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  1. My take on it is that its the raw output generated by the gfs runs. I may be wrong but I had been using it as a quick guide to see what the gfs was showing locally. Met Office is having none of it just now ofcourse
  2. Opportunity for a surprise on Saturday night with the models playing about with different scenarios. A foot of snow and 50mph winds might be a too far fetched though
  3. More action today than there was yesterday VID_20200212_122354.mp4
  4. Pretty intense wee spell of snow this is giving
  5. I woke up to the revving of a BMW maxing out the rev counter.... Was not expecting this to happen this morning
  6. Sean batty's take on snow depths for the borders and south lanarkshire. Some pretty mental depths in amongst this
  7. Not in the Amber area but maybe with this forecast, I could be
  8. Shower activity starting to pep up, could be a surprising day for a few
  9. Heavy snow on now although the radar says it won't last long. Still got a cover on most surfaces from last night and an icey slushy mix on the roads but the snow is lying instantly so hopefully anything that falls today will just accumulate and not melt back too much between the showers
  10. Well I've had photos sent from home which is doing well for snow depth and I was in salsburgh an hour ago which is looking pretty bad, if it continues til Wednesday with the showers then it'll defo be a dig out job
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