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  1. That's a man-made concept though. I'd imagine its predicted strengthening would have gone into the data though, as with any low pressure system.
  2. Having said that, model verification stats are higher in winter than summer. Hard to believe when we get phantom easterlies!
  3. Absolutely bucketing it down here in N Manchester this morning.
  4. A shame the iPhone app temperatures are always about 2C higher than in reality!
  5. 23C in Manchester yesterday. I don't think we've actually reached 25C yet this year? I can't remember such a late date for it to be reached although we should hit it today.
  6. That's like saying London won't be hot because it's cold in Lerwick.
  7. Yes, Holland and Belgium are seeing thick cloud moving over them today.
  8. BBC forecasts are dire since they ditched the Met Office. Watch the video forecast on the Met website - it's more accurate.
  9. Another opportunity between 10 and 12 tomorrow morning.
  10. More dire forecasting from the BBC/Meteogroup. They had it lashing it down in Manchester most of the night. Yet the Met Office forecasted the rain to pivot around us and stay fairly dry, which turned out to be accurate.
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