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  1. Be nice to have s bit of that for Glastonbury weekend....
  2. Please don't say that! We're all on one weeble cheek here.
  3. Thanks! Most of us on the Efestivals forum check on you about every 20 minutes or so....? You've got quite an audience at the moment. Fingers crossed for some good news next week then. Your expertise is very much appreciated and we're learning a lot about weather!
  4. So you don't know if you guys know it, but t here are lots of us Glastonbury goers watching these threads on the edge of our seats! It's a rollercoaster of doom and relief for us! Sorry this isn't s post with models but just wanted you all to know, we're watching!!!
  5. Someone on the Efestivals forum lives in Pilton and has been reporting - most of the really bad heavy rain has missed them. Also the last 6 months have been very dry so the water table is very low, leaving a lot of room to sucl up the rain we're having now. Also general consensus is for things to improve after this week.
  6. Wow. That's one of the most depressing pre-festival forecasts I've ever seen. That's really taken the jam out of my doughnut.
  7. Also Zippy, have s read of this article - gives hope that the pre-festival ground conditions could hold up. Unless things start going seriously unsettled..... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.somersetlive.co.uk/whats-on/music-nightlife/glastonbury-festival-weather-met-office-2927481.amp
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