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  1. GEM has Monday's system further south JMA has it as some sort of wave rather than an enclosed system ECM has something similar, it to further south as a smaller feature mostly affecting the Channel and northern France NAVGEM, again, a similar feature with the winds mainly affecting France. Definitely a chance of snowfall across the UK.
  2. I guess beggars can't be choosers, but anything in March I find just melts away too quickly. I love snowy weather in December & January, where the snow freezes over, giving that crunch when you walk on it (a weird way to describe it but you know what I mean). I remember the mid-March 2013 spell - whilst we had an amazing fall, the 6-8" that fell on unplowed, unsalted roads/paths etc. was nearly gone by the next day. We had a similar fall in Jan 2013 and whilst air temperatures were largely the same, it stayed around for at least a week before milder air broke through. The Beast from the East event in 2018 brought about 8" of snow to York, and even though the air was bitterly cold, the drip drip drip of snow on rooftops was evident and, again, unsalted roads were melting fast.
  3. Probably 'normal' I would say. Cold winters are the exception - bland, mild and wet winters are the rule.
  4. One is a forecast for Friday, the other is Saturday. You need the +96hr chart, not 120.
  5. I'd just be happy to permanently rid the high pressure from the south of the UK. Would be lovely in the Summer, but during Winter it just brings crap. A mobile westerly pattern, as forecast, would at least bring intermittent sunshine - something I've not seen since xmas day.
  6. Is it over yet? The dross, I mean. Is it? Anything interesting on the horizon? Anything? No?
  7. Better bring our sandwiches as the JAMs onboard!!
  8. Here comes the pub run!! High pressure building over the UK and slowly migrating towards Scandinavia.
  9. Surprised there's not a lot of posts for the 18z (must be the exit poll). An amazing turnaround (for now) - Scandi heights building nicely and low pressure system being deflected away. Can we get one riding under the block?
  10. The ICON also toying with the risk. Not just the GFS that's latching onto this scenario. Although, others are less bullish.
  11. I know, I know, it's day 10...HOWEVER a cracking northerly looking increasingly likely. The pattern will just flatten out though at day 11-12 if we go by this frame as gospel.
  12. The more likely scenario - cold dense air shunting the deep low further and further south.
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