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  1. I will 2nd that notion , nothing here up road from you either mate
  2. like wise fella , we had nothing here at all , however it does look like its started to move more North West if it moves slightly more west there is a big chunk we will catch
  3. Still nothing in port talbot , freezing drizzle
  4. That is exactly where I am , we are in that huge gap between the 2
  5. yes we get it cardiff its snowing , but from cardiff west passed ammanford its snizzle
  6. are you watching the same radar video as I am? perhaps it will you if you are around cardiff and north of it
  7. a what? it is what the front is supposed to do , break into 2 parts
  8. That is how I see things , and I am in that massive gap in the middle. Lights are flashing on and off also
  9. I just feel so cheated to be honest, worse eastly in years , and there is nothing here and what is coming is breaking into 2 sections both missing by a mile 10 - 20 cm my weeble
  10. I think you are going to do alright in cardiff , anything west of that looks a bust
  11. It wont hit where I am, and thats still out to the channel. If you watch the radar you will see thats headed for Bristol and its dieing down quickly as it moves over cornwall and devon its all to far east
  12. Its just frozen drizzle here , and looking at the radar the perc is dieing down as it spreads north. Even if the heavier bursts make it here I am bang inbetween the 2 this whole hype to be honest has been disappointing to say the least
  13. I am to the east of swansea , meteox which I think uses ECM has a snow , rain , snow , rain event on friday night and saturday morning? models are really struggling so perhaps the boundry line is a very fine one between the bristol channel and mid wales
  14. SO a track east is keeping majority of it out of wales then? or will it move the other area of perc thats out to the irish sea into wales?
  15. Another massive turn around in 1 model run , amazing, its lowered the snow here by a lot but how bizzare
  16. Yeah its moved quiet a long way west! its now out to the irish sea. How will that effect the cold patterns moving forwards if that other area of low preassure follows the same path
  17. Certainly appology, Question was valid tho does the area of perc seem to split off one heading east and one heading west
  18. The major weather for thursday has been downgraded now? Only showing light snow now rather than a major snowstorm , has the low been pushed south and its not crossing over us?
  19. BBC just mentioned the 2 computer models about that low pressure either heading into france or direct hit for us. Very interesting times ahead as the models start to flip flop with that low.
  20. It shows the low go across france then approach from the south east and basically sit on top of the midlands for 2 days. I think that is the path the GFS is taking it so yes I would agree with your assumption
  21. SAT 3/03/2018 Again taken from Meteox with that low and its wind directions
  22. I Appologise , I got it from meteox percep future chart. It looks like what some have said about that low mixing in milder air around its circulation the next slide is even worse.
  23. This aint looking to good not for me in wales anyway I am assuming that is the warmer uppers mixing
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