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  1. Looking at the sustained wind data from the likes of the mumbles and Portland bill, the wind is currently weakening ( 17:00 = 44mph/ 19:00 = 36mph)and has been for the last few hours, were as it was forecast to be picking up. the centre of the secondary low if it follows the upper jet as it has been will be more likely to go through slightly to the south along the channel??

    It was forecast to decrease prior to the developing system moving in - most likely to see winds increasing again in the next few hours as it approaches.

  2. The storm isnt forecast to develop much until this evening, and then develop rapidly. It's a tough one to call. Still possible that winds of 60 to 70 mph will affect much of the south - whilst these winds may not seem too severe, combine them with wet ground and trees in leave. Also, with leaves blowing off trees its likely to block drains and lead to enhanced flooding, more-so than may normally be expected.

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