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  1. Where you been Mr? Wont let me Inbox you btw...

  2. EGWU 291350Z 16007KT CAVOK 28/22 Q1022 NOSIG

  3. Clearest I've seen the Skies this year! Literally Not a cloud in sight, not even higher level!

  4. Year 2011 - Hottest Spring since records began, Coldest Summer since (Whatever the date was), Hottest Autumn since (Whatever the date is), and lets hope it's the Coldest Winter since the last Ice Age!

  5. EZY5034, Gatwick Director, Landing 26L no delay - leave timba radar heading 055*

  6. What a lovely evening in London, doubt it'll be that good when I fly to Goodwood tomorrow! GRRRR!

  7. Looking at MetCheck it says that London will have 300mph winds on Friday Gusting to 350mph, anybody fancy flying??

    1. PersianPaladin


      Ah glorious Saturn!

    2. Paranoid


      At that speed i doubt you'll have any choice but to fly...

    3. Robbie Garrett
    4. Show next comments  18 more
  8. Metoffice just confirmed, 30.3C for Gravesend Kent!

    1. Eugene


      Yes very impressive for 850's that aren't anything special.

    2. Weather-history


      Hardly that unexpected Eugene.

    3. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Exactly certainly when the bbc were showing 30c for the London area

  9. EGLL 011350Z 18012KT CAVOK 27/12 Q1012 NOSIG

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