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  1. I can see some pretty dark clouds to the north of Cardiff now, sunny to the south and black clouds to the north. I'm off for lunch now so I'll take some pics...
  2. We've just had a flash and big rumble of thunder here in Cardiff! Torrential rain and some hail mixed in.
  3. thank you! So happy to finally have a storm - don't think I've had one like that since early 2018!
  4. Well we were lucky in Cardiff today! ️ 17377C18-15C5-4B0C-9651-11983627E2AA.MP4
  5. It was snowing in my village, Deiniolen (220m asl) this morning, snow has settled above 800m.
  6. Schools in Gwynedd also closing. Sunny but breezy on Cardiff...
  7. All schools on Anglesey also closing this afternoon, with both Menai and Britannia Bridges set to close at 2.30pm
  8. Thunderstorm reported in North Wales Wales. Blitzortung has got a few lightning strikes up there. Gosh, it's been dire down here in Cardiff this year...
  9. I can see flashing in the west from Cardiff. Just had a shower overhead but no lightning.
  10. Sat outside before the rain started here in Cardiff Bay. I'm pretty sure I could hear a few rumbles.
  11. I'm currently home in North West Wales, just had thunder and lightning and wet snow.
  12. There's no snow around 300/400m either. Taken from the latest snowdon.webcam
  13. Mum reporting NO SNOW 215m above sea level in North West Wales. But currently 1.8C there with heavy rain. Light rain just started here in Cardiff.
  14. Went for a walk earlier around Heath, actually felt mild. What an awful winter for us! But saying that though we get warmer and sunnier summers!
  15. More pics here from Deiniolen & Llanberis
  16. Reports coming in thick and fast on my Facebook feed now that rain has turned to heavy snow in some places in North West Wales. These were taken in Deiniolen and Llanberis. (150m+)
  17. Wow, this winter has really kicked us in the teeth. Let's hope for the hottest summer on record and some super thunderstorms.
  18. Think I'll agree with you there. Hope we're wrong, but temperatures this evening looks too mild, we might get the odd sleety mix tomorrow morning as the rain moves away and temperatures drop. Currently 7C at Bute Park. And andymusic - I'd never trust those charts, they're never right. I hope I get proven wrong though!
  19. Mum has just confirmed it's snowing in Deiniolen, nr Snowdon.
  20. Hail and a thunderstorm woke me up at 3am here in Cardiff. Heavy showers here at the moment with hail, sleet and I'm sure I've seen some wet snowflakes as well. These showers causing some localised flooding in places. Even colder conditions currently pushing into North Wales at the moment. Temperatures falling at Mynydd Llandygai at the moment and I'm sure this webcam is showing snowflakes! (I'm originally from about 2 miles from there) http://www.mynyddphil.co.uk/index/bigpics.html
  21. My mum was saying it was really bad up Deiniolen way this morning, she was surprised to see schools open. And I agree, when we had the flooding back late December they were awful with weather warnings. I see that the Met Office has issued a yellow rain warning for the South East of England, warning that rain could lead to surface water flooding. Given that North Wales experienced several hours of heavy (sometimes very heavy) rain yesterday which resulted in many roads being flooded, the obvious question is, where was the warning? I don't mean to be overly critical of the Met Office but where is the consistency here? I couldn't agree more with you Carl. I was home in North West Wales on Boxing Day when we had torrential rain and flooding (which also closed the A55 and saw many villages flooded) and Met Office didn't even consider changing the warning from Be Aware to Be Prepared until lunchtime.
  22. There's snowflakes here in Heath, Cardiff
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