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  1. I can see some pretty dark clouds to the north of Cardiff now, sunny to the south and black clouds to the north. I'm off for lunch now so I'll take some pics...
  2. We've just had a flash and big rumble of thunder here in Cardiff! Torrential rain and some hail mixed in.
  3. thank you! So happy to finally have a storm - don't think I've had one like that since early 2018!
  4. Well we were lucky in Cardiff today! ️ 17377C18-15C5-4B0C-9651-11983627E2AA.MP4
  5. It was snowing in my village, Deiniolen (220m asl) this morning, snow has settled above 800m.
  6. Schools in Gwynedd also closing. Sunny but breezy on Cardiff...
  7. All schools on Anglesey also closing this afternoon, with both Menai and Britannia Bridges set to close at 2.30pm
  8. Thunderstorm reported in North Wales Wales. Blitzortung has got a few lightning strikes up there. Gosh, it's been dire down here in Cardiff this year...
  9. I can see flashing in the west from Cardiff. Just had a shower overhead but no lightning.
  10. Sat outside before the rain started here in Cardiff Bay. I'm pretty sure I could hear a few rumbles.
  11. I'm currently home in North West Wales, just had thunder and lightning and wet snow.
  12. There's no snow around 300/400m either. Taken from the latest snowdon.webcam
  13. Mum reporting NO SNOW 215m above sea level in North West Wales. But currently 1.8C there with heavy rain. Light rain just started here in Cardiff.
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