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  1. I've reached the stage where I care not about thunderstorms (!) - just give me cooler air please!
  2. So it is! I'd ignored that icon as I thought it was a "cast to tv" type thing lol, cheers Paul!
  3. Just having a look around the new version and I like it. Something I use that is either missing or so well hidden that I can't find it is the radar opacity. There used to be an option to change that & I tended to use it a lot. Is it still there or making a comeback please?
  4. Sat on Hayling Island beach watching the storm approach, it’s pretty.
  5. So watching the current NW radar (and Sat24) - where are the cells that we're expecting to drift north to the UK at the moment? It's raining & muggy down here on the Hampshire coast but it doesn't feel like anything's gonna happen (please prove me wrong weather gods!)
  6. Yeah, there have been periods of real heat but more than anything I noticed the cloying air, like it's not "fresh". Ah well, I'll be down the beach tomorrow night if this comes off
  7. Oh I remember that, sat on the coast watching them come in with my sister. Hoping for more of the same this year!
  8. Central South Coast here - if you're excited then I might start feeling that it is going to come off!
  9. Errr UKMO do NOT ignore GFS. Not sure where you get that idea from...
  10. Wow, so many nimby posts in here, it's descending into a thread that doesn't warrant reading. For those of you still doubting the Amber warning, try this for size https://twitter.com/DaveThroupEA/status/1002241491522158592?s=04
  11. Cheerio, have a nice weekend, chill out & build a snowman why not - look forward to the pics
  12. You mean "surely not again" that it will skirt along the Solent, happily missing both the mainland and the IoW? Yeah, that'll happen!
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