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  1. Another few beautiful days here Sun/Mon/Tue. Time really running out to get a storm this summer though, maybe a chance later this afternoon.
  2. Interesting how you regularly breach 27c but rarely go higher, why is this?
  3. Staffordshire

    No storms club 2018 Season

    As per the last 2 years, I am still firmly here.
  4. Just watching that cell over by Tamworth, starting to look quite decent.
  5. Cloud has largely cleared from here now.
  6. Is that chelmsford reading correct? if so, surely the all time record can be beaten today?...
  7. Very warm again here today considering what is now thick cloud cover, probably wouldn’t like to be outside if it was sunny however. Haven’t had much of a chance to come on here as of late but this spell of weather has been absolutely incredible. Just a shame about the lack of storms.
  8. I have the option of either stay here (just north of Birmingham) or heading to Leeds Friday afternoon/overnight. im guessing Leeds will be the better option... what do you guys think?
  9. What an exceptional spell of weather this is proving to be, the only downside is that all the grass around here which is exposed to the sun for a few hours is dry to the brown with a straw-like appearance. Long may it continue I say.
  10. Staffordshire

    World Cup 2018

    I can't see tonight's game being too competitive if I am honest. Second string teams will probably be out as an excuse not to win I think.
  11. How did Aviemore manage the top temp yesterday? I thought it would have been much cooler up there, what is the science behind this? Thanks in advance!
  12. The way you go on about this 'sea mist' really never fails to amaze me, we had a bit of cloud this morning which is the first we have seen in a long while, just enjoy the weather!
  13. Staffordshire

    World Cup 2018

    Where can I see these stats? Thanks
  14. Staffordshire

    World Cup 2018

    Only team to impress me so far... Spain. All the 'big teams failing to get a win, bar France, who's win was far from convincing. Great chance for England to make their mark on the tournament tonight given the failure of other big nations, I think we can most definitely do it and I am actually feeling good about the game. 2-0 England I think.