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  1. Good morning everybody. -5.9C this morning after a mild and windy weekend. We should get a high of +3C today, Tuesday and Wednesday should be cold and snowy for Wxsim/GFS (mix of rain and snow for EC). Have a great day !
  2. Hello everybody, -4.0C this morning. It is pretty mild when you consider a sky perfectly clear and no wind. Lows between -14 and -1 on the territory, as far as I remember it is the first time all the temperatures are below zero this season: Temperatures Yukon Temperatures will be mild for the upcoming days, and snow on ground should be away by the end of the week. Have a good day !
  3. -0.9C this morning, we should have got an additionnal 1 to 2 cm on the ground. Temperatures ranging from -13 and +3 on the territory, here we have a low of -0.9C. If it is not too mild and we keep some snow on ground, it may be cold on Thursday night with a low close to -10C. For the webcams in the territory and around it is here Wait & See
  4. Hello everybody, 0C this morning, snow and 1 to 2 cm on the ground: Temperatures ranging from -7 to +3 on the territory, mainly between -2 and +3 in the south. Great difference in the forecast between EC and Wxsim even if they both agree on milder temperatures for the weekend, I think everything will depend on snow on ground. Ciao for now !
  5. Hello everybody, -0.8C this morning with overcast conditions. Temperatures ranging from -9 to +2 in the territory. Some snow in south Yukon. This weekend was pretty cool with flurries, some snow on the ground on sunday morning. This week should be colder, with some snow for today and tomorrow, then a mix of sun and clouds. Perhaps our first -10, and high lower than 0C: http://meteowhitehorse.ca/wxsimforecast.php. Wait & See
  6. Many thanks everybody, happy Thanksgiving to you as well ! I am not yet familiarised to this feast while we do not have it in France .... and I only arrived two years ago !
  7. First snow on ground today, with a low of 0.2C. It has melt now and we should get a mix of sun and cloud with high of 5C.
  8. Hi everybody, Mild day with windy and mainly cloudy conditions. Low of 2.7C, high of 11.5C. Upcoming days should be wetter and cooler, rain and snow should be back as well as frost in the nights. To end this post, here is a picture I took this night: These were the most beautifull auroras since I settled two years ago :thumbsup:! The other pictures are here : Meteowhitehorse
  9. Good morning everybody, Low of -1.2C, overcast. Temperatures are ranging between -12 and +2 across the territory, mainly between -4 and 0C. Today, it should be mainly cloudy with a high of 8C. the change should be for the weekend with cooler temperatures and precipitations.
  10. Thanks ! You also have some pictures here. Low of -5.6C, between -8 and +1C accross the territory. After three sunny days, today should be a transition to wetter conditions for the rest of the week. Have a great day 1
  11. -2.4/8.4 today, now -0.2c with a risk of snow for tomorrow ! Here are some pictures I took on the Alaska Highway between Whitehorse and the lake of Kluane. Sunny conditions, only 2C at 1000m high. You can see St-Elias Mountains, I love the colors at this season with blond grass, first snow on the peaks, glaciers, Some elks: Ciao for now!
  12. it depends on solar activity and, for sure, we need to have dark skies. This winter should be pretty good for northern lights here with the solar activity.
  13. Good morning, Not too cold this night with -0.7C. Expected high of 8/10C with sunny conditions. It froze on all the territory apart Burwash this night, with temperatures below -10 in the far north (-13 in Ivvavik). We got northern lights here, not very strong, but it is always magic: Here is also a picture of the mountains at sunrise, taken from our house: Have a good day
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