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  1. Had torrential rain here in York for the last half an hour - we all know what prolonged torrential rain does to the streets of York
  2. Not sure where these storms are going to come from within the warning area.
  3. Amazing storms in here York!
  4. York is about to get clobbered, looking like we will see more than 1mm since June 2nd.
  5. If your located actually in Lincoln, the rain is just south of the city.
  6. Been absolutely abysmal here in North Yorkshire for storms over the past week or so.
  7. Having lived in Buntingford near Royston for nearly 25 years, I can confirm that storms seem to always form in the valley there. The place floods very easily, being low lying, so hopefully this isn't another occurrence.
  8. Live streaming webcam of Minehead station, they've had torrential rain for a good hour or so now! http://www.wsr.org.uk/r-cam-md1.htm
  9. Slightly better view of it. Never seen that before!
  10. GEM best for snow so far. Heavy snowfall for the Midlands and Northern England. Although tad confused as it's a Tuesday event here.
  11. Must be a lack of data over Easter week.
  12. But that then invalidates the seriousness of a red warning. I got 3-4" here, are you saying I should have received a red warning for that?
  13. There were TV forecasts on every major broadcaster warning of blizzard conditions for at least a week. The hysteria of this spell started at least 10 days ago, and warnings for Friday were out 3-4 days in advance. How much more warning do people need? You must know that the subtleties of conditions change day by day, and as a consequence so do he hardest hit areas. If people don't heed the warnings, then there's not much anyone can do. We live in a world now where people just can't make decisions by themselves, and blame others for their own mistakes.
  14. Looks good for you guys, no doubt! Not jealous...
  15. I assume that's just cloud thickness? Could mean anything. In york, the dark reds were over us and there was no precipitation.