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  1. Here are the coldest months. July 1922 sounds very similar to the April just gone - dry, sunny but cold at night. June 11.8 (1909, 1916, 1972) "1909: a very dull month, with no sunshine at all in London from the 2-6th. A maximum of only 10C in Oxford and Bath on the 6th. More outstandingly cold, wet dull weather from the 10-12th, and 20-28th." July 13.7 (1922) "The early heatwave ended on the 1st. Generally a dry, sunny month, but with cooler, unsettled spells 14-15th, and from the 24th on. The temperature at Kew was 76F on the 12th but only 53F on the 14th. Only
  2. Isn't there a station at Formby as well? That's been the highest in the country a few times, especially in spring.
  3. I think there was a layer of cool air below 850 metres that was imported along with the plume.
  4. Yep, surrounded by sun but a bizarre strip of cloud and fog stretching down the M61 from Preston to Manchester.
  5. The scale makes those maps absolutely useless. With no average, +0.1 is orange -0.1 is blue, so swathes of virtually average ocean look warm or cold.
  6. Well, we've got rid of the cold wind, but the wind direction now means we have cloud and showers instead of sunshine and showers 😕
  7. "Anyone looking for some rain? Many areas may reach the end of the month without seeing any rain, or 1mm or less." Pretty much the only rain we've had this month has been snow!
  8. Met Office forecast went for clouding over at 12pm with a max of 13. Turned out to be mostly sunny throughout and 14C here (16C in Liverpool).
  9. Note that with that SST image it's apparently impossible to have completely average, normal sea temperatures!
  10. Decent day here and we dodged the rain. But the radar looks absolutely nothing like the BBC graphics yesterday ?!
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