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  1. Staffordshire

    World Cup 2018

    Where can I see these stats? Thanks
  2. Staffordshire

    World Cup 2018

    Only team to impress me so far... Spain. All the 'big teams failing to get a win, bar France, who's win was far from convincing. Great chance for England to make their mark on the tournament tonight given the failure of other big nations, I think we can most definitely do it and I am actually feeling good about the game. 2-0 England I think.
  3. Excellent post as per Knocker. A question I have that I was hoping you could maybe answer for me is... there seems to be a hot-spot around Liverpool-Manchester on those maps, i'm sure this isn't usually the case in the UK... why does it seem to be over the coming days? Many thanks!!
  4. Thanks for the updates as always Knocker, I can assure you there are a lot of us who read them! I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread over the coming days as I am hoping for some nice (dry) weather this weekend, specifically on Sunday in Manchester.
  5. Mark, anyone would think we've had the most miserable month of weather in years? It has been the warmest may on record and the sunniest since 1929, cheer up! Lovely clear blue skies this morning!
  6. Staffordshire

    Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    Good evening my NW'ly friends, I hope you are all keeping well! This shall be my last weekend in Manchester for a few weeks now and I am hoping that the weather will be at least dry, what are you guys thinking for Saturday and more specifically Sunday? Many thanks
  7. Trying not to think about how frustratingly close I was to the action Sunday, agonising as @PolarWarsaw put it. Glad the rest of you got some action though.
  8. That cell over Aldridge way is now heading north and dying out as it does so. Really not sure why this has happened today, extremely frustrating and disappointing. Given up for the day.
  9. Now the storm that looked like it was heading for me has completely dispersed... unbelievable.
  10. Trying being the wrong side of a 6 lane motorway from it Matt!
  11. See that little red dot juuuuuuust north of the strikes? Yeah, that's me.
  12. Yes this just scraped me also... very disappointing. Cannock always seems to do so so much better than Lichfield for storms for some strange reason, oh wel. I am waiting to shoot out in my car if we look like getting another near miss.
  13. Wow, all off that has made a perfect arch around me. Not a drop of rain
  14. I'm just west of Lichfield and a big cb has gone up over me, gave a little bit of rain as it moved off, looks to be intensifying as it heads towards Cannock at further west.