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  1. Hi just started in Stockport what's the inside knowledge ,gave up with the forecasting? X
  2. This morning in Northenden the most amazing lightning thunder and snow! It scared the life out of me. Sleeting very cold here in Stockport.
  3. Massive strikes we are going to be flooded at this rate its amazing
  4. Hi Very muggy temp is 26.5c Are we going to get a bit of thunder here?
  5. still sat here after a 10 hr day knee deep in paperwork i brought home other half angry with me , well off to bed and back to work

  6. Hi ho hi ho its off to work i go

  7. oh my days how much rain!

  8. happy new year everyone xxx

  9. thank you for all my wishes i will celebrate tom evening as normal but have had a few tonoght xxx

  10. the day at work went well the boys pulled all the stops i have a good team

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