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  1. I thought I was a flirt, but damn these weather models sure now how to strut there stuff!!! :D

    1. santorum


      Imagine them giving you come to bed eyes and then when you approach to chat they throw their drink over you...

    2. Mark Neal.
    3. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      I guess they do that often.

  2. Britain melts on hottest weekend of winter as holiday makers take to the beaches, and it's only JANUARY!!

    1. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      In January 1971, Llandudno reached 18.3C, so perhaps the idea of sunbathing at Llandudno in January isn't all that far-fetched!

    2. santorum


      Robbie, Robert, Rob or shall I call you twinkle as we are all friends here. If the Daily Mail causes you so much distress, to the point where you have to include others the answer is simple. Don't read the sodding paper. Better still, remove it as your home page and stick to the Guardian or Times. Then again, you're likely a Mirror reader or maybe the Star? Not the same since the stopped the Sport is it?

    3. gottolovethisweather


      The answer is NOT TO READ any of them if what you want is an unbiased look at the world's events. Most newspapers, if not all, are there to entertain us but not to educate us. One or two articles will even grab my attention but if I needed brainwashing I'd watch the soaps. Anyway, anybody had any more snow.

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  3. First time I've seen Snow in the local TAF's for over one year! PROB40 TEMPO 1608/1611 35015G25KT 0700 SN VV///

  4. Lovely storm last night for the South East, brought back memories of childhood storms. I am hoping everyone stayed safe last night! And if Friday's storm doesn't materialise I wont moan, as last night was immense!

  5. 52mph gusts for me tonight in Central London, that shall be interesting!

  6. Hmmm, why are Metcheck showing 50mph sustained winds for London on 21st December! http://www.metcheck.com/V40/UK/FREE/14days.asp?zipcode=London

  7. Mr Vogan still confident -

  8. And she bangs, she bangs Oh baby When she moves, she moves - Atlantic Low Pressure Systems!

  9. Feels like early October than mid-late November! Such a difference 365 days make, this year for weather is rather f****** up!

  10. RIP Grandad, it's only been one year since you left us to Cancer. I know you are shining down on us somewhere in the distant worlds above! You are missed by all who knew you, and we wish you was still here today!

    1. Aaron


      My Grandad died too, this year:(

    2. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      Sorry to hear that, I never had a dad their for me. So he replaced that job.

  11. Whens the The 2011 Census released?

    1. Nick L

      Nick L

      Fully? In 100 years I believe!

  12. Winter to take hold on 30th November - lasting till end of January! Come on baby! :D

  13. I just guess, that last November really was exceptional? and everyone is going into one because it's not repeating itself? Most cold winters generally start New year, just last year was extremely exceptional!!

  14. Cannot believe how quick time is going by, this time next week my Grandad passed away one year ago! Seems like yesterday but that's the reality of life I guess!

  15. London Biggin Hill, England currently in 2500m VIS in BR (Mist) with clouds BKN006 (600ft) - lovely weather!

  16. Lool at the people not being able to get on the 12 bus anymore, as it's a Double Decker! I bet it left a few people red faced this morning expecting to get on for £0.00, when now it costs you £2.20!! What's your thoughts NW?? SO LONG BENDY BUSES!!

  17. Imagine all the hype surrounding this years winter, and it becomes the hottest on record! It's so mild right now!

    1. DisruptiveGust


      3.2c at dawn, certainly not mild.

    2. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      Not as mild as last year here.

    3. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      November isn't winter, if it is still mild in January, then you have a point.

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  18. Once again, the weather has ruined my flight chances! Owell, test for another day then! :(

  19. Aint seen a QNH that low in a while, must have been about a year for London.

  20. I seem to have a fetish with Sunsets, but seriously - how can you not?? http://twitpic.com/70amsk

  21. What would be nice is the following! -30*C in December 2011 and +40*C during the Summer Olympics in 2012 :)

    1. Somerset Squall
    2. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      -3c, clear on top of a foot of snow deposited by north-easterlies for xmas. 7c, blustery wintry showers with sunshine and hail for the 100m final. yes please!

    3. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      I hope people know that there's a - before the 30 making it -30*C? haha!

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