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  1. Agreed, very informative and interesting read http://worldofstuart.excellentcontent.com/WeeBlueBookDesktopEdition.pdf
  2. "The reason they want us to go in believing No are ahead.Is so that when some postal votes are er lost or spoiled.It will look like the expected result.If yes go in with a 10% lead which I suspect we have it would look really dodgy if no the won on the night.Just saying!" I agree wholeheartedly and have been thinking this for a while, but thought I was the only person and might be considered a conspiracist. I always point out to "No's", why shouldn't the people of Scotland get the Government they democratically vote for?.....remind them of one tory MP...that's currently the pretendy democr
  3. Just going back to the news that someone has bet £200,000 for a NO vote outcome in the referendum. How does anyone put such large amount of money at the bookies without anyone being suspicious about where the money has come from, surely the bookies would have had to have the bet verified at some level, i.e their head office. Just sounds fishy to me, is this story really legit...or has there been a large amount placed on a YES outcome that the bookies need to counterbalance the potential outlay? I really try not to be cynical, but.....
  4. This story goes further than Scottish politics. The fundamental principles of democracy are at risk if the organisation overseeing an referendum/election can be influenced by a t/call. http://www.newsnetscotland.com/index.php/scottish-news/9265-cbi-silent-after-documents-reveal-inconsistencies-in-cridland-submission-to-electoral-commission
  5. The CBI fiasco is is laughable, but does this mean the 150K the CBI intend to donate to BT will as be withdrawn when they deregister from the Electoral commision?
  6. I agree that national identity is the greatest factor in the Indyref, something better together can not compete against. The exponential scare stories by the UK Government and media are in themselves self defeating, as the scare stories alienate the Scottish electorate with constant condescending, "Scotland can not do this or that". This makes for greater belief amongst the Scottish public to prove a point that Scotland can and will do "this and that", and be successful. Scotland has her own identity, would anyone want to deny a country, or it's people of that! Westminster hasn't woken up to t
  7. http://nationalcollective.com/2014/04/07/10-reasons-internationalists-support-scottish-independence/ Dear Mr Robertson, I have a few questions to ask...see link above. How can the UK Government justify spending a 100 billion on nukes, when people are visiting food banks to survive.... disgraceful. The placard (in the picture on the front page of the link above) proclaiming to spend the 100 billion on sweeties instead of nukes, made me smile. Well at least commerce and dentists will do well in an iScotland.
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-26933998 This is ridiculous, a non story from a former head (we have had one of those before) being aired by the BBC. The BBC are making themselves look very foolish and reducing their credibility not just in Scotland, but across the world. Can you imagine everyone in Europe thinking European stability is going to end if Scotland gains independence....We need a sensible debate about Scottish independence not hysterical scare stories. Incidentally, no mention still from the BBC of the latest Yes polling figures.
  9. I saw fishy mentioned and that brought a thought to me about EC fisheries policy and in particular quotas. Can some of you more learned folks answer this question for me. If iScotland was not in the EU from day one, would only Scottish fisherman be allowed to fish in iScotland territorial waters and would fishing quotas be only determined by the SG? Just wondering what impact this would have on EU member fisherman.
  10. I think Labour have made a big gaffe over their devo nano offer to the Scottish electorate. From my perspective, it's just too complex, i just don't get it. Tinkering around with the tax will probably cost more to the SG to administrate than devolving the whole of tax collection. If I can not see the net gain, I am beginning to think others feel the same.
  11. Hi, lots of advice on here to get you started, but please back up your photos onto a pen drive/external hard drive this is a must.
  12. Hi SS, thought your last piece was very uplifting and evocative...this is precisely the information that needs to be spread among the Scottish electorate by the Scottish Government. The one piece of information that is undeniable true, Scotland can no longer elect a government in WM that it wishes. The unionist parties already know this but aren't telling!
  13. Very interesting point about an engineered war. All the Middle Eastern countries have a commodity in common OIL. I have never understood why the west only cherry picks wars to get involved in, as plenty of atrocities have and are happening in central/southern African countries that go on ignored. Not total qualification, but a theory non the least.
  14. Hi Scottish Skier, I always use the links at the bottom of your postings, like many others I presume and Wings have moved address. Could you change the hyperlink to the new one. Thanks
  15. Who are the good guys in this conflict because I sure don't know? We are fed one side of the story by our media and what is required is balance in reporting this issue so the people can make a judgement. If Assad is toppled who replaces him and will it be done via the ballet box or by the bullet. As it currently stands, if we go to war, the people of this country should be asked and not our elected representatives, whom only have a remit to protect our national security and not fight in a war that we have no interest in. I will never vote for one of the main three parties again if they take u
  16. What I struggle to comprehend is who are the good guys in the Syrian conflict! We are only fed one point of view from the media outlets in this country. The Syrian leader (El Sid) was educated in England ... so surely with our world renowned exclusive education system like Eton, he must be a decent fellow...?
  17. mark4

    Petrol rip off?

    http://www.drive-ali...ces_europe.html This site must be for average fuel price. As the supermarche's in France was around €1.26 - €1.28 per litre.
  18. mark4

    Petrol rip off?

    Just back from French holiday and paid about £1.10 a litre for diesel.
  19. I believe it will extremely difficult for the pro-union parties to trash the Scottish Government's white paper on independence, if a well explained and thought out written constitution would follow independence and contain specific individual rights that they know the Westminster Government can not match due to the current sovereign set-up in Parliament. How many countries have a second unelected chamber (HOL).... you guessed it one! Zimbabwe. Democracy in motion, don't worry my lord if you get caught fiddling the expenses or have a criminal record, you will always be let back!!
  20. It Appears that Better Together parties can not agree on what the terms of Better Together should be and this will just end up confusing people. Just goes to show how entrenched the parties are in their own ideology and potentially how embarrassing the whole set-up could be...SNP must take advantage of this.
  21. I have to agree with the comments already posted about the state of the road surfaces in this country. The majority of the blame must go to those people allowing utility infrastructure to be placed below the road surface. Once a surface has been compromised by digging it up and patching it, the integrity has been compromised, this will allow frost/snow/heavy rain in and break it up. I drive often in France where their road surfaces (not just on the toll roads) are excellent, they have snow etc. but their utilities are not beneath the road....And more infuriating, the French motorist does not p
  22. Hi Folks, All this mild wet weather has resulted in my grass growing like it is spring!!! bizaare stuff.
  23. Agreed. Anyone wonder why we have a BBC state run broadcaster should read this: http://www.newsnetscotland.com/index.php/scottish-politics/4911-questions-over-bbc-scotlands-election-figure-claims. In a democracy we have a right to unbiased and impartial reporting....no longer it seems! We need political reform in the UK as it is unaccountable and open to corruption....no wonder the public don't vote, we don't trust politicians. A start would be for an elected MP, council or authoritive figure be accountable to the people whom elected them. So if they are convicted of a criminal offence, their
  24. I was reading the Scottish news this morning and was asked my opinion regarding the Scottish news website and coverage from the BBC. Wasted no time in letting them know how poor the coverage was and how biased the reporting was towards unionist opinions. Also went on to say that I no longer trusted the BBC in reporting unbiased news and the BBC was spouting lies and unionist propoganda. The BBC are disgraceful and makes me wonder what else they lie about. We no longer live in a democracy, as we have to choose between bunch of political parties that are all self serving, but Scotland will afte
  25. First post on this subject. I have been reading the posts on this subject for some time and feel I should contribute from an Englishman perspective. Scotland has a right to an independence referendum and be independent if the people of Scotland chose. Likewise Wales and Northern Ireland. What is the most worrying thing about the whole independence episode is the UK political parties are really behaving like spoilt children from rich families, who want to maintain their narrow perspective on the whole of society; to get rich quick....we love our corrupt and inept banking system, are status in t
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