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  1. Wind gusting a lot stronger here than earlier thought it wasn't meant to be worse until around midnight?
  2. I keep seeing 'flashes' outside now and then. First was like green colour quickly followed by orange and then 5 mins later a purple one. I am sure its not lightning but I am unsure as to what it is. No power loss or anything . Anyway lol is there worse to come? Gone calm here now
  3. Having brief on off small hail here in hampshire sky looking very milky at mo
  4. The blitzortung app on my phone showing a few strikes off the corwall coast.
  5. Getting a bit gusty out there here in hampshire is there worse to come? Moderate rain I would say at mo
  6. Just had a random flash and loud rumble in waterlooville is there more on the way?
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