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  1. Hi guys, Just to let you guys know who have been delayed in the past I received around £150 compensation for our delayed flight coming back from Arizona in 2012. Always worth a shot guys!
  2. Don't post here much anymore, Just have a good old read through. Thought this however was worthy. Shelf cloud NE of Bury St Edmunds 19:30
  3. Large hail and a brand new car....hmmmmm
  4. Trip to Iowa tomorrow by the looks of it. Could be a good introduction for them chase virgins. Chance of violent and long track tornados
  5. 2 extra batterys on long chase days!
  6. Amazing day and saw everything I wanted to see from the monsoon season all in one day Typical monsoon storm Storms starting to fire off on the outflow boundary A short lived funnel cloud spotted by the group Lenticular cloud Gustnado CG's and anvil crawlers plus a haboob!
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