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  1. Staffordshire

    Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    What is everyone's opinion on tomorrow? I am meant to be driving back to the Midland's tomorrow but if it is looking likely that central Leeds will see some snow i'd like to stay. Just a bit concerned getting caught in the freezing rain on my way back down the m1 if I do decide to go home.
  2. April is often more transient I find, I think it is just a case of never really getting lucky synoptic wise in December. Look at last year, December was a great month for many, and of course 2010. December can definitely deliver better than April, it is just a case of getting lucky, but when we do, it is certainly cold enough for substantial snow, more so than the transient stuff in April.
  3. Always have to laugh when I see you post your weekly reminder of this, I can assure you early-mid jan has a much greater chance of seeing snow than April. Take a look at the mean CET records and compare January’s historical data to April’s, it will help you recognise the difference; it is very rare April is even within 2c warmer than January, often 3-4c warmer.
  4. Staffordshire

    Hurricane Florence

    The human race
  5. Staffordshire

    Super Typhoon JEBI

    Would I be in much danger being in Osaka tomorrow until Wednesday or will it just seem like a rainy/windy day? I understand it is meant to weaken significantly.
  6. Hello all, I am looking for some information regarding the sunniest spots (whilst still warm... 25c) in Europe during mid September. I have been looking towards Spain’s east coast as flights are generally quite cheap but is this reliably sunny/warm at this time of year? Is southern (Malaga) better than northern (Girona/Barca)? Are there any other places I should be looking at? Many thanks
  7. Staffordshire

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Another few beautiful days here Sun/Mon/Tue. Time really running out to get a storm this summer though, maybe a chance later this afternoon.
  8. Interesting how you regularly breach 27c but rarely go higher, why is this?
  9. Staffordshire

    No storms club 2018 Season

    As per the last 2 years, I am still firmly here.
  10. Staffordshire

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Just watching that cell over by Tamworth, starting to look quite decent.
  11. Staffordshire

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Cloud has largely cleared from here now.
  12. Is that chelmsford reading correct? if so, surely the all time record can be beaten today?...
  13. Staffordshire

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Very warm again here today considering what is now thick cloud cover, probably wouldn’t like to be outside if it was sunny however. Haven’t had much of a chance to come on here as of late but this spell of weather has been absolutely incredible. Just a shame about the lack of storms.
  14. I have the option of either stay here (just north of Birmingham) or heading to Leeds Friday afternoon/overnight. im guessing Leeds will be the better option... what do you guys think?
  15. Staffordshire

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    What an exceptional spell of weather this is proving to be, the only downside is that all the grass around here which is exposed to the sun for a few hours is dry to the brown with a straw-like appearance. Long may it continue I say.