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  1. Made me smile yesterday at the irony of the BBC reporting on this issue: Main headline IPCC report act now to prevent temps going beyond 1.5C . Next headline Brexit, Japan leader has offered PM a deal with the Pacific trading zone. What are we doing to this planet, when Government/corporations continually look for a cheaper source to make a product.  

  2. The BBC are opening almost every article on the Scottish politics so the public, mainly unionist, can repeat unheeded lies about the economic deficit of Scotland, the favored attack is the 15 billion deficit and we would be a basket case. I find this tiresome, so ask how are the Tories going to fill 134.1 billion deficit (ONS figures) and guess what...no response. Can not stay on the BBC site too long my sanity will not take it, but I feel a rational response is always required and to note we do occasionally read the nonsense posted.

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  3. GERS...now I am no economist, but even by my lack of mathematical skills I find the GERS figures fishy:

    The reality is that GERS tells us next to nothing about the financial situation of an independent Scotland. But even if we were to take the GERS figures at face value, they still add up to something that smells pretty fishy. According to the GERS figures, Scotland has a deficit of £14.8 billion a year. The equivalent figures for Wales and Northern Ireland allocate deficits of £14.7 billion and £9.16 billion respectively. Yet the entire annual deficit for the whole of the UK is £67 billion. The GER figures would have us believe that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, with a combined 16% of the UK population between them, are responsible for a whopping 58% of the entire UK annual deficit. That figure alone ought to raise suspicions that the methodology of GERS is suspect and invite a critical examination with a sceptical eye. But Unionists don’t want us to do that. They want us to accept Scotland’s supposed £14.8 billion deficit as if it were holy writ.

    Full article good read https://weegingerdug.wordpress.com/



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  4. Hope I am not breaking any rules. 

    Not mine, but from Wings and so eloquently put:

    After reading as much as I could face, since the First Ministers announcement.
    I found it strange that not one Brexit voter Unionist or no, Scottish or no, even acknowledged that she might just have saved their arses.

    I don’t mean the Kipper’s or the mad Brit obeying their queen mob.
    But normal people who really don’t think the European project is right for their country.
    They surely can’t think that May and her Minions are able to handle this.

    The First Minister, I think, has just, put a stop to any horse trading with Scotland’s resources.
    And ofcourse she would, she had to because nobody elected in Scotland was going to be in the room.
    Can’t see why they were all so surprised to be honest!

    Therefore as,is,her job….She used Scotland’s “veto” not the pretendy Smith commission one.
    The real one…..The one the Scottish Electorate gave her last year,the only one Holyrood ever really needed.

    But the irony is that while Scotland’s resources are off the table for Westminster and it has to be said Brussels,any “deal” will, it seems to me,be impossible to make.
    Which at the very least should stop May from rushing into a hamfisted arrangements.

    No that I care we’ll be gone …. but ye would think that some would notice that they have potentially gained some breathing space.
    And other’s this side of the border regardless of their views on Independence could at least take note that the First Minister has made sure that everyone knows Scotland’s resources are not the Tories to bargain with,unless and until we say so,and one way or another we are getting to have a say.

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  5. Call me cynical...what's that I hear...anyway, good timing for the Government to announce that tax credits are not being slashed (if that is the correct phrase). And now the papers can concentrate on softening the public's view into bombing Syria. Can you imagine the public outrage headlined in the media aimed our beloved Government on spending a fortune on bombing Syria, whilst families in the UK suffer severe cutbacks....na I couldn't ever!  


    I wonder how you prevent radicalising members of religious groups if you kill their innocence kin? 


    Mr Cameron do you know who you will bombing in Syria or are you supporting an American "agenda"? World politics...ha ha ha

  6. Two years ago the Conservatives and the media wanted the UK to bomb Assad, now they want to bomb Isis, does that mean our Government is now supporting Assad and has it changed its opinion of Assad in just two years? So was not bombing Assad two years ago the correct decision and are the Government making the correct decision now in wanting to bomb Isis, because where are Isis? Does Isis fight, adhoc with Syrian rebels or Assad's army or local militia or possibly Kurdish Freedom fighters, maybe a combination of two or three?


    I personally would never vote for any party that supports bombing Syria in the hope that they kill some Isis. Civil war is raging in Syria let them sort out their problems first so we determine what to do next and not go in gun ho and leave a vacuum behind. Just heard on radio 4 that 30,000 bombs have been dropped on Syria in the fight against the enemy....which ever your perspective I suppose they did not say. Anyway in the end the UK Government might want to bomb Assad again, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat!

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  7. It's quite simple. Westminster sees the writing on the wall for Scotland.

    So they will asset strip and remove funding whenever they can.

    No voters were warned.

    100% agree. Further devolution is becoming messy...a tinker here, a tinker there is not what is required, but being offered by Westminster as being a "credible" solution. The reality is some, in influential positions in Westminster and HoL, now know after May's GE the SNP are here to stay and will continue to push the "old boy's club" for more devolution. 

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  8. The SNP have played a blinder with the comments from David Cameron that the Tories will now amend the Scottish Bill to make Holyrood a permanent fixture. Nicola Sturgeon welcomed the news, but pointed out that this was recommended by the Smith Commission, which has largely been ignore by Westminster and there were many more powers that were proposed by the Smith Commission following the Vow on more devolution to Scotland. DC has inadvertently highlighted the reality of what Scottish voters expected after the No vote and what really being offered by UKOK. The rise in the Independence movement in Scotland and the prospect of another indy referendum, will hopefully sharpen the UKOK focus at Westminster and HOL, not to ignore Scotland....we shall see.

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