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  1. True, but it was forecast 31C for today on Wednesday. And Friday's 36C for the south east tomorrow has been quietly downgraded to 32.
  2. Temperatures overplayed here today? Might scrape a 28
  3. Who are the BBC/Meteogroup using for their data now? Another poor forecast for here - it's lashing it down
  4. Shocking BBC forecast. Was supposed to be clear blue skies this morning.
  5. Unless it leads to a Scandi High down the line.
  6. Hirlam looks good for Friday night/Saturday morning
  7. The USA is also well below average. A demonstration that you can get cold in North America and the UK at the same time!
  8. Nothing but rain in Whitefield. Bizarre!
  9. Alexis

    North west regional discussion

    It’s just an anoprop isn’t it?
  10. Alexis

    North west regional discussion

    That’s very good of her.
  11. Alexis

    North west regional discussion

    I wouldn't worry. Most of us were forecast for clear blue sky this morning.
  12. Alexis

    North west regional discussion

    Nothing amazing in Prestwich. Light with occasional moderate bursts this evening
  13. Alexis

    North west regional discussion

    Also thinks we can wish the weather to do what is ‘morally right’.
  14. Alexis

    North west regional discussion

    That’s the dryness of the air. No water to condense
  15. The visuals don’t help. Only -10 850s on Wetterzentrale are blue, which just makes 0 to -8 temperatures an indistinction of green. Change the -8 and -9 temperatures to blue and the cold block will reappear.