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  1. Shoreham Day trip

    After much planning on the previous venture and having failed to reach my destination due to snow showers, a quick re-plan and a fairly decent day of weather I took a friend flying to Shoreham to see what the fuss of a £35 landing fee was all about. Click here to see previous trip. After putting in enough fuel to make it to Southern Spain, but just enough for us to fly to Shoreham and no need to refuel on landing back in London. We had a quick warm up in the cafe. I fly down to Shoreham IFR routing east of the London City Zone, taking in some stunning views on this rather clear day. We route initially east of Gatwick before making tracks to our initial fix. (Unfortunately due to some problems with the Audio, there isn't any on some phases of the flight) It also misses out some very important aspects of the RNAV approach and how I undertake it from a IMCr holders point of view. I will likely cover this in a future video. It really was a fine day, apart from a weak trough passing shortly after I took this picture. We then paid the £35 landing fee. A quick check of the cakes provides for an interesting chat, which one do we choose? A quick bite to eat, with a coca-cola in a beer glass. This burger is delicious. Having re-done the weight calculations for burnt fuel, which we probably put back on in weight through eating till our hearts content. We decided to discuss why we think Shoreham's price is valid despite some maybe thinking it's not. It's a valuable point though, but what's your thoughts on the value for money? Here's the video departing Shoreham
  2. Just deteriorated here last hour. Glad to see Thameslink still running past me at normal speed.
  3. ^ I love a good old ' Thames streamer' 9/10 Snow in SE17
  4. Valid from Mon 26 Feb to Wed 28 Feb We are currently experiencing very high demand on our online services and potential interruptions to services cannot be ruled out. We are closely monitoring this situation and apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.
  5. M2 Moderate Location : The M2 eastbound between junctions J1 and J3 . Reason : Congestion. Status : Currently Active. Return To Normal : Normal traffic conditions are expected between 14:15 and 14:30 on 27 February 2018. Delay : There are currently delays of 40 minutes against expected traffic. M2 Moderate Location : The M2 westbound between junctions J3 and J2 . Reason : Congestion. Status : Currently Active. Return To Normal : Normal traffic conditions are expected between 13:30 and 13:45 on 27 February 2018. Delay : There are currently delays of 20 minutes
  6. Guys! Look where we was 1 month ago. Now look 100hrs from now
  7. Interestingly didn't the 2010 Nov/Dec event get completely wrong post 4 days? IIRC, it was all muddled till the events unfolded and lasted a month. I've seen hints of a Greenland high. Which in my eyes is much better than a Scandi high. Look at the angle of the jet if you completely block it to our NW vs NE. On a Scandi high we are far too west to stop a breakdown. But a longer spell with retrogression to Greenland.
  8. Jetstream is definately heading south. There's like 3-4 distinctive jet-streams though.
  9. Look at some of those runs, -15*C in London almost on one in FI. :O
  10. Quite good points, they've already issued a yellow warning for the SE corner late Monday afternoon, at a risk of high impact but very unlikely. At this stage the development of these shower bands and the exact locations and timing of these is very uncertain. It's not had a cold spell warning trigger yet.
  11. I am trying to re-collect a similar situation in April 2012. The low that came up from France and dumped 48 hours rainfall on the South. I think that was it?
  12. No forgetting fading light and temperatures. But in terms of snowfall, it might beat 2nd Feb 2009 for dumping snow? Either way as people have said, this is going to be a huge event.
  13. It's been a very long time since I model watched. But does the GFS still have a westerly bias? It's always defaulting to Zonal in fantasy island.
  14. Keeping my license current - [Video]

    Thank you! Taken on-board! Thanks for watching!
  15. Keeping my license current - [Video]

    Keeping the EASA PPL current during the winter is as tough as it gets! Flying the circuit when the weather is marginal, brilliant or a narrow time frame prevails is the key. It also keeps me in check. Stay tuned for the next video where I have fun with general handling.
  16. Epic General Handling Flight

    Continuing the January theme of currency, in the latest ‘The Flying VLOG’ we practice steep turns, PFLs, EFATOs and discuss the factors and scary thought of a real engine failure with the limited options. I completely bin the first landing and make a second attempt during a congested afternoon at Stapleford, highlighting speed control, altitude and preparation for a good landing is well before the approach. It's important to keep current, but I also think it's important to practice during the long-cold winter months when flying is few and far between.
  17. A month in the planning, a dream from many years ago back in my NPPL days was a trip to Jersey, Channel Islands. I never quite got there and after almost 7 years flying, I made the trip; armed with an Instrument rating restricted, night rating and the support from a fellow pilot and friend Amie. The 24th quickly turned up and all the paperwork and flight plans had been filed the night before. Rather than explain what’s required. The fun in researching this trip was hugely rewarding and makes this flying hobby even more fun. Do check online it’s rewarding planning such a flight. After much dilberation, something I do a lot even with an IMC ticket (as I’m not much a fan of turbulence, but with time I guess I’ll get over how uncomfortable it can be) We routed IFR the whole journey, so I could get some proper time in and enjoy myself. The headwind on SkyDemon for my routing was horrendous. Over 2 hours due to a strong headwind. So not much coffee before the flight. We routed BAKER TUNBY LUMBA SFD BOGNA ABSAV ORTAC which in practice is quite straightforward on paper but navigates and negotiates some complicated airspace to remain as high as possible. The plan was to depart very early, have lunch then fly home with enough buffer before sunset. We watched the weather for the London Area, which was plagued by clearing mist/fog and low cloud. TAF AMD EGSS 240708Z 2407/2512 22007KT 9999 FEW006 TEMPO 2407/2409 3000 RADZ BR BKN006 TEMPO 2409/2504 BKN012 BECMG 2411/2414 22017KT TEMPO 2411/2418 23019G29KT BECMG 2504/2507 BKN012 TEMPO 2505/2508 8000 -RA BKN005 PROB30 TEMPO 2506/2510 3000 RADZ BKN002 BECMG 2509/2512 28010KT FEW025= A quick check of Jersey, a much better picture rather than a ruler length TAF. Along with our alternate Guernsey. Our secondary alternate as filed was Bournemouth, as I was due to fly later that week for maintenance so found it ideal if the Channel Islands became less than ideal. TAF EGJJ 240803Z 2409/2418 21015KT 9999 FEW005 BKN014 BECMG 24011/2413 SCT020= So it all worked out, we delayed our departure had multiple alternatives and decided to make the 2hrs+ flight landing just after lunch. Here’s the view once we climbed above the clearing front. This is what I dreamed the IMC rating would be all about. As soon as we departed we climbed straight into IMC at 1000ft, and sat in the tops for what seemed like an age. The LTMA for the initial routing east of LCY is 2500ft, cruise was at 2400ft and the tops of cloud was 2400ft; not ideal as it was pretty uncomfortable. I was so happy about the flight I even decided to get a picture of me enjoying what I enjoy most about flying! The view. We gave Plymouth Mil a call to negotiate a more direct routing to ORTAC once clear of the LTMA. Not much happening up here so a slow a climb to FL80, of approx 500fpm to keep the speed but also the engine cool and my passenger comfort levels. This was having spoke to the owner about such a long flight across water. His advice as an instructor was very rewarding and allows me to fly the airplane properly. Earlier that morning I had a good look at the winds, and it looked like a massive convergence had formed right on our routing south of the coast (this is the G29 in the TAF for later that day). The winds were immense at 5000ft, almost 55knots. I can imagine the direct routing cleared us from the lumps and bumps and gave us an all around quicker flight to Jersey. I’ve also included my latest VLOG for you. Here’s the highlights to Jersey. Includes the ILS approach to Runway 26. We didn’t have much time, due to the 50knot headwinds and compounded by the fact we departed so late due to debating on the cloud base for departure. We walked locally to the Garden Centre and had a spot of lunch and some much needed sugar (free advert for Coca Cola) With not much time to be all millennial, we quickly noted the deteriorating weather out of Jersey and back at home. Not ideal when we both had work the next day. We checked the aircraft together and gave her an external once over (something I always do, and spot commercial pilots doing at airports all the time is that overview look after a walk around) Same routing for the return, this time at almost double the speed and slightly higher. Climbing up to 5000ft on the SID out of Jersey. As we climbed up we hit 175knots in the cruise, and at 201.3mph and almost 2 miles in the air I decided to take a picture of this amazing moment admiring the beauty that we all do and love - flight. As we descended with the LTMA we picked up a lot of moisture and the cold wing tips appeared to collect some ice (it was just below 10*c) so this was interesting, although we want 100% sure if it was ice. It was pretty choppy in the precipitation, and we’d already considered our divert options before descent (flying with a fellow PPL is gold dust in these situations) but ultimately I had the rating for this weather and elected to continue to Stapleford to find a gap or a break without using a busy instrument approach equipped airport. A quick descion to stay in the uncomfortable weather rather than descend to MSA and we found a break just passing routen mast. Then we hit the gusty winds, which was pretty uncomfortable at some points. A non-standard left base at Stapleford for a lovely landing. A flight time of 1hr 29 minutes. Far quicker than the 2 hours 8 mins outbound. Enjoy the video and please don’t forget to subscribe and continue your support, along with constructive criticism as I improve my flying skills and encourage more people to fly GA with exciting adventures.
  18. Flying visit to Jersey - 24th October 2017 [Pictures + Video]

    It's a nice aircraft to fly. Huge wing though which I think makes it susceptible to turbulence a little, but it's such a great ride. Have you tried the new P3D V4? 64-bit too. FL50 was outside of Class A, your limited to A2400 and then A3400 till you get towards Seaford when you can really climb up. We managed FL80 there, FL90 back as we went through the Military danger area with Plymouth Mil. Good fun! Flightchops is great!
  19. Lunch in Cambridge [Pictures + Video]

    By late September I was planning a trip to Jersey, CI. I hadn't done much in the way of Instrument flying since my Newquay trip and even then that was in moderation to what flying I could face all the way to Jersey using the IR(R). I wanted to convince myself that I could fly 2hrs 30 minutes non-stop and have no issues whatsoever, but by late October the weather could go either way and a flight in IMC has some big considerations in a NON-FIKI aircraft. In preparation for a very long flight to Jersey, I and Ventzi flew to Cambridge from Stapleford. The flight was flown entirely on IFR rules, in VMC conditions. This gave me practice before undertaking such a long flight in potential IMC conditions to the Channel Islands. We depart Stapleford with some communication problems, caused by me accidentally turning down the volume rather than the squelch. We flew up to waypoint DAGGA, climbing to 5000ft once clear of the London TMA then onto ADNAM were Wattisham was a great help in transferring our details to Cambridge for the ILS procedure. We had to fly the 10DME ARC due to lack of radar. After a lovely landing, we took a bus into Cambridge for a stroll and a late lunch. Here's the video of the flight to Cambridge. We had an amazing walk towards Trinity College, taking in the sights and seeing what was available for lunch. Me and my friend closely decided on searching for an Indian. Nivedyam came up reasonably priced for lunch time and was only a short walk away. After a lovely lunch in Cambridge and knowing our take-off weight was now the same as what it was when we departed London, we decided to go for some more walking and explore the University town. We stumbled across The Pepys Library of Magdalene College, Cambridge, which is the personal library collected by Samuel Pepys. The library houses Samuel Pepys's original diaries and remains one of the most significant collections of books, manuscripts, documents and prints acquired by any private individual. Much of the planning for the return flight was completed, but we didn't have as much time as I'd hope and a day trip with limited daylight hours isn't ideal. But one to visit in the Summer, maybe for a weekend. This was brilliant preparation for my flight to Jersey, as the flight time was 4x as long so time would be limited to enjoy and make careful considerations for the flight home. Of course a quick weather check before departing and any updates to NOTAMS in this extremely friendly airport. The only downside to Cambridge is no radar. Enjoy the flight home!
  20. Flying this Autumn - Severe Turbulence

    Hey Guys! Here's a very very quick video of some of the best bits of what I got up to during the Autumn flying months. Lots of learning and lots of lessons learned.
  21. Flying across Gatwick Airport

    On a very warm August Morning, we transit the world’s busiest single runway airport; London Gatwick. The final flight of Summer 2017. After a quick take-off roll, we fly towards the far east of the London City zone for a shortcut towards Biggin Hill then flying westbound towards the Buckland VRP, where we are cleared into controlled airspace routing towards the north terminal clearance limit flying overhead the world’s busiest single runway airport. We route via Handscross then Haywards Heath, climbing up to 4000ft – avoiding some weather and routing back towards Stapleford for a lunchtime arrival.
  22. Been ages since I've posted a detailed thought on the model process. Based on the 06z ensemble, I wouldn't trust anything past the 3rd-5th of Dec. It's all over the place, so looking past the 5th is pointless. The key timeframe is 120hrs onwards, to see how much warmth from the Gulf gets pushed up over Greenland. Once we have that in place, potential Wed-Thursday next week onwards for some low lying levels. IMHO, the zonal default as per usual post that Greenland High forming is no mans land. Let's wait and see. ^ It's volatile.
  23. Bumpy flight - Bournemouth to Stapleford

    Can't really comment. But sometimes it's easier to land hard than grease it and risk floating and going around. Short runways like Aberdeen or Belfast City require a firm landing to stop quicker.