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  1. Guys I am flying to France tomorrow and hopefully back to London before the big storms arrive. So if it's the biggest since the 1990s, it's because I am airborne lol.

    1. Spikecollie


      Where to in France Robbie?

      Bring your shorts and t-shirt even if it's a short stay, we've had 31c today and it's still 27c out here!

      Hmm...northern France can be a bit of a devil, storm-wise, and certainly there is a bit of activity progged for tommorow http://www.meteofrance.com/previsions-meteo-france/metropole

      It's hit and miss as usual with storms but I've had a few instances where the Paris airports have shut for a while during the worst of the electrical activity. If it's flying that you're a bit worried about, don't be. They'll get you there safely, maybe a bit late so have an extra coffee or glass of wine. They won't set you off in anything unsafe and the view of receding CBs is nothing short of breathtaking from aloft. As they say - sit back, relax and enjoy your short flight - and get cloundspotting!

    2. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      I went to Le Touquet for the night.  I was the pilot. I flew in a small aircraft ?  Flew back this afternoon.

    3. Spikecollie


      Le Touquet is a nice little airport! I've never flown in or out of there but I did have occasion to camp nearby a couple of times and visit the car rental desk (we had a fuel pump failure in the car near Berck on one of our trips and it was over an Easter weekend so we were a bit buggered but happy to camp for a few days and have a rental car while things got sorted as we had all our gear with us). 'Twas amusing as we took a few walks with our dog and quickly realised that the huge garages in the pretty affluent neighbourhood were not garages at all. They were hangars for light aircraft!

      Sorry to affront your dignity as a pilot but you came across as a nervous passenger! I always try to assuage flying fears as there is an awful lot of needless suffering out there! I've done upper hundreds of thousands if not over a million miles and haven't died, so I always figure it's worth passing on the karma.

      When I get enough money together, or find a willingly suicidal donor, I really want to learn to fly. Something gravitates me toward gliding first - the silence up there I guess among the clouds or even lack of them.

      I could be horribly cheeky and suggest that if you fancied a flying trip to the Nouvelle Aquitaine region (crappy mouthful, we still call our bit Limousin!) then I'd pay for the fuel to at least fly over my village...I don't have the space to put anyone up in the house but we do have a nice little piece of land (our nature reserve) where folks are welcome to camp.

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