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  1. That's remarkable consistency! GFS 12Z T+336 GFS 18Z T+324
  2. Not bitterly cold, snowy and certainly not record breaking...but at least it will be seasonal.
  3. Block much stronger, pressure building towards Greenland.
  4. I think 'Faux cold' is a rather apt expression. The models suggest uppers at 4-8C but the surface could be sub-zero. Therefore, weather at the surface doesn't reflect what's going on with the overall atmospheric synoptics. This is contrast to a raging easterly where the uppers AND surface temperatures are both cold. I do understand Weather-history's annoyance at it being called faux as it's not necessarily 'fake', but it's a good way of expressing the major differences between what's going on up in the air and on the ground.
  5. I still for the life of me, even after nearly 10 years of model-watching, can't understand why watching sequential images of weather patterns trickling through over an hour to an hour and a half is fascinating...but it is
  6. That's completely untrue. Of course the majority of the time anything modelled beyond 10 days is unlikely to happen statistically, however I have seen on numerous occasions evolutions at t+384h pan out.
  7. Surely that area of low pressure in the Atlantic is only going one way...underneath?
  8. To be fair Kirkcaldy Weather did say a 'few', not most. Also, 20...so 15% show something with an easterly component, but you knew that already.
  9. We are stuck in a mild south-westerly flow but it's a step in the right direction.
  10. Couple of colder options from the ensembles. However, most go for high pressure to build near or over the UK leaving us on the much drier, colder, crisp side.