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  1. Wouldn't look at the euro4, completely useless model. I've been on this forum for close to 10 years and back then it was the 'go to' for short range. However, a lot more short range hi-res models that are much better, have appeared since and have blown the usefulness of the Euro4 away.
  2. Nigh impossible. The adjustment would need to be at least 150-200 miles; at 48hr range, it's never going to be that inaccurate. All the ens look roughly around the same as the op as well.
  3. Unfortunately much of Birmingham too far south and subsequently in the 'warmer' air, many of the showers had to be punchy to produce any notable snow. I took a walk up the hill (230m) and it was still raining there.
  4. Colder air filtering in. Backend snow. Lets see what the next band may bring.
  5. Bit concerning for areas across the midlands if just the Highest points of Wicklow Mountains are red.
  6. About 150m. If you can, get yourself up Darby's hill next Oakham (Near you), that's more than a 100m higher and you stand a much better chance of seeing stuff.
  7. Highest peak in the conurbation is Turner's peak at around 275msl so I'd be very surprised!
  8. I sit at around 170m here just east of Quinton, Birmingham. Quinton itself (20 min walk) sits around 240m and just west of Bearwood (15 min walk) there's a hill that sits at around 260m. If those two peaks don't receive snow then it's hopeless everywhere else across the region away from the Peak District.
  9. Squall line was really disappointing here in Quinton, I've seen far worse in the Summer!
  10. Already gusting over 40mph here in Birmingham. I can hear the satellite aerial on the roof shaking above my room.
  11. I have been with my Hong Kongese partner for about 7 years and I can confirm that the Chinese are generally hypochondriacs. Although it may be warranted as SARS really did strike fear into Hong Kong some years back.
  12. The system has always been flawed. Probably because they offer it as a public service and therefore receive no financial/profitable incentive to have these warnings absolutely correct. Or maybe I'm just being cynical..
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