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  1. Mid Somerset again providing a pleasant dry day with plenty of sun in the afternoon, albeit a fresher day such as you might expect early to mid May. Still warm enough to enjoy.
  2. Just had the first overhead Thunderstorm of the year in my village. Lovely.
  3. Perhaps it’s been said before, but for me this summer has been remarkable in the differences in weather across various regions, with the differences even more localised than ever. In central Somerset this has been a fine summer since late June. Very little rain, lots of sun and temperatures in the low 20s at worst. I’m as brown as a berry and my garden is pretty brown too. No thunderstorm has come close to my village at all this year so far - just the big ones a week or two ago heard in the distance. I recall previous years coldly watching cloud all day while the east had sun and warmth. Remarkable seeing the lines of rain on radar moving north over specific towns. Regular distribution seems to be a victim of global warming.
  4. Although the air temperature is low 12C the expected cloud layer has dissipated and sun is quite strong, so quite pleasant to sit out despite needing a couple of layers.
  5. I’m aware it didn’t get going for many in the east for several weeks but here in the West Country it was one of the best ever. It started early and June and July were fantastic. But August ended it with a damp squib which was disappointing, especially as that’s when I took a week off. I’m one of those who goes by astronomical dates so for me it’s still summer, and September is doing better than August currently. I too missed thunder. We had a good day in May but after that all thunderstorms stuck in the east.
  6. Next year I’m taking late June off and work through August. We grabbed a nice morning yesterday but most of the time it’s been drab and overcast. Oh well - at least we’re not suffering the severe fires or floods.
  7. For the first time in ages I’m cold enough to need a jumper. Considering putting the fire on as my front room is a bit chilly. What’s the betting September warms up again?
  8. Only reached 18 yesterday in West Somerset/Devon due to cloud and flag. It didn’t rain which was great and views were tremendous- but I’d like a bit of heat back for my holiday. I picked the wrong time to take off.
  9. Disappointing day so far in Somerset with no sign of grey drizzle with breeze stopping despite promise of thundery showers with sunny intervals. Doubly annoying as it was much the same yesterday and it’s the start of my week's holiday
  10. So let me get this straight. No thunderstorms for my area. Rain begins when I get home from work Friday and continues throughout weekend until I go back to work when it turns warm and dry again.
  11. I’m over in the west where it’s not been so hot the last few days. I love the heat. Long evening walks - sunning in the garden - balmy nights. Bring it on. This is the best summer ever. I’ve not been able to take a holiday this year, so I’m overjoyed the Mediterranean summer has come up to us. I know I’m in good health and have friends and close others who hate it and feel unwell, so I’m lucky - I’m also someone who can manage easily in sticky warmth as I’m very happy wearing next to nothing - I get more done and have more energy in weather like this. I’m glad for others that the rain is due this weekend- but did it HAVE to break on my first free weekend at home in a month?
  12. Well I’m enjoying the weather so far. This is the best late Spring/early summer I can recall for some years. Long may it continue.
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