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  1. Yeah, I'm not going to follow them. I believe they just accumulate any falling snow, which is obviously not always the case.
  2. GFS pushes the low further south with a quicker undercut of colder air. Snow probably confined to the hills though with greater chance of back end snow for many.
  3. Different orientation on the low compared to the 12z means more cold on its northern flank...meaning maybe a few wet flakes for high ground in the north. If that low can, somehow, be squeezed further south, could mean more fun and games perhaps. Perhaps, could, maybe.
  4. Lack of posts sums it all up. I appreciate things can suddenly change, but I feel the Game is over.
  5. EFL Cup And The Emirates FA Cup Discussion

    To be fair, it should be like that for any game (perhaps minus finals). Padding out 60 minutes with scientific analysis courtesy of Ryan Giggs and Alan Shearer is a death sentence.
  6. Hurricane Ophelia

    An eye of some sorts has reformed as others have mentioned. Cannot remember if I have seen this before...
  7. Northern Ireland should have had an amber warning, a lot of severe flooding in parts there. Eglinton looks dreadful.
  8. Bloody good photoshop though!
  9. Can hear distant rumbles here in Buntingford, North herts!
  10. That storm really is ramping up with cells developing on its eastern flank!
  11. Any free models showing current precip amounts?
  12. Has been a thoroughly wet day, has not stopped since 11am. Pretty poky showers/thunderstorms developed over the northern home counties and continued til around 4pm until a more general area of rain moved up from Channel. At one point I'd never seen rain as heavy as I did, was crazy.
  13. Beginning to flood here in North Herts. Storms rumbling for the past 3 hours.
  14. Although obviously those living on the south coast are seeing something, which is inevitable. Tonight, however, has largely been a bust.