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  1. overnight low of -7.7C here is Great Bridgeford.
  2. Cactus

    Img 4354 00

    Nice bit of mammatus seen over Great Bridgeford on 10th July 2015 at 18:00

    © Peter Longstaff 10072015

  3. Lowest overnight temperature was -5.7C recorded at 02:56 am. Current temperature 1.7C with some broken cloud, looks like we may well see the last of the Boxing Day snow.
  4. A bright frosty start current temperature -6.7C dead calm with a little fog. Looks like another cold and bright day. Coldest overnight temperature recorded for this year and pressure yesterday at 1042mb was the highest since 1045mb recorded on 23rd March 2011.
  5. Temperature now starting to rise lowest recorded was -5.6C at 08:53
  6. Temperature now -5.0C and still falling, still snow on the garden.
  7. -3.7C here now falling at 0.4C in the last hour.
  8. Maximum temperature today was 1.5C temperature now -2.5C and dropping like a stone. Still plenty of lying snow but ice and fog look like the real problem.
  9. Sleet and wet snow here, but still plenty of lying snow.
  10. 35mm of snow here yesterday evening, ice everywhere this morning temperature 0.9C and dead calm. Very overcast and gloomy wouldn't be surprised if we don't have another flurry of sleet or snow soon. The radar shows that there is some about.
  11. Glad to see we have a dedicated Midlands forum. Not been too bad here maximum gust recorded today was 21.3mph, however it looks like it may be our turn tomorrow evening.
  12. Quite a pleasant start to the day with some sunny intervals.
  13. A bright start here but quite blustery, temperature 16.1C The outlook is for a mainly dry but windy day. Current Conditions Temperature 16.1C Pressure 1008mb falling Humidity 76% Wind SW gusting to 13.2mph
  14. A grey overcast but dry start to the day after an overnight low of 5.6C The outlook for today is overcast and dry with some sunny intervals later in the evening, however change is on the way. Current Conditions. Temperature 6.6C Pressure 1031mb Humidity 100% Wind Dead Calm. Rain 0.0mm
  15. A dry mild night with a low of 10.8C, this morning is clear with bright sunshine. The outlook is for a dry warm day but becoming cloudy this afternoon. Total recorded rain for September 11.8mm Current Conditions. Temperature 11.4C Pressure 1023mb Humidity 93% Wind light from SW Rain 0mm
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