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  1. Thunder snow here... in April! What a strange winter/spring it's been, enjoying the lightning show though. Had it just been that touch colder then it would have been a very interesting night with a large constant stream of precipitation from the east. It's constantly changing between wet snow and sleet.
  2. Snowing here too, everything covered already, totally unexpected but always welcome. Might get some more showers making it through later
  3. MetO early warning for Monday issued Looks like they're going for an inland with respectable altitude type event.
  4. Yep, I realised my mistake about 20 mins after I posted when it dawned on me that Chicago is nowhere near a coast lol. The lake effect snow that buffalo got a year or 2 ago from the Great Lakes was utterly insane, can't remember what year it was but there's some amazing photos where it shows the true meaning on snow machine EDIT Was actually 2014, can't believe it was that long ago but here's some of the photos, the true image of lake effect snow. It's literally being lifted and laid like a conveyor belt. They actually received 7 inches of snow in 30 mins which they claim is an unofficial record.
  5. One of the most amazing photos I've ever seen. It's Chicago in the background with the sea totally frozen. Highs today there were -27C. Absolutely unbelievable!!
  6. I know, it's purely down to altitude, the difference today between Newhouse and salsburgh was ridiculous, in the space of a mile it went from very wet to very white. Motherwell has never been great for decent snowfall, although I'll be moving away from shotts in the next few months so hoping for something a bit more substantial as it'll be my last winter here. With regards to tonight's showers, it appears an even weaker flow than last night however the winds should start to veer more WNW and then maybe Westerly so hopefully get some snow showers pushing in at some point. Will definitely settle as we have a layer of frozen snow and ice ready to capture it.
  7. Couldn't post due to working all day and the snow made it more chaotic, however managed a couple of quick photos, first photo was about 8:30am and the second was about 9:30am by which point a few inches had accumulated.
  8. That's the wee base gathering now, ready for the rest of the showers to accumulate through the night and tomorrow lol EDIT Solid covering here now, very heavy shower for a good 10 mins followed by some lighter smaller flakes: Radar looking good with the next big shower taking aim:
  9. I wouldn't mind as long as they at least reach harthill, the higher ground around shotts and harthill does seem to kill the intensity of the showers when the flow isn't very strong
  10. In all honesty, at the minute they look to be fizzling out before getting too far inland due to a not very strong flow however that should change as the evening goes on and they should gradually push further across the country. Not sure how far East they'll get though as we head into tomorrow
  11. Shower activity starting to pep up out to the west now
  12. The MetO raw data must be looking alright for the central belt too, this for shotts in the middle of the central belt
  13. Not entirely sure about that if I'm honest, the latest GFS charts look relatively good for the central belt and latest GFS para latest run shows a respectable snow accumulation chart by 12pm tomorrow so it can't be that bad Having said that, I wouldn't trust the GFS precipitation charts if I'm honest. Better sticking with the close range high resolution models. Given the showery nature though then it'll definitely come down to radar watching with one or two surprises for some areas and likely other areas seeing barely anything at all.
  14. Various models still throwing out interest for the western half of the central belt and south west Scotland Monday night through to Tuesday afternoon. Still difficult to call, definitely down to watching the radar I think. For the end of the week, very up in the air, corrections in all directions at the moment.
  15. Plenty of interest and surprises to come this week by the looks of it. 2 things for the moment to keep a wee eye on: 1) is the small fronts and troughs tied up in the northwesterly flow coming over Scotland Monday into Tuesday, these can bring all sorts of surprise accumulations for favourable areas, again especially with altitude but not exclusively so. The Fax charts from met office and also the latest GFS show the potential in this area, note the disturbances in the isobar lines on the GFS pressure chart indicating the areas of precipitation/troughs and also the GFS precipitation map for the same time: 2) The second thing that I want to keep an eye on is for Thursday into Friday where the next low moves in from the west and stalls and pivots keep Scotland on its northern flank for quite a long period of time, with the possibility of the associated front on the northern flank stalling and pivot over Scotland (showing mostly central Scotland, central belt and parts of southern Scotland at present) with the area of snow then starting to push back across from the east again towards the west area, and with a modest flow directly off the North Sea there would likely be showers feeding in also. I saw the heaviest snowfall of my life from a similar set-up albeit I'm not entirely sure of the parameters back then in terms of 850hpa's etc but it's similar enough to raise my interest. We got over half a meter of level snow from it and drifts higher than the bungalows and cars and vans completely vanished in the drifts too. I think it was around possibly the end of February 2001. We got upwards of 30 hours of continuous snow and strong easterly winds. Anyway here's the latest bbc pressure charts for this Thursday/friday's outlook just now which show quite well what may play out: This is obviously very uncertain for Thursday/ Friday so will definitely fluctuate between now and then but just worth keeping a wee eye on with potential for someone to keep a sustained period of snowfall as the front stalls and pivots with showers then possibly packing in behind. EDIT Managed to find it, it was the 26th-27th of February 2001, note the top paragraph from the archive document :
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