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  1. How did all you guys do down in the SW, what totals did you manage? Happy for you all, you probably deserve snow more than anywhere else in the country, and 2 events in 2 weeks!
  2. Does anyone hve yesterday's radar loop please?
  3. Another fantastic event here, much like the beginning of this month. Blowing and drifting snow, I would say a solid 5cm across the board with drifts upwards of 20cm as of half an hour ago.
  4. It has been turning quite misty over the past couple of hours here.
  5. Hmm, quite surprised by the amber, it actually misses me to the North but I won't be too upset, unless the streamer sets up literally a mile to my North.
  6. WalsallWeather123, got the lottery numbers?
  7. I mean, I was only enquiring... it helps if there is clarity for those who are still learning, can help avoid any confusion.
  8. Not sure if I am reading this wrong, but the whole country certainly isn't under -10 air? The south coast, as well as SW UK and wales? Happy to be corrected.
  9. I am impartial as to whether I get anything or not this weekend, I will be happy if I do, and not bothered if I don't. I am looking forward to some juicy summer storms though now.
  10. Yep, Fulham definitely the strongest competition. We don't have much weather to discuss at the moment!
  11. Haha yep, we messed it up big time, the automatic place should be yours now
  12. He's going to dance around you boys
  13. We're commmmiiiinnnnnnngggggggggg @markw2680
  14. Yeah, it certainly looks like Spring is being put on hold, expect the forum activity to start ramping up again come the end of the week.
  15. Quite amusing how quiet this thread is given the output, i guess everyone must have gotten their fill earlier in the month. Regarding the 6z ICON, the high certainly looks 'tidier'. GFS to follow.