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  1. Awful Lot of folks on here this morning with an opinion about how silly looking at day 10 models are. Interestingly not many of them had much to say on any output analysis at all until now. Amazing how we have a slew of new experts when the models don’t behave as expected if you’re in that camp of ‘day 10 model watching is pointless’ then might I suggest you stick to watching the televised weather forecasts and basking in the knowledge that you will probably always be right, and then you can leave those who like to make a stab at a forecast based on output analysis alone to pursue a hobby they enjoy. nobody gets a prize for being right or wrong and it’s frankly just a bit poor if you enjoy being the person who takes pleasure in saying ‘I told you so’. there’s lots of other places on the internet for your badly articulated ‘realism’. Thanks.
  2. <steps out of topic for one post> That would correlate with the bbc getting their weather info from Meteo group which I believe predominantly use the EC suite for data and forecasting though. Met office lost the contract last year, so personally I take to their (the met o) YouTube channel for what I feel is a more rounded set of info. There’s some threads on it kicking around in general weather discussion. <steps back into topic>
  3. Oooooookay. Nobody is right or wrong here. This is the hunt for cold thread. if you are looking for a more 'balanced' discussion there is the other model thread which might be more receptive to commentary around milder outcomes. We have the same every year, the weather will do what it wants, chart interpretation is just that - interpretation. If we can keep the personal jibes out of it and remove the emotion from the discussion, it makes this thread a lot easier for everyone to read. I do think that the 'Winter is over and I'm off to get my deckchair' posts are a bit over the top. Yes we aren't receiving the cold that was hinted at last week, but having just walked back from the station in the freezing rain, it's not the kind of weather I'd be using to top up my tan. So yes, while I accept it's not 6ft drifts out there at the moment, it is certainly more seasonal. Lots to be resolved, and as ever, don't get hung up on one run.....
  4. Weren’t yesterday’s 12z’s also a bit of a downer before the pub run bounced it back? I’m just saying it’s probably too early to write any cold spell off just yet- I’m sure there will be some tweaks but it’s misleading to suggest that the semi cold spell next week is off the cards or indeed the building blocks for December are off the table. everyone remain calm!
  5. Aaaaaaand back to the models please. It’s one run. And also this isn’t the place for oneupmanship and ‘I told you so’ and winters over and all that. It’s the same year after year after year and if posters don’t like the rules and want to stick to the forum etiquette then they can post somewhere else. We don’t tolerate personal attacks or just general poor behaviour. Let’s just be grateful we have this kind of cold potential even in the offering for this time of year, some of you have very short memories. Thanks!
  6. Morning chaps. Model discussion in here please, there’s a thread a plenty for historical weather chat and preferences and all that kind of thing. merci!
  7. I know! He is literally a one man stormshield
  8. Raining torrentially here and some very vivid lightning, even against the daylight. Thunder woke us all up about half an hour ago, all very exciting!
  9. Had to move/hide some posts. Please can we keep this to model discussion, as oppose to a circling pit of blame where those who like heat are given a hard time, and those who prefer the cold are shouted down? It is extremely hard to keep the balance in here, in fact it's been like it all year since we had the significant cold snap. I don't think anyone here wishes the ill effect of the weather on anyone, and it's a bit poor that people feel the need to infer that if someone is talking excitedly about an extreme, then they are wishing harm on people. I am one of those who is interested in the extremes for sure, but. I don't for one second wish that anyone ends up squashed flat by an EF5 tornado. Does this make me a terrible person also? No. It makes me a weather enthusiast. If there isn't already (and I'm sure there is) then may I suggest that if there's the burning desire to debate the impacts of incoming heat/storms/whatever, then someone opens a thread for it. Thanks, please continue.
  10. Loving the updates folks, but please be careful if you are out chasing! Don't take any unnecessary risks or get distracted with your tech and then write off your car! No photo or video is worth getting squashed flat for. Usual other precautions apply (No golf courses, under trees, take shelter etc)..... I'm hoping the channel fuels these imports a bit and we see something just as it gets dark. I'm a little NW of where @Paul Sherman is and I can also confirm we have had zero rain, but lots of convection and some rumbles. Stay Safe all!
  11. Just thought I’d check the window that faces north.. some seriously rapid convection now. This wasn’t here 5 minutes ago!
  12. Less daylight = easier photography!!
  13. Looking s/sw, 31c, very breezy (woo!) heard some grumbles from the Chelmsford effort. biding my time.....
  14. Yeah I stayed put in the end. Glad I did, I’ll be out trying to find somewhere with no trees and some elevation, maybe Thorndon south or maybe down to Coryton.
  15. Yeah, I'm weighing up whether to head up the M11 and see how it unfolds OR sit tight and wait for a chance on an MCS later. Friday traffic though I was kind of spoiled on holiday, but I swear to god I will kick myself if I miss something 50 miles away this afternoon. Also after seeing the towers going up illuminated by the moonlight in the early hours, I'm considering the eclipse might be a photo op. Argh I don't know! At least it's heating up tho.