynic, or can’t contain your excitement we have the moans and ramps thread which is there for all your emotional outbursting needs : finally we have a new area for the short term output hutch will quench the thirst of anyone wanting to look at precip/snow depths in the reliable (when we get there) too here : there’s also a met office thread where you can pick apart every word Exeter have uttered in the last week or so... finally this thread moves super fast when we have signals like this which is great, but please consider a couple of things when posting: when the thread is cluttered with ‘will it snow in Great Dunmow on midday on sunday’ X 50000 then other posts which may be more relevant and indeed might actually answer that question get lost in the carnage. Everyone’s input is welcome and no question is a silly question, there are just better places on the forum to ask certain questions. Don’t be peeved if your post gets moved or deleted there’s only a few of us trying to keep it civil, and we will do our best to let you know where it’s gone and why. Now let’s all think easterly thoughts! TJ
  14. I’m sensing some slightly snippy undertones in a few posts. If you take issue with a post, do think about your reaction as oppose to firing off the first thing that pops into your mind. Keyboard warriors are not required in here thanks. If something really boils your ham then report it or PM the member. We might (and believe me I’m as keen for cold as the next person) just have to suck up the fact we aren’t, as usual, going to see significant snowfall Xmas week. We should also remember that we were staring down a fairly cruddy canyon of poor output before it quite rapidly flipped. I think open minds might be required to get through the rest of the season. While I get that the ramping can be misleading, the hostile one liners shooting folks down are pretty unpleasant. There’s no prize for being right or wrong. Continue (civilised) model discussion below. 😘
  15. Hello. I am just wondering where you had the time table for all the latest charts and data runs. IE GFS 4times a day etc. I remember seeing it about 10 years ago on here but cant find it.