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    Non League Football 2011-date

    Ouch .. that will hurt for days to come! Typical non-league havoc
  2. AutumnMists

    Windows 8

    I'm downgrading to Windows XP Still may favourite ever operating system! But what I'm really going to do is wait for the reviewers to say their stuff, if it seems good, I might see into buying a new laptop next year sometime, probably might be a year away though until I can afford one. An upgrade isn't really an option for me since my laptop is showing signs of struggling handling Windows 7 although if I had a fast enough laptop I might have upgraded
  3. Your forgetting that the previous winter (09/10) had snow cover for a long time also. 2009/10 for me was the snowiest.Are you getting confused between 2011 and 2010? Both November and December featured milder than average temperatures although 2010 of course didn't (nor did December '09) It all depends on what you define 'worst' winters ... although not many people would consider 2008/09 or 09/10 not severe. My apologizes if you are referring to winter months rather than whole seasons.
  4. Snow? Heatwave? Blue Skies for a month? Warmth until November? Lol.
  5. AutumnMists

    A Really Chilly September Day

    Yes, September has been a delight these past few years, thankfully. This hasn't always set off a dry and mild theme for the following Autumn, though
  6. AutumnMists

    Meto Uk Further Outlook

    Looks like another mainly forgetful month :-/ Not happy! Let's hope their is light at the close of the month.
  7. AutumnMists

    Meto Uk Further Outlook

    "With winds mainly from the west or northwest, temperatures will probably be average or a little below for the time of year but there is a chance of some warmer spells, most likely in the south of the UK." Good to hear this ... the 'chance of some warmer spells to the south' might be the early foundations to the possible late May/June warmth.
  8. AutumnMists

    Non League Football 2011-date

    Stalybridge Celtic haven't played a game for two and a half weeks now. Let's hope these recent postponed matches don't really affect our promotion hopes - all clubs might find it a bit difficult after a good few weeks not playing.
  9. AutumnMists

    Chew reservoir mist

    A walk up to the highest reservoir in the country on 17th February 2012.