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  1. Temp up in the hills of Quinton where I live is 3.2C with a dew point of 2.5C. Obviously just moderate rain here but it's much colder than I thought it would be. Currently in brum city centre and there are a group of tourists - I do often wonder what they must think on days like today.
  2. You mean to say that the Metoffice don't formulate forecasts based on Netweather opinions?
  3. Anyone have access to the live temperature recordings that the MetOffice use?
  4. Found this nugget from Netweather from Weather History. The largest diurnal temperature range was: Tummel Bridge, Tayside 9th May 1978 Max: 22C Min: -7C Not completely out of the question but it would very, very unlikely if -10C was reached tonight (to beat the record)
  5. I'd imagine it would be far bigger than whatever happens between now and tomorrow morning.
  6. Current temperature, very spring-like. When do these 'background signals' do something?
  7. I was almost accepting it all until I saw this
  8. Actually, for me, this has been the biggest letdown that I can remember. Buntingford, my former hometown got a decent cover in Hertfordshire today and got a modest cover on Tuesday Hull, my former university city got snow throughout the night and will see snow showers today York, I worked there for just over a year and will see snow throughout today. Birmingham...well...
  9. I was thinking then, surely it's all relative? -16C uppers were moderated somewhat by the strengthening sun...still bitterly cold mind. -8C uppers in December weren't moderated and broke local seasonal temperature records. I guess though a 'beast' in its strictest sense is an easterly with extremely cold uppers.
  10. Band to the south of Worcester is pushing north again. I do wonder though if eagerly waiting for the next 5 minute radar update is borderline obsession lol
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