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  1. Definitely shades of 1976 - February 1976, that is.

  2. No storms, 1 day of heat, nothing above 18c in the forecast. Wake me up for next July, maybe it will try harder!

    1. tomp456


      Next July, if anything, will be worse than this one! Better move to Paradise if you want some heat, sun & storms

  3. Been raining for 12 hours solid now.

  4. What I think has happened in recent summers is that the weather patterns have simply become more "blocked in". Looking through previous year's data, we did still of course get periods of boring, miserable cool cloudy weather, but they were much shorter, with intervening above average spells in between. It's almost like all our weather has been dumbed down with far less striking temperature anomalies and changes from day to day / week to week. In otherwords, particularly in summer, weather patterns have become more stubborn and less variable than they were. Of course, this June just gone d
  5. 18.4°C in the peak district at 12:20, did I die and go to heaven?

  6. Storm chance downgraded to nothing here. Why am I not surprised?

  7. Stonkerific 18z GFS

  8. Yes, that's one bad month. Here's what it was like in Birmingham near where I lived then. http://www.tutiempo.net/en/Climate/Birmingham_Airport/06-1991/35340.htm
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