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  1. I gotta ask, would it not be more responsible for the Met Office to replace the thunderstorm warnings with rainfall warnings? The rate this stuff is falling, and the time it’s taking too, must be causing more issues than the (low) possibility of a thunderstorm?
  2. Has it even stopped raining since yesterday? Can’t believe it’s still going now (and looks like it’ll rain all day). Feel there’s zero hope of any convective fun for me today 😬
  3. Sat on Hayling Island beach looking east and seeing some lovely orange-pink lightning to our east 🥰
  4. Sat in beach hut on Hayling listening to the sea & rain whilst watching Eastbourne storm on live webcam - lovely display going on there!
  5. Raining on Hayling Island but air is still warm & still, it’s almost like standing under a shower 😅
  6. Totally with you there. Am sat outside in Fareham (in oppressive still air) debating whether to head for Hayling Island beach now or hang on a bit longer. Argghhhhh the indecision is killing me almost as much as the headache.
  7. Down the road from you also with an exploding head. I hate weather-related headaches!
  8. Blue skies have gone, lots of cloud around now & myhead has just started to feel “squeezed”
  9. Air temp 25.2C & Dew Point 16.4C here, both have been falling in the past hour.
  10. And for those smack bang in the middle of the West and SE (i.e. me!) we often get naff all (hence my refusal to get excited yet) 🤣
  11. Am so trying not to fall for the hype. If it comes off it looks like I should see something from the coast, but today will be a day of radar watching before I let myself get too excited!
  12. Hah you're in Fareham too? Small world! I plan on watching from Hayling beach if this comes off 🤞
  13. Trying not to get excited by the hype, but if this does come off I'll be heading to the coast to watch 🌩️
  14. I've reached the stage where I care not about thunderstorms (!) - just give me cooler air please! ?
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