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  1. With charts like this, much of the east coast will be buried by frequent, heavy snow showers. Currently living in York and getting very excited now!
  2. Despite being oop narth, it takes a lot to get snow down to low lying York. Used to live in Hull for three years (I did like living there I promise) and it felt practically impossible to see lying snow there. Those across the east should be licking their lips this evening with charts like this!
  3. Grizzly. All right, it isn't totally bad. Those in the West obviously favoured, but the vast proportion will miss out if we continue to have PM airmasses all Winter.
  4. Completely new graphics courtesy of the amazing MeteoGroup.
  5. The new BBC weather website has just landed. What are your thoughts? Now shows weather charts up to 6-7 in advance for the UK and around the world. Think it looks fantastic.
  6. Yes, about 60-70% go with something colder from the E, N or NE. 30% have an easterly component.
  7. Absolutely unlikely. Warm air has made it across and there's no going back.
  8. Can see where the snowline is on the rainfall radar. Far east clinging onto the snow.
  9. Turned to rain rather rapidly now, whilst we do have some accumulation here in York, it's been a thoroughly dreadful day.
  10. Finally snowing in York!
  11. One thing I've noticed over the last 72 hours is the following maximum temperatures forecasts for York on Sunday. Tuesday morning - 7C Tuesday evening - 6C Wednesday morning - 6C Wednesday evening - 5C Thursday morning - 4C Thursday evening - 4C This morning - 3C This afternoon - 2C This evening - 1C Really has dropped over the past three days!
  12. Thoughts on Sunday's potential snow?