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  1. Heavy snow in Whitefield just beginning to stick to cars and roofs
  2. A pity those charts are the equivalent of the GFS ultra low res pink snow maps.
  3. That's pretty accurate. Assuming every snowflake that lands sticks and doesn't melt for 24 hours.
  4. 10cm flakes here. Absolutely incredible
  5. Finally got very heavy sticking snow in Whitefield!
  6. The idea hopefully is for that chunk of vortex to move down over us, with pressure rising behind. So we need it to appear before it quickly shifts. I wouldn't expect the GFS to show that at this stage.
  7. Chucking it down now! Wasn't in the forecast at all!
  8. True, but it was forecast 31C for today on Wednesday. And Friday's 36C for the south east tomorrow has been quietly downgraded to 32.
  9. Temperatures overplayed here today? Might scrape a 28
  10. Who are the BBC/Meteogroup using for their data now? Another poor forecast for here - it's lashing it down
  11. Shocking BBC forecast. Was supposed to be clear blue skies this morning.
  12. Alexis

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    Unless it leads to a Scandi High down the line.
  13. Hirlam looks good for Friday night/Saturday morning
  14. The USA is also well below average. A demonstration that you can get cold in North America and the UK at the same time!