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  1. Now watch all the cigarettes sell out!!
  2. I think this assumes my worst fear which is when attempts to curtail the spread become impossible and access to treatment is non existent. I'm praying it never gets to that point but i think it's not out of the question. And what happens when people are too afraid to go out or go to work?
  3. This on the BBC: Understanding how the coronavirus is mutating is vital. A team of Chinese scientists have effectively played a complex game of “genetic spot the difference” with 103 coronavirus samples. Their findings suggest there are two distinct “strains” of the virus, but what this means is speculation. The researchers have found differences in the genetic code of the two strains, but they do not show this alters the behaviour of the virus. They do not prove one is “more aggressive” than the other, as has been reported. That will require further experiments a
  4. Well I wish I hadn't asked now, could that explain the higher fatality rate currently seen in some areas and why the WHO have increased the estimated fatality rate to 3.4%?
  5. I am certainly no expert so please don't shoot me down, a genuine question. If there are currently two different strains of this virus circulating and you contract and recover from one of them would you be immune to the other? If not then would that suggest there lies the possibility of a second round for some?
  6. Maybe we should all club together and buy an island somewhere? Entry to only those who have completed two weeks quarantine.
  7. Fully understand that, my response was regarding the comment of only 3000 cases compared to the population. An increase of nearly 600 in a day is significant, particularly when only 276 have recovered so far from the start of the outbreak in Italy.
  8. I like the optimism however total recovered so far 276, new cases today alone 587.
  9. Yes and if unable to get care then the 3.4% CFR goes out the window! This really is time to be concerned and we all need to try and do our bit to try and limit the spread, but it may not be that simple.
  10. Oh dear. Why on earth would you go to somewhere where the virus has been confirmed and risk spreading it to others if the place has not been deep cleaned? And heart attack? what has that got to do with it?
  11. If it had not been deep cleaned then probably yes i would steer clear. Surely people should be allowed to make educated choices.
  12. If the government contingency plan is to contain this as much as possible then surely it would be prudent for people to avoid areas when they become problematic?
  13. I was more refering to the length of time the virus can survive on the surface, nearly a week.
  14. just seen this: The public is being urged to clean their smartphone screens with alcohol wipes twice a day to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Covid-19, which has infected almost 80,000 people globally, has the ability to lurk on the flat surface for almost a week unless its disinfected, researchers have claimed. Oh lord!
  15. Is it possible I wonder to have both flu and coronavirus at the same time?
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