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  1. Can’t wait for some crisp cold weather. Instead of this Atlantic crap. I think the wind is even more annoying than the rain.
  2. I have to run with my kid to school with him on his bike yesterday so got caught with the double whammy of looking stupidly at the BBC forecast and the radar playing up. Luckily put his waterproof on last minute as we got caught by that bloody squall line too. Can’t believe it’s raining today too, no chance of a nice clean trough pushing through either..bits hanging right down to the south coast so bound to get wet again this morning. God I detest Atlantic weather, can’t wait for tomorrow.
  3. Yeah when it gets real it’s not great. We only had it that heavy for about 15 mins and there was water pooling on the patio etc.
  4. Deal is going to get washed into the sea isn’t it? Stuck in a line of constant white shading on the radar. Not great tbh.
  5. Heard it. Looking to the NE. Rain just started although here in LB we keep dodging the showers to NE and SW.
  6. Cloudburst here in LB, probably heaviest rain I’ve seen here, like those videos of Winchester yesterday.
  7. My observation. Rain coming in quicker than forecast. Only ever happens when I run commute in London 🙄
  8. Couple of loud rumbles here. Very heavy rain in town, to the NW of here. Other showers likely to miss to by the looks of the radar.
  9. This is the one heading towards me in LB from Aylesbury. Few rumbles. Ooh. Just seen a fork in the clouds.
  10. Didn’t check radar, heavy shower suddenly appeared to SW, more heavy rain. No fireworks though, again.
  11. Worked near Calais as a campsite courier in 95. Can confirm the area is amazing for thunderstorms 😉
  12. Still torrential here, not a whiff of anything electrical though. Just as a guide for any other hopefuls!
  13. Oh. Not checked radar for a few hours, saw a few towers to the SW, thought it was still a NW direction, now it’s coming from the SW! Just heavy rain so far.....
  14. Haha. Yes we deserve to sneak in here in LB. We are in the Lee of the Chilterns, so from the SE and Dunstable Downs there is a near 150m drop. Cleverer people than me might know if that is anything to do with it!
  15. Ah well, not too bad all in all. We had our daily dose of steady, heavy rainfall. Thrilling 😉
  16. M1 does seem to be a dividing line at the moment. For stronger/weaker storms.
  17. Agree. Aylesbury genuinely winds me up. Always gets a hit! See one now gone over us and intensified towards Buckingham! Ridiculous.
  18. Yes. In the firing line for hours yesterday, darkest rain shadows in the whole UK. For steady, non thundery rain. Genuinely can’t make it up 😂
  19. Ugh. We get the lighter stuff here in LB. All the interesting stuff off to the east of Beds. The in laws in Bedford getting a pasting by the looks. Some bits currently in Central London might hit us later. Much more humid than yesterday.
  20. Oh yes, come directly at us now with the boring heavy rain! Shame you couldn’t do that on Tuesday eh. Bastards 😂 Was running in the rain at lunch. Genuinely cold getting back to the house. Far cry from a ridiculously hot walk from the beach to the pub in Poole last weekend.
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