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  1. Yes! We’re in Lymington on a weekend away and I’ve been watching them get so close, anvilling and then swizzling off. I really thought we were up for it about an hour ago, but now it’s just pretty pink and grey
  2. has anyone else got very very fine snow?? It’s been coming down for at least an hour, tiny little pellets, nothing on Radar!
  3. Radar definitely piquing my interest with the shower activity starting to push in. Let’s see where it gets us!
  4. Yep it’s still not the holy grail 50p mega flakes, but it’s coming down pretty hard!
  5. Just picking smallest up from nursery, we had a good 3-4cm overnight here and then continuous little flakes all day, temps -2/-1 ish and the compacted snow although great for sledging has made the roads very exciting. cloud broke at about 4.30 and now we’re back to a bit more substantial snow, altho still little flakes, the big chunky ones are yet to arrive here. I probably need to step away from the radar for a bit, don’t think it’s what my second work screen is actually for.... IMG_6545.MOV
  6. Just dropping in - it’s been snowing pretty consistently since about 8am, we’ve got some good settling on the patio and grass, but not quite enough to sledge - we could do with larger flakes- temp is 0.2c, Dp -2. Had some crazy horizontal snow blowing up the road as well. Appreciate emotions seem to be heightened at the moment, there seems to be quite a bit of negativity creeping in to some posts, so perhaps have a think about what you’re typing and if it’s something you would say to someone in person....
  7. 32ish cm is my total to beat from 2010 BUT I think although I’m up a hill surrounded by fields, my folks over in fobbing, much closer to the Thames, might actually snatch it all from me....
  8. We usually do pretty well here, but by the time the front arrived, the temp had gone up and although we had big flakes for a while and some fairly heavy snow, it was instantly melting on the ground- I cannot tell you how disappointed my kids are - they got a snow bike last Christmas and have been dying to use it, so sad it’s going back in the garage with the rest of the unused sledges!
  9. Hello! Don’t often venture in here but clearly tension is running high and I’d make it quite clear that nobody is ‘in the crap’ are they? happy to be challenged, but the point of removing a number of posts tonight is absolutely nothing to do with north or south bias, it’s about the model thread being clogged with regional specific discussion which is not in line with the model thread theme. Again, happy if any of you want to pick this up with me over PM, but let’s not create drama for drama’s sake eh?
  10. The rhetoric around ‘I’m so sad it won’t snow in xxxxx’ isn’t model or location analysis though is it?
  11. Guys, IMBY posts live in the regionals, please post your locational woe/joy in there.
  12. Alrighty as the pub run rolls, let’s not forget a few things: • the models are not sentient beings and don’t care how you feel. Take the emotion out of it! Objective discussion is the name of the game in here. • the people posting on this thread however DO have feelings so can we try and keep it civil, because let’s face it, it’s hard enough out there at the moment, for all of us, so consider if your comment is going to improve or ruin someone’s week • no Willy waving. Please. It’s not necessary. thanks!
  13. Actually we don’t have favourites ( there’s thousands of you and like 10 of us who all have day jobs) . We try really hard to be fair and reasonable, but there are some hard boundaries outlined in the forum rules which are clear cut. If members can’t self moderate, be kind, respectful or have adult debate then we will make appropriate steps to rectify. bloody EC has a lot to answer for tonight!
  14. There’s no room for personal attacks on here, from anyone, so appropriate action is taken when that happens.
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