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  1. I reckon 30*C in October again October heat record set at 29.9C WWW.BBC.CO.UK A new record is set for the highest temperature recorded in October - at 29.9C (85.8F)
  2. SE17 - absolutely horrendous sound. Amazing though. Very very cold air for Summer. Feel's more like April.
  3. Did anyone else in London hear that Thunder. Can't even explain how loud and horrendously sounding it was.
  4. Look's like the above cell pictured made a direct hit for the Battersea area. The Met Police (NPAS) chopper cleared off just in time.... tar1090 TAR1090.ADSBEXCHANGE.COM
  5. Not particularly what you want during a Pandemic. Slightly worrying really. Then there's the issue of when the rains come, the surface will flood again.
  6. That's pretty much the South Downs Ridge effect that gives anyone going into Gatwick a bit of fun.
  7. 20-21°c overnight at London City. Anyone know the max overnight low record for May?
  8. Seeing some of the pictures of the Thames this afternoon/evening. Most places flooded, I wonder if that's a case of not many people about so can try and see how resistant the barrier is till they fully close it? Never known them to allow this amount of flooding in heavily tourist areas.
  9. Impressive documentary for you all! BBC iPlayer - Horizon - 2020: Hubble: The Wonders of Space Revealed WWW.BBC.CO.UK The remarkable story of how Hubble revealed the awe and wonder of our universe.
  10. Operation Broadshare. Essential services only, and must have a reason to be travelling or doing something. Speaking to a few in the know. Does make you worry, but then having lived in Southwark all my life - the people here are disgusting. Spitting on floors (yesterday), coughing without a care in the world and not covering mouths and people sneezing without doing it correctly as advised. I just am not surprised.
  11. I think what I've highlighted below. But then it could just be how many have ended up in Hospital.
  12. Seen a few pictures of the Army on Twitter. Rumours spreading from people of a friend of a friend. Wonder if the easiest way is not to announce it but to do it overnight? I said this the other day, but I am sure we can't discuss this on an open forum!?
  13. I am wondering if this was all just a plan to get people to stay at home, and prevent people from actually spreading this further. Everywhere was a ghost town in London this evening.
  14. Yes transport systems, supermarkets and hospitals surgeries to be kept open. Once MOD is ready along with the majority of people in the right position will a recommendation to stay at home be issued. One problem in the future we may face next; 4 weeks of delay due to lack of Transatlantic capacity! It coincides with a disruption in sea freight because empty shipping containers are stuck in China. However, UK Government was stockpiling for Brexit, so that may be used.
  15. The Police couldn't cope with the scale in the UK. How much more stockpiling needs to be done? Most people will now not have enough money to buy anymore. Martial-law in this country would be very grey. Hence my feelings Army would need to be drawn in at last resort.
  16. Aches and pain, cough, fever, headache mostly at front, nasal congestion, sore throat and tiredness. Can't remember if I had a shortness of breath though. I would have interacted at work with hundreds of Chinese tourists and my local area has a few thousand residents (students etc).
  17. The country has food-banks the size of multiple football fields. Hence the Army. I've heard things from people in places, and I think plans are under the way. Nothing of doomsday though!
  18. Overnight Monday 13th Jan I got ill. Worst was into 16th January when I quickly got better, bar the pain on my sides (which would have been my diaphragm from coughing?)
  19. Just a thought here. A lot of people are in the general consensus that we are heading for a catastrophe in the UK, but are we? (1) Number of tourists currently in the UK had sheared off, if almost none. The last of which are going home in the next week, thus leaving the chance of rescue flights needed to nil. (2) Number of offices working from home (reliable source most are on Level 4 (WFH), Level 5 is lockdown like Milan) (3) easyJet plan to ground there entire fleet this week. (4) People are panic buying weeks worth (Did the Government know that this is what would happe
  20. Or at home wondering where to stack 8 x 16 toilet rolls. Absolute tools. Would love to see Army on the streets and scare the living daylights out of some of these people.* *Disclaimer: Obviously not genuine people being scared.
  21. NHS is doing well from what my friend told me. He did say check back in two weeks. And that's from a London Trauma hospital. Maybe our systems are used to being overworked and stressed? Meanwhilst another day travelling in London, another day of filthy people sneezing and coughing without covering. Probably the same tools who stockpile bog role.
  22. Was explained why Paracetamol has run out in Boots today. Makes sense. China produces the raw ingredients > India makes them > India exports them. The first line has gone... As Coronavirus Disrupts Factories, India Curbs Exports of Key Drugs - The New York Times WWW.NYTIMES.COM The outbreak has hobbled Chinese factories that supply India’s vast drug industry with ingredients for antibiotics and vitamins, raising the prospect of global shortages.
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