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  1. You can be as honest as you like, but what makes life fulfilling for you? Personally, mine are my loved ones and the ability to travel/explore. As long as I have enough money to do the things I want to do, then I'm quite content.
  2. Corrrr, today could have been a proper snowmaker if it were December.
  3. I quite like heavy, prolonged rainfall as long as it doesn't cause problems...I find it quite cosy when you're inside listening to it. Birmingham has been soggy, but most of the rain has been light/moderate and just annoying.
  4. Someone really has to sort the minimum spacing out on those charts 😂
  5. Very cold night to come for the time of year - lows down to 3-5C in rural areas.
  6. I used to love Winters when I was a kid because I didn't have to work/get up at silly times 😂 In seriousness, I don't enjoy them as much as I used to, but that's only because snow is seemingly becoming less common (despite recent cold spells). I now live in Quinton, Birmingham, one of the highest points in one of the highest cities in the UK and I haven't seen snow (other than some transient winteryness) since I moved here in Oct 2018 - I know that doesn't seem particularly long, but considering that's 6 months of Winter in total and I haven't seen even a minute of solid snowfall...it's qu
  7. Can see the cap holding pretty firm here in the west midlands. Towers going up and dissipating all the while. Welsh storm blocking out the evening sunshine here now.
  8. You can see the convergence line on the sat as the clouds bubble up along it. If storms do develop then they'll develop somewhere on and north of that line.
  9. All those thunderstorms where about 5 people live. Why do you do this to us mother nature?! 😄
  10. These sorts of slow moving cells cause havoc in low-lying areas of Birmingham. Will be flooding in parts if this grows and maintains its intensity.
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