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  1. Phase II Jonty Show Pheonix Rebirth project COMPLETED! Phase 3 now in preparation. :)

  2. Jonty show rebirth pheonix project entering phase 2. :)

  3. has some days that are better than others. Tomorrow will be a better day.

  4. is nostalgic for Tomorrows World.

  5. has had another positive stimulating weekend. Life is good.

  6. just doesn't get why Apple Crumble is the Nirvana of puddings.

    1. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      because they are amazing?

  7. is going to Semibreve festival in Braga, Portugal. :)))))

  8. has his tan back. :)

    1. shuggee


      It's interesting Jon that the sun is the same strength today as it would be on 11 March.

    2. conor123


      I also caught the sun the other day although only slightly

  9. likes his super new fast upgraded computer and the weather,

    LUVly. :)

  10. Goldarn it now all my mp3 files won't play properly!

  11. I may have no computer for a week or so from tomorrow. No Hotmail at work so any posts may not be replied to. I hear you all sighing with releif. :)

    1. ZONE 51

      ZONE 51

      could you hire one? im sure its a low cost to rent but deposit would be required which is returned after computer is returned in same condition

  12. is going to inform you of every minutiae of his life.

  13. Where are all the Daddy Longlegs?

    1. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      If they get in my house get to say hello to Mr Dyson!

    2. Sprites


      Dyson hasnt got enough power for that hahaha

  14. RIGHT! I've had enough and I'm off to Norway and the Punkt Festival (does a little dance of joy). BYEEEEEE!!! :D

  15. has annoying left his mobile phone at work so please don't try and contact me until Tuesday 6th as that's the earliest I can get it back! DOH!

  16. is stuck in a Facebook loop.

  17. is dissapointed to find his picture isn't on Tubecrush.

  18. Two nice days on the trot!!!!! :) Small mercies.

  19. Second windscreen replacement in one year! Wretched chippings and people who drive too fast!!!!!!!

  20. isn't ready for autumn yet. ):(

  21. I know let's just wipe off all the debts.

  22. ................ is taking a chill pill. :)

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