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  1. I can hear some deep rumbles of thunder from somewhere now. (Deiniolen)
  2. Now look at this beauty. Coming in from the south west (I'm in Deiniolen, north west Wales)
  3. After a very warm, muggy day some interesting clouds now forming over north west Wales (nr Snowdon)
  4. Some instibility now coming in from the south. I'm just to the north of Snowdonia.
  5. Been in Liverpool all morning, but just got back to north west Wales (around 2 miles north of Snowdon) and we've just had one hell of a great thunderstorm. Continuous rumbling and flashing.
  6. A nice surprise here in Cardiff too, thought I could hear thunder when I was half asleep...
  7. I'm back in Cardiff now and I live right in the middle of the city (Churchill Way). My thermometer in the shade has just recorded 30.3C
  8. Skies clearing here and the sun is out. I've heard thunder for the past two days (both storms quite far away) so I'm hoping for a direct hit today. Currently 19C and feeling pretty humid.
  9. I can still hear the occasional rumble of thunder here in the north western part of Snowdonia.
  10. Nothing overhead, but plenty of heavy showers / occasional thunder towards Bangor / eastern Anglesey. It's extremely humid.
  11. Promising start but nothing came out of it. Looks like it's gonna be dry for a little while now...
  12. There must be one hell of a cap here because none of these 'bubbly' clouds seems to be developing into storms in nw Wales. Saying that, I've sat in the garden all afternoon, it's hot in the sun and there's a nice warm breeze picking up now.
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