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  1. Most of the rain has been shunted slightly further West from Kent, through the East Midlands, up to the Manchester/Liverpool area according to the latest Euro.
  2. A crap first half of June (2/10), a better second half (6/10) , a better than average first half of july (7/10) and a lovely second half (so far) 9/10 leads to...6/10 overall for me.
  3. That's the interesting thing about British Summers. In terms of 'hot' Summers, you either get typical weather interspersed by very hot plumes (this year) or mostly very dry and warm weather (26-29C) with no convection (last year). You'll very, very rarely see 30C every day for weeks.
  4. If you guys in the London area all puff at the same time, it will divert westwards across the Birmingham area. We don't deserve sun here.
  5. Does anyone have access to live temperatures? I've got the Netweather and weatheronline one, just wasn't sure there were others?
  6. You don't get someone else's opinion, by giving an example to support your own opinion? Isn't it then just about preference?
  7. This Summer has been incredibly dull here in Birmingham. It feels like everywhere else has had an 'okay' Summer so far, but for me it's been one of the dreariest in memory.
  8. Some people got very few storms last night, as opposed to many people getting a lot of storms - I used to live in the southeast so I know the feeling all too well. Some great synoptics for organized thunderstorms with fairly dangerous situations wetted the appetite of most of us in here but ultimately what was left behind was a dynamic area of very heavy/torrential rainfall and embedded thunderstorms, something you come to expect in most Summers here in the UK. The strangest part for me is that the Sottish borders appeared to have the more potent storms...who would have predicted that?
  9. Yes, and there's been plenty-a-time where that hasn't been the case. Let's just wait and see.
  10. been very dry relative to other areas over the last 48 hours. Hoping for at least one flash tonight
  11. Still cloudy here across Birmingham. I'm certain the Lickey hills produce draping cloud across the city in southerlies. The rest of the region is typically sunny but the city is always drab...quite apt really.
  12. That's the phrase I was looking for. In that case then yes it's correct. As the broad movement is spinning anti-clockwise, any smaller features tend to spin off to the right - a bit like being on a children's roundabout and flying off it in the opposite direction (I should know).
  13. Don't flows associated with depressions in the northern hemisphere spin anticlockwise?
  14. I'll take a punt and say that those further West will see a more dynamic area of heavy rain - of course this may include embedded thunderstorms with the main threat being high rainfall totals leading to flooding. More pronounced, scattered thunderstorms may develop to the east of the main band which could cluster into an MCS (but really who knows!).
  15. Latest GFS puts the highest risk (at least going by the highest rainfall totals) across the heart of England (I.e. Oxford to Leicester). Looks more like an area of thundery rain.
  16. Latest ICON showing at least heavy showers (possibly thunderstorms) across the West Midlands, as well as that cluster of more organized storms up through the London area.
  17. Loving the Nimby-ism in here lol. "No, it's pushed further West", said Peter from Coventry. "No, it's further east", said Paul from Margate. "No, it's definitely more central!", said Patrick from Reading.
  18. I'll be honest, I've seen these 'black hole' CAPE charts modelled before. Exciting to look at, however they do moderate significantly within the 96h timeframe.
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