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  1. oooh I love thundersnow, have witnessed it once and it's awesome! (which reminds me, storm season kicking off this weekend in the US, gotta get watching that too!)
  2. If Nick Sussex says there's a lot of uncertainty I get worried - can't believe we still don't know what's gonna happen lol! Was windchill of -3 when I woke up this morning, definitely feeling a lot colder!
  3. Finally caught up in here with you nutters, am still ambivalent about next week, never have I wanted to know one way or the other as much as I have these past couple of days! Time to grab some food and skim-read the MaD thread, let's hope the forum doesn't crash like it did last night!
  4. oh brrrr it's chilly today! Have had to do 2 heat pads for my guinea pig (who will be moving indoors over the weekend). Bird food is ordered. Online shopping order being placed tonight! Randomly, I was planning on going out tomorrow for 3 hours to take part in a Pokemon Go event but I am seriously considering staying home having looked at my weather forecast - a "feels like" of less than 0 may make it unenjoyable!
  5. Can’t imagine it will take long for them to start closing, I was shocked to find out that some close because they can’t afford to heat the buildings in this severe weather. Shocking state of affairs!
  6. I reckon do it but maybe use it more in emergencies (ie the servers go poof again). Either way, I’m in - will pm you ?
  7. You can indeed Paul, just wondering for those of us who natter off-topic or ramble a lot whether it'd be better elsewhere? Otherwise we'll stay here and natter
  8. Could be amusing - I'm in! Who wants to set it up? Alternatively I co-admin a weather group on FB already called "Metweather", really friendly bunch too.
  9. 1.9 windchill of 1 down the road from you in Fareham & it’s chuffing cold! Time to go hide under my duvet with the cats!
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