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  1. Not taking anything away from the 'upgrades' but it would be far more marginal that what that chart shows, obviously particularly for low lying areas.
  2. Would be a sleety mix on low levels but anywhere 200m+ Midlands north would see snow I'd imagine. Would still be a mess.
  3. ICON 18Z - More negative tilt on the low/greater chance of a snow event THIS Friday!! Lovely Jubbly!! Before After
  4. People are free to discuss whatever model they want to discuss, that's why it's called the model discussion. Out of all the 'big' models, only the GFS has updated since 09:30 so there's going to be a lean towards GFS discussion.
  5. With respect, if the tweets are from professionals and are related to the model output (ie. Fergies tweet above) then isn't it related? A tweet like his wouldn't be out of place if it was an actual comment made by one of us.
  6. For mobile users (at least for Android), just hold your finger on the picture in meteociel (ie. frame you want to show in the model run) until a bubble pops up - takes a couple of seconds. You can save the image that way without having to crop. Cropping reduces the quality of the image and it gets rather hard to see the features.
  7. I've gone about 10 days now without any sunshine here in West Birmingham. This time of year is hard enough with the short daylight hours, but factoring in endless grey skies - it's almost unbearable. The models are boring, there might be some interest in the ensembles but it really is look drab for the time being.
  8. PerfectStorm

    Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    Excuse my face (it was 39C). We stopped off at the worlds largest thermometer in Baker, California. We happened to be driving past it on the final day of our Californian road trip...very fitting last day!
  9. I think that's the same with any hobby though, particularly sport. We all get angry when our favourite football team loses, but it means absolutely nothing to us in the grand scheme of things. A passion fuels passion at the end of the day. Lets hope for a stonking 12z otherwise I will throw a wobbly.
  10. Unlikely on this run as the Low is building/pushing SW towards Iberia. We'll see!
  11. Only one way the high pressure can go now? To the NE!
  12. GFS dull as dishwater again...at least with regards to what we are really looking for. Some 'faux' cold under high pressure and some cold maritime air giving northwestern areas some snow showers is about as interesting as it gets.
  13. Said the same about early January, now it's mid-January. Unfortunately, historically, once high pressure sits across Western Europe it can be blimmin' hard to shift. Members mention the dreaded 'Bartlett' for good reason, those things can meander for weeks. Of course, I'd like to be wrong and hope I am and I'm sure I will be, but I feel much of January will be much the same. We look at the models for run-to-run and cross-model consistency - to some degree we have that with high pressure ridging/sitting over the UK for the next 10 days at least. The GFS (being the only freely available model post-10 days) has then consistently flattened out the high and reintroduced the Jet with the +240h ECM frame showing a distinct possibility of this happening as well. I admire people's optimism but despite the current background signals which we've drooled at for weeks (eg SSW), there's really not much interest.
  14. One thing's for sure, we do get some cold days with very cold nights, frosts, freezing fog etc courtesy of (whilst people don't like this term, even though I still believe it's very apt) 'faux cold' from this very stubborn high.