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  1. yes there seems to be some activity on the northern flanks now crossing from Aylesbury - luton - Braintree. Very interesting indeed!
  2. I've been waiting for this Cell to eventually make it's way from France since about 9pmn last night, and now it's here it seems to have parked itself slap bang over the office, talk about slow moving!! We're right next to some huge cranes so I've got the camera trained on them and just waiting to see if it drops anything, we've had a couple of close strikes in Camden already, but the rain is biblical. Selfishly I'm hoping that we revert back to night time storm action from tomorrow as a) it's easier to capture and b) I've got three days off with my little boy and the prospect of indoor activities with him over half term makes me die inside a bit......plus we got all out summer stuff out in the garden.
  3. It’s the sneaky Brentwood elevation! I’ve got piles of the stuff here. South Thorndon is pretty good for sledging, The slope is steep and it gets overlooked by everyone piling into Weald.
  4. I’ve only just popped in and I don’t really know or care what or who has said what but honestly, if you’re insisting on spending your Saturday night having a keyboard warrior sesh then we’re probably going to sit you out for a bit. This kind of thing between two or three people ruins it for the 100+ others reading it. if you don’t like a post, report it. If you take issue with a member, block them or PM them. Being behind a keyboard doesn’t give you license to be rude, we don’t tolerate that here. in other news we have about 4in accumulated and it’s stuck to the roads and still coming down.
  5. Heavy snow in Camden Town, I’ve just hot footed it out of work. interestingly my childminder has just said it’s drizzling back at home in Brentwood, anyone else over that way confirm?
  6. Made it into work today, but now looking at when I can escape before I end up waiting at Liverpool street for three hours. Freezing Snizzle here at the moment. Ugh.
  7. Snowing here in Brentwood.Not loads, but it's snowing. We did very well with the 'Patchy localised' stuff overnight and up until lunchtime, there was at least another 10cm on top of the 10cm we already had previously. No thaw though today, so if we can get another top up I'll take it.
  8. Just dropping in as the sister thread has more folks in Anglia than Essex - I'm in Brentwood and it's snowing small flakes, but lots of them. Everything we cleared yesterday from the patio etc has been covered again, and the wind is blowing a blimmin gale. Did not expect this at all this morning! V interesting to see how the next couple of days pan out. It's still -3.4c here.
  9. Think the radar is struggling with the amount of snow being blown about by the wind hence the false returns. its actually snowing very lightly here but it’s goig sideways not down because the wind is so strong. The main chunk of snow potential isn’t forecasted to reach us until after mid morning I don’t think.
  10. Little monster is almost three! And the proud owner of his very own sledge.
  11. Absolutely chucking it down again here, and windy too, OH and the small cleared the path to the garage earlier and it's covered again. Don't think this is over for today somehow!
  12. just looking out it seems to have clouded right over again, and the radar seems to have some more organised showers blowing in. After last night's last minute warning when we weren't forecast that much of note, and then quite a big fall during the early hours, I must say I'm keeping a very open mind about the next few days, just a minor correction and we could end up with an awful lot of snow.
  13. Yep. It's belting down here, god bless the N. Sea snow machine!
  14. Looks like we have bit of a streamer situation in the south of the region at the moment, the radar is showing showers just feeding in from the sea. We've had another hour or snow of continuous heavy snow.
  15. Good covering here in Shenfield, looks like we will get clipped again within the hour. A balmy -4.5 with a dew point of -8. Won’t be attempting work today!