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  1. Any idea why the models all consistently show a drier patch over York/leeds? Is there a geographical reason for this? id be very happy with 10cm here in leeds
  2. Yep, nothing here in town at 40m ASL lol, oh well... enjoy all.
  3. Rain and a bit of snow mixed in here in Leeds centre - not looking good
  4. Just went for a walk in Leeds centre, the river by docks is just about to spill over, the canal already has done so. awaiting what should hopefully be a band of snow now IMG_8778.MOV
  5. Developments out in North Sea could be interesting for West Yorkshire in a couple of hours.
  6. What direction should this stuff be heading? NE to SW? SE to NW?
  7. Hi guys, I’ve not been able to keep up to date on this event. we had a great event last month in centre of leeds. What can we expect tomorrow depth wise?
  8. Been a great day here in the centre of leeds, started setting as I was waking up for work around 8am, not stopped since. I will be going out for a walk in it when the sun sets.
  9. Had snow that represents sheets of a1 paper here... heavy stuff and sticking well. I seem to be in the right place to be catching most of the heavy echoes.
  10. Hi All, hope everyone has been keeping well. im not so active anymore as live up in leeds now but frequent this place still. I had been following this event and had a good feeling about it despite some of the negativity from some of the usual culprits 😁🤪 Good a good 5cm here in gentleshaw at decent height asl... off out to enjoy now!
  11. First time posting in a long time, haven’t seen a proper storm now for probably 4 years, odd rumble of thunder a couple times (live in Leeds now) saw the news and was hoping maybe I could break that duck today, but I’m not too hopeful lol. The past few years of weather have essentially led to me becoming disinterested. anyhow, best of luck all!
  12. Hoping we get a storm later because of course I was away Tuesday night so saw absolutely zilch... I think I’m about 3/4 years without a storm now... I remember a couple of rumbles maybe 2 years ago.
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