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  1. When I went to the doctors in Mid-January I had all the tell-tale signs of a Virus, hence why I was told that's all it was. Dry cough, aches, sinus, mild fever, sneezing, soar throat and then recovered in 3 days. But didn't feel 100% for 2-3 weeks after and had pain in my sides for a week or two. Below is the chart with all the links of the UK strains for Mid-January. I'd say highly likely true as I work with tourists, many of them Chinese and I live with a huge amount of Chinese students who returned 10-15 days prior to me feeling rough.
  2. Having it for 3 days and then feeling somewhat better afterwards is the general consensus isn't it? Maybe this is coming from the Government in order to not induce panic of buying toilet roll and riots in supermarkets? Very tactical if so. This one. Almost 93% confident by Colindale that Covid-19 was in UK shores in Mid-January. auspice NEXTSTRAIN.ORG
  3. I think it's potentially important that there is some underlying science we don't know about that says this has done the rounds in the UK, and is doing the rounds in the thousands. A lot of people are skeptical about the numbers and what China have said. Maybe there's info China has given the UK and what Colindale know about this virus. Im also poitive the weather and low international traffic numbers to the UK has helped. Mostly due to Brexit. (?) Bare in mind London has a direct flight to Wuhan when this was happening (Dec 2019). Then there is every chance that there's a l
  4. 3.8% of influenza per 100,000 people end up in ICU in the UK. Roughly 380 people per 100,000. Must mean we have a less deadly strain floating in the UK? With flights going near empty and nothing to Italy/Iran now. This must be why they are going with the science. If 5000-10000 is correct that's an ICU admission far less than flu at 0.2 - 0.4% per 10,000.
  5. In fact if 10,590 positive cases. 0.09% death rate.
  6. 10,000 cases he said is likely. So lot less likely than 3.3%
  7. Yes, but are all of them ready to take over the streets. The disorder will be higher than 2011 riots, and what do the Army do with them?
  8. We are currently running at 1.75%. 8 out of 456 cases. Not sure what the percentages are that are in ICU.
  9. How long do you think it takes to get the Army into action? That might be why.
  10. Between 5-10% for every 30,000. Roughly 450. UK Population 66,440,000/30,000 = 2214.66 x 5-10% (450) If every UK person was tested. The case number is likely to be 996,600 - which is why I am 100% sure that there are many thousands, if not close to a million people in the UK with Covid-19 walking scott free with 99% of the population having mild symptoms.
  11. Travelled during the rush hour this morning. Victoria line Northbound at 0750. 1/3 of volume. Might explain why the UK, along with the weather is still in "containment phase" The UK is definitely doing as little to lessen the damage to the economy. Airports are already well deserted. I'm sure the huge drop in % of people in the UK that are out an about and travelling through the borders has made HMG decision a little easier...
  12. Just travelled 1 stop on a commuter train. 10 people cough and or breathing heavily. Thst was a 10 minute journey. It makes you wonder doesnt it. About 5 9f these didnt cover when coughing.
  13. Wet weather and majority of people staying in? I work in Zone 1, it's been dead since Jan 1st. Every weekend it's been windy and a nightmare to travel into London. Just a thought...
  14. It's as simple as this. If the UK does lock-down, the 2011 riots would seem small in comparison. The mass hysteria of buying bog role and 49p paracetamol and pasta can't have filled COBRA with any confidence, let alone the Met Police probably saying; don't even think about it. You would have to put the army on the streets, and in huge numbers. Yes, it brings me back to my point a week ago. Mid-January, roughly 10 days when most of the Chinese Students came back to where I live, I got very poorly. Worst in 6 years by a huge margin and I definitely wasn't as proactively washing my
  15. Come to think of it, I did have something before Christmas; I spent the week in bed, and was very lazy - but it felt just like a very strong cold. The thing Mid-January took it out of me, but I was also on Nights. Slept well though. ? Did you guys have pain on yours sides as well? Breathing was tense for about 2 weeks I'd say. Recovered early February, but the worse was over within 3 days of my fever peaking. Diagnosed by the doctor as a virus. I've seen it dismissed, but where I live in SE17 there's 6-7 blocks of Chinese students that attend the local Universities, along with a f
  16. Not a huge increase in numbers today. But does anyone else thing these numbers are highly skewed. I am sure that there are many cases, but just aren't being tested or have thought they had it.
  17. I was having a conversation with my mum about this. Italy is very clean. Maybe that's why they are suffering more? The virus is hurting them more than say someone from the UK.
  18. WHO have posted their findings from a research team in China; https://www.who.int/docs/default-source/coronaviruse/who-china-joint-mission-on-covid-19-final-report.pdf Routes of transmission One good thing is, Airborne spread has not been reported for COVID-19 and it is not believed to be a major driver of transmission based on available evidence.
  19. I've done a Spreadsheet on my home computer with the following data. I'll try be as accurate as possible. Let me know if you spot any errors.
  20. The UK can't control this the way China did. A few things spring to mind. 1) NHS couldn't build a hospital in 10 years, let alone 10 days. 2) Police forces are overstretched 3) The Government wouldn't want to be seen placing Army on the streets. 4) The DfT is highly unlikely to order the CAA to close down the UK FIR and thus prevent any flights entering the country, especially when the power of the likes of Willie Walsh with Spanish Airways, sorry I meant BA knocking on the door about shareholders etc etc The only credible solution is to close the UK FIR, close all
  21. I believe the initial strains from Wahun were later linked to further cases elsewhere. UK shows to have had strains of the virus then, then if you look properly then spread elsewhere. Science huh..
  22. My symptoms were, a dry cough, aches in the body, fever, pain above the nose. But zero phlegm. This website traces back a strain being located in the UK (Respiratory Virus Unit, Microbiology Services Colindale, Public Health England) between the 13th and 23rd of January 2020. I just looked at my Medical Records, went to doctors on 15th January. Was told I have a viral infection on that date. "This phylogeny shows evolutionary relationships of HCoV-19 viruses from the ongoing novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. All samples are still closely related with few mutations relative to
  23. My local hospital, also one of four major trauma centres in the south of England has two confirm positive. What is absolutely wrong with people, why would you go to a hospital with symptoms of Covid 19 or if you have travelled from that location? https://www.itv.com/news/2020-03-04/two-patients-at-london-s-king-s-college-hospital-test-positive-for-coronavirus-covid-19/
  24. I found the following on Reddit; Researchers at the Imperial College London found that, in Wuhan alone, there were 18 undetected cases for every 1 confirmed COVID-19 infection. This gave them an estimation that as of mid-Feb there were 1.5 million people infected with COVID-19 in Wuhan. This makes me think. I am positive that this has already done the rounds in London. Term dates WWW.ARTS.AC.UK Standard term dates for UAL. Specific dates may vary for some courses. A lot of the students that live near me are from China. A lo
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