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  1. The 'only date in history' is actually only based on 120 years It's almost certain 30C was exceeded on that date in the 1800s or 1700s!
  2. Well a cynic (not me!) would say it would be on purpose to support the climate change 'agenda' Nonsense of course.
  3. The BBC forecasts are really annoying now because they base the entire temperature of the north west on Liverpool, so they show 24C for the whole region. You now have to look at Birmingham (28C) and assume Manchester will be about 26C.
  4. Why is there such a sudden drop off in temperature as soon as you head north of Birmingham? It's as if there's a straddling front, but there isn't is there?
  5. I remember when I was younger, 15-20 years ago, the top temp for the entire year would be either 32 or 33C - obviously in the south east. Nowadays we can get 31 or even 32 in the northwest, which hardly ever used to happen.
  6. 32C now at Manchester Airport. Is 33 or 34 our all time record?
  7. This July is doing a very good impression of some very mediocre Septembers.
  8. Outlook seems not particularly warm but not particularly cold. And not particularly dry and not particularly wet. And not particularly sunny and not particularly overcast!
  9. 2007 because of the relentless days of rain. It just rained and rained and rained.
  10. Seem to remember a sunny July with frequent warm temperatures of 25 and 26C, but no 'real' heat. But it was a relief after the recent run of poor summers.
  11. Looks like an easy track with high confidence where it will end up to me ?
  12. 16C was the forecast at 4pm! More like 12C tops.
  13. Not seen unsettled weather like this since 2012? 2015, 2016 and 2017 saw cyclonic Julys. Not sure how a 'basic summer pattern' can set in now considering the number of years where July, August and September for that matter are often vastly different in this country. We've also had a fantastic spring and a fairly decent June, punctuated throughout with 7 day periods of wet weather. I'm all for chart analysis, but not for doom and gloom "winter is over" charts.
  14. The CFS showed June as pretty poor and it's been pretty decent. It actually shows July as broadly similar to June to my eyes.
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