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  1. Wasn't expecting that overnight, don't think the councils were either, very heavy traffic all around this morning. Nice surprise to wake up to though.
  2. Same for me. Went out in it quickly, very thick flakes. Great hour or so.
  3. Stoke looks well placed for an hour or 2 of this.
  4. It turned to snow :), think i was being impatient.
  5. Shame it will be over so quickly, imagine if it would have been this intensity but with the longevity of Sunday's event. We would have been buried.
  6. Heavy snow, heaviest of the cold spell. Nothing sticking still.
  7. Hmm wonder why it isnt' sticking for me, i have decent altitude
  8. Interesting, turned to snow here but i don't think it will stick, way too wet.
  9. Not sure this is going to stick after 10 minutes of heavy rain...
  10. The last frame of the NW radar is very interesting.
  11. If you have snow at 153m, i may just see some as well Just rain for now.
  12. Cheers guys for feb 2009 info. trying to trace where I was for that September thunder event hmm...
  13. Does anyone remember the snow event of Feb 2nd 2009. This is what first got me interested in the weather, but in the run up to that, i didn't actually look at charts etc so don't actually have a clue what happened.. I was wondering if anyone here knows the synoptic low down of what occurred, or can point me in the direction of a thread that will show me this. Many thanks.