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  1. My relatives stay in Hawick which is about 15 miles south of Galashiels and they were snowed in for a few days but this upcoming spell won't be a carbon copy and still plenty of time for change before Sunday. Probably best to assess it on Friday and see how it's looking at that point when the weekend's weather will be more clear. Photos of Hawick below:
  2. I actually can't believe what the models are showing this morning. The possibility of beast 2 is well and truly on! Some models have the easterly in by T96, but GFS, UKMO and ECM all got some variation of theme of cold weather from the east, with a retrogression and a motherly setting in afterwards. I honestly don't believe it.... it can't, can it?
  3. Certainly warranted more than a yellow warning for snow above 200m and heavy rain elsewhere
  4. It ranges between 120m and 180m above sea level in a fairly short distance. I heard on the radio that the M8 between bathgate and Livingston is down to one lane due to the snow aswell. Looks like it's just getting progressively worse on the traffic cams but as you say, still a pretty important mis-calculation by MetO
  5. Looks like the M8 at Livingston is starting to struggle
  6. Can confirm snow here too, about an inch accumulated, although seems to be more further east. I expected some wet snow this morning but I thought it would quickly turn sleety but it doesn't seem to want to
  7. Armadale is only 8 miles due North East of me, was definitely a large swathe of this area with snow to that depth or more, West Calder and Mid Calder seemed to get even more. Get the feeling it'll be a good couple of years before we something like that again, especially with how widespread the deep snow and drifts were.
  8. Clocked this earlier and thought it was probably a once in a lifetime shot Must be about 4 foot easy those icicles
  9. Well it's easy to see why the peopl of shotts slightly struggled this morning, in-fact there was numerous gritters that got stuck trying to help clear a path into shotts. This was me investigating about an hour ago... because I just had to This is the road into shotts from the A71 at the motor auctions IMG_8681.MOV
  10. Aye perfect, I had been using the one on the netweather site and was never sure if they were due to be updated or had just been updated. Either way it could get interesting with elevation certainly
  11. Aye, was just looking at the fax charts (which I'm not the best with) but it looks to me that there is plenty of frontal activity in and around the central belt and southern Scotland between Sunday 12pm and Tuesday 12pm The front appears to move up, stall slightly then sink back south towards the border before pressing northwards again. I could be way off but it looks to me that it wouldn't need many tweaks for it to stall somewhere between the borders and central Scotland for quite a lengthy period. I don't however know how much precipitation is associated with the front / fronts
  12. Some more photos filtering in from the locale. For anyone with local knowledge I'll name the places of where these are This one is Tippethill road, from Breich towards Longridge. This is the road between Newmains and Carluke: This is the road from Whitburn to Longridge, just at the Blaeberryhill junction: These 2 are of a road in Armadale, not sure which one: And this is the road to the motorway at shotts (Benhar Road) All of these are within a 5 mile radius of here, it's literally a no go today. Not getting anywhere in these roads
  13. Some unbelievable scenes here this morning. Shotts is virtually snowed in, every road out this morning was totally blocked. Some at chest height!!!! And some of the drifts were way deeper than the height of my car. The worst I have ever seen for sure. If there was more snow to come then we would be finished!! Some of these photos are main roads!!!!!
  14. guessing the M90 won't be in use in the morning then Hard to believe this is a major motorway