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  1. Right, caught up on 3 MaD pages that appeared during my 20 minute drive home... Seriously thinking of bringing my guinneapig indoors next week, heat pads aren't going to cut it if this comes off!
  2. Thanks for writing this in English that I understand Karlos - it's too mad over in MAD thread.
  3. Yeah ok so I wish I hadn't looked, I am now so confused. Will it snow? Where? Damnit I should avoid these forums & any forecasts and take each day as it comes
  4. I've spent a day on the beach at Hayling Island and it was gorgeous earlier, t-shirt warm. Now the wind is coming from the east and there's a distinct nip in the air, brrr
  5. Am lurking again waiting to see if this happens or not. Also periodically scanning MoD but it's too technical in there for me lol. Am really hoping for 0 snow and not too low temps down here on the south coast as I have a pond full of frogs spawning
  6. I can't believe I was down the seaside in a t-shirt at lunchtime, the sun on my face & skin was so very welcome! Back to the cold, dark now
  7. Am watching the radar and initially got excited by the pink heading towards me. Then I watched closely and it disappears the closer it gets - typical!
  8. Nick mentioned similar in the MAD thread, UKMO upgrade for Tuesday but in the SW. Glad I didn’t have my hopes up!
  9. You’ve got me intrigued now, gonna have to stealth into the MAD thread & see what’s going on ?
  10. You've got a good point there SteveB - I remember there used to be some really informative posters and whilst I found some of it hard to follow I could get the general gist of what they were saying. Currently though it does seem like a lot of NIMBYs post there and opposing views are shot down in flames. Hence why I prefer lurker mode
  11. I keep popping into the MAD thread but only to read, never to post as I don't know enough. Man they're feisty in there! I'm right on the south central coast and I fully accept it's a few degrees warmer down here than the norm so I rarely expect to see snow. I think whatever happens happens and I look forward to seeing what that is. (Personally I could do without a cold snap as I have a pond full of frogs mating and I don't want their spawn ruined)
  12. Grotty and miserable in Southampton, that annoying drizzle that makes me wish it would either rain & get it over with or stop altogether
  13. Always installs confidence knowing TORRO have their eyes on an approaching weather front...
  14. Watching that front approach me in Hants and got to wondering if “squall line” is really the proper term as everything I’ve read indicates that they have embedded thunderstorms in them but this doesn’t ?
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