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  1. I'm enjoying the weather today, it's amusing me. Bright sunshine & warmth one minute, overcast and dandruff-like snowflakes the next. No, it's not a blizzard, nor is it settling, but there are flakes and that will do for me for now. Anything more is a bonus
  2. Yeah, hence my caveat. For anyone that has paid access to the charts, they can check too whether I am seeing things or not lol.
  3. Temp dropping in Fareham under the clear sky, have brought my guinea pig indoors because it's so cold bless him. Hope those charts I posted are still valid, they're on the Netweather site under "Regional snow risk maps".
  4. Oooh I've found Johnholmes' postings in the short range model discussion forum. He's an opinion I really trust on here, gonna stalk him for a bit lol.
  5. Right, caught up with MaD thread and all anyone’s talking about is the end of the week. What’s happened to Mon-Thur for our area - has it changed/bust?
  6. Morning nutters! I’ve just woken up to 6 degrees and sunshine, eh? Time to catch up on everything, this better not be a bust coming!
  7. I'm tempted to stop reading things full stop and just wait for sh*t to happen. AFTER I've read what looks like an awesome post by "Bring Back 1962-63".
  8. Karlos, seeing as this thread is friendlier than the nutty thread, would you (or someone else) get MS Paint out on those images and point out to the idiots (me) what it is I am looking at here. Or something, even an explanation in idiot-proof-language would do. I want to understand more
  9. I'm interested! Would love to keep up with/hear what you see. Feel free to add me to anything you setup
  10. I am beyond exhausted with this. I almost wish I didn't know it was imminent so that I didn't keep getting wound up lol. Also, I don't know if anyone here suffers from any sort of chronic pain, I suffer from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and the cold really doesn't help the pain (it increases it mightily). Today, my pain level is high, it's almost like the cold is more pervading than it has been until now. I want snow, but I want heat also so that the pain goes away. It's like being on a see-saw!
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