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  1. 98.61mm at Heathrow this month, anyone want to put a bet if it will hit 100mm?? LOOOL

  2. GFS 06z FI is perfect for a freezing cold arctic blast..... many months too late :( LOL

    1. SP1986


      Some of Canada is actually south of us.. that said were far north enough to get extreme cold (for May)

    2. cheeky_monkey


      The UK is further north than many parts of Canada.

    3. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      You reckon?? I am wondering what the coldest coldest May that delivered widespread snow. Would be interesting if it's listed.

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  3. April 2011 "4.6mm" rainfall, April 2012 = 60.12mm, April 2001 = 78.6 (SE England Metoffice Stats) - Incredible!! Can it do it??


    1. Kain


      Never heard of you..;)

    2. No Balls Like Snow Balls

      No Balls Like Snow Balls

      My boss who is a Chelsea fan said to me not a long time ago that he would hate the fact Of Man City winning the league knowing that they brought the title!!!, hum Chelsea brought there titles though - one of the many reasons I dislike Chelsea and hope they lose in the final.

  5. Barcelona vs Chelsea (0-1) COME ON CHELSEA!!!!

    1. keithlucky


      WD chelsea brave as lions

  6. Oh gotta love the French, 3000+ cape and -9 LI, with a low spinning to the west... next Monday Night!!!

    1. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      Where in France?

    2. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      Nern France it showed up for Monday Night and Belux

  7. It's been a very long time since London had lots of Thunderstorms like this, a very long time. I'd give it a while guys, and nobody should be unlucky.... let's hope Summer is an unsettled bugger with TSRA everyday.

  8. Does anyone know any websites that give rainfall statistics??

    1. Dorsetbred
    2. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      I wanted to know what Heathrow's latest figure was, and it doesn't look impressive... none of it does lol.

    3. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      Paul I will subscribe again when I get a full time job.

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  9. I take it the score should be Chelsea 1/2 Barcelona 0, as there's still a leg to go.... was a fantastic atmosphere and regardless of what people say, even if we go out 2nd Leg, pride is restored!!

  10. Tonight is the biggest game in world football, Chelsea Vs Barcelona!! I hope we can avenge our shocking UEFA Paid REF exit 3 years ago!! I am very optomistic!! NEVER SAY NEVER!!!

    1. Radiating Dendrite

      Radiating Dendrite

      How many will Messi Score? I am saying 3-1 to barce, Messi with two.

    2. Allezwasps.


      as a bitter spurs fan i hope chelsea get thumped !!

    3. shotski


      That's right biggest game in the world.You have barcelona with 3 european cups,world club cups,28 titles then you have Chelski with erm mmmmm lets think mmmm well at least they have been in lots of semi's.

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  11. Felix Brych to referee Chelsea v Barcelona in the Champions League!! I am going to the game, so hopefully it's a memorable one!!

    1. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      Nope, we deserve to win it... so many times referees in europe have stuffed us!! time for an English Club except manure to win it!!

    2. shotski


      LOL Chelse win the european cup!!!! U need to put that in the make us laugh section.



      see your point shot,but it was a minority of so called fans

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  12. The price of Brent Oil drops, but the price at the pumps goes up... what a joke!!

  13. I am 100% sure that this year will be amazing for Thunderstorms!!! 6 in 4 days with one at night, unbelievable compared to the past few years being so pathetic.

  14. This Cell is directly above my house, if it goes bang.... ouch to my ears!!

  15. I think we have annoyed a few people with those... ahahahaha!! Just sitting here chuckling!!! hahaha

  16. FLASH!!! THUNDER BOOOOOOOM! That's amazingly more louder than the past 3 days, how on earth!!!!

    1. Robbie Garrett
    2. Harry


      Not just me then - thunder definitely louder today than of late!

    3. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      Harry, does it have anything to do with the fact there's a lot of moisture in the atmosphere??

      There visibility seems rather hazy, and + there was a lot late clearing mist and fog this morning, must have aided convection slightly??

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  17. Who is actually really excited about the UK storm season?? especially after the last two days, and those upcoming :O :D

    1. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      Not exicted, uk storms suck.

    2. Nick F

      Nick F

      I agree, UK storms are rather lame

    3. Supacell


      I actually spend all winter waiting for the uk storm season lol. They are lame in comparison to the US but I have never been to the US so don't really know what I am missing.

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  18. Right off to Acton Town for the London Underground Engineering Apprenticeship Assessment day. WISH ME LUCK!!

    1. vortex_liam


      good luck mate, just by the rail museum then?

    2. Harry


      Good luck mate!

  19. And the heating goes back on, didn't need it this winter except that February cold spell!! But now on max to warm things up in Mid Spring. loool!!

  20. My application for the LU Advanced Engineering Scheme has made it through to the assessment stage!!!!! WOHOOOOO!!

    1. Aaron


      Well done!

  21. OMG IS THAT PRECIPITATION?? i.e RAINFALL!! OMG!!! It's actually raining in London!!

    1. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Send some to Essex Please - Blue Skies and 1976 style cracks in the garden! Sob!

    2. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      PM, I felt like it... but I'll leave it for another day.

      Paul it seems a 5 minute wonder here, sun is cracking through the clouds slightly, hopefully aiding convection.

    3. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      No rain at all here in Brighton and sunny most of the day.

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  22. Whoooop! I got an interview with Thomson Airways for overseas!! Luton May 17th!!!

    1. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      Not Luton airport - lol - you might be flying me on my holidays :-)

  23. Was flying above Bewl Reservoir earlier this afternoon, it's looking pretty damn low.....

  24. Wohooo, I've got myself a ticket to watch Chelsea Vs Benfica in the Champions League Quater Finals!!! WOOP!!

  25. Doesn't look at all like Summer out there, it's about as hazy as you can be.

    1. Scorcher


      Many of the hottest days in summer are hazy