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  1. 2 hours ago, Don said:

    Yes it could be but if we don’t get a SSW.....

    Raging Zonality right?


    23 hours ago, Catacol said:

    Polar vortex vertical temperature gradient has certainly got off to an early and vigorous start - 6 weeks ahead of itself.


    However an SSW I reckon still to be a distinct possibility. Already money in the bank with regards to the tropospheric ridge/trough pattern and the current persistence of the ScEuro high opens up disruptive possibilities in the second half of December and on into January. And the faster it spins, the bigger it crashes....should the forcing emerge to create that crash. The balance of probability sits in favour of a zonal winter overall at the moment....but I just watched Argentina beat the ABs. Stuff happens - sometimes big stuff.........

    Does low sea ice extent force this vigorous start? Reminds me of Day after Tomorrow and how mother nature fights back...

  2. After cancelling my weekend trip to Cardiff the week before due to Severe Thunderstorms, we get to fly a quick day trip for lunch. Due to a weak occluded front, we have some challenges navigating some convective weather, landing with an ILS approach.

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  3. Finally managed to fly today, after the storms. Not with thankfully, too risky with such a low cloud base and embedded cells.  Here lies the Northolt/Heathrow cell, I think there was two tracking NNE.  Gave a rumble of thunder not long after this picture.


    Very interesting structure to it, once cell that didn't really spread it's anvil; the other however........



    Look at the length of that cloud top....


    I saw a decent size cell over France, but picture didn't do it justice. So I managed to get that cell show up on the stormscope and get a visual of it flying back to London via Southend.



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  4. 1 hour ago, elpy said:

    Finally had a storm here in South London between 8:30 and 9:15. Followed it up to London Bridge. Incredible rain, some fork lightning right above the Shard, ankle deep water.

    Makes the wait worth it. Phone camera fogged up and kept missing the lightning but you can see how much surface water at London Bridge below.


    Not sure what it is, but that road was terrible in 2018 (May Storms) and the drains can never take the water.

  5. For anyone that's watching later and I have no major issues I shall be flying from Essex to Cardiff and will try get some shots if it's safe to do so.  Estimating my departure at 1900L, landing into Cardiff at 2003L




    First area of concern drifting northwards.


    FRQ TSGR OBS WI N5224 W00214 - N5252 E00003 - N5210 E00018 - N5139 W00231 - N5224 W00214 TOP FL380 MOV NNW 15KT NC

    The area of concern drifting northwards for the flight later. Which could likely cancel the flight and maybe the trip, if not done by road.


    FRQ TSGR OBS WI N5040 E00128 - N5010 E00010 - N5042 E00038 - N5042 E00128 - N5040 E00128 TOP FL380 MOV NNW 05KT NC


    12 hours ago, Raindrops said:

    Epic landing on the second video along with the views and Cells, I can see in the first video how it can be hard to spot CB hiding among other clouds (low level).

    The Jet fighter topped things of as you were prepping for take off  😎.

    Had to research what ADSB Datalink is...it's expensive but worth it for both weather and traffic.

    Thanks for the share, now go join The 53d WRS 


    Glad you enjoyed that landing, was literally on the limit of what the aircraft is demonstrated to do.  CBs really do pep up the winds.   Those showers we flew under at the first part of the video became Thunderstorms a short whilst later, as it appeared in the news.

    ADSB weather isn't available in Europe. The only option is SatCom style data link, which is very pricey.  Most modern-airliners are equipped with in-flight airborne weather radar and SATCOM DATA  ACARS for METAR/TAFs. 

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    20 minutes ago, Buzzard said:

    It’s fun checking this, the rain radar and plane finder at the same time. Seeing planes attempting landings and seeing their unusual flight paths avoiding the storms 😉


    14 minutes ago, kumquat said:

    Looks like an early '80s arcade game 😄

    Some more information about stormscope. Mostly fitted to aircraft that don't have a space in the nose for weather radar. 




    The Stormscope® Series II Weather Mapping Sensor, model WX-500 (figure 1-1) detects electrical discharges from thunderstorms within a 200 nmi radius of the aircraft. This information is then sent to an external Multi-Function Display (MFD) that plots the location of the thunderstorms. The WX-500 is a passive sensor that listens for electromagnetic signals with a receiving antenna. There’s no transmitter and no harmful transmissions. The WX-500 works as well on the ground as it does in the air, thereby giving the pilot important planning information before takeoff.


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  7. I have done, but the airspace around London is fairly difficult to avoid these things. If I had an instrument rating, then yes you get on top of the scud and would get some great views of them.

    I did this flight on last years' storms, was interesting.



    As you can see, you've got to be very very careful.  You could run into a cell.  I hope in the EU we soon get ADSB Datalink for weather downloads.

    10 minutes ago, Raindrops said:

    So do you ever take pictures of storms cells while you're up there, or would that be tricky with turbulence?

    However there's this video of me flying through some interesting weather, later to become TSRA.




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  8. 7 hours ago, danm said:

    This is what I’m finding. 5 days straight now of temperatures between 33c and 36c. Each day the house gets that bit hotter. 

    11 days ago when the temperature got to 37.8c, it cooled down in the evening as a cold front went through. We opened my 1 year olds bedroom windows once it went dark and pulled his blinds up to let the cool air in. The temperature on his thermometer dropped from about 30c to 24c when me and the wife came up to bed. This time, after 5 straight days of excessive heat, it was 31c in his room when we put him to bed (with a fan blowing straight on him), and after leaving the windows open, it was still 29c/30c in his room when we came up to bed.

    I was considering buying a portable A/C unit for his room before this heatwave and wish I had now.

    These buildings just hold the heat, it's 29*C in my room at 7am.  I am going to Brighton today in hope that it's cooler and breezier, as my apartment is just rancid.   I am not sure how babies deal with aircon though?  It makes me cough at the best of times. 

  9. 28 minutes ago, Stabilo19 said:

    I feel your pain! I have bars of chocolate in the cupboard that have turned to mush, chocolate biscuits completely melted. Everything indoors is hot to the touch.

    If this is the norm in XX years then they'll have to retrofit homes with AC otherwise summers London will become unbearable.

    It’s stupid of me for not investing in portable air conditioners. However lockdown didn’t help.  It’s unbearable in here each year, but this year is exceptional.  Every day is hotter than the last as they hold the heat. 

    at least when it was 37.8C last month it was breezy.  Strangely the tube is very cool this year, must be the lack of people making it horrible. 

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