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  1. Proper settling snow in Whitefield at 113m
  2. Best chart for potential I've seen all winter. Pity it's at 384hours!
  3. The location of the band is about 100 miles north than was shown on the BBC forecast at 9 last night
  4. Heavy shower in Whitefield. Of rain
  5. February 1996 was the big one for Preston, so you just missed it!
  6. Another problem here was that three quarters of what fell from the sky here was soft hail. Which does create a nice base for snow, but there wasn’t much of it.
  7. Massive crack of thunder in Whitefield. Snowy hail at the moment
  8. Am I right in thinking the lower 850temps have been delayed? GFS only really shows -7C getting in at 7pm.
  9. I think the lower 850 temps have been delayed. GFS only shows -7C temperatures getting across at 7pm.
  10. Just heard thunder now in Whitefield
  11. You can see what is in effect an animated version on the latest BBC forecasts and they show the snow basically missing the NW yet magically appearing out of thin air above the Pennines. It all looks very odd, so I wouldn’t pay much attention to them for this showery setup
  12. Why is it not ok to be excited over extreme weather event X but it is ok to want event Y to occur? Snow causes plenty of car accidents.
  13. A quick Google search shows winter 1963 was well below average in the USA, so I don’t think there is much corrolation. http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/00431672.1964.9927013?journalCode=vwws20
  14. My iPhone weather app has now changed to snow Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Which is somewhat of a record (Bury)
  15. That chart is so low res to be worthless to be honest. I’m not discounting snow to low levels, I’m just saying don’t go off a 1 degree GFS guesstimate chart.