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  1. I'd argue against that to an extent, whilst understanding that there is definitely a higher chance of more substantial snowfall in March than November, it is very much possible in November. These are a couple of photos of my old street in November 2010, not the highest of ground and the major towns and cities were all severely affected, flights cancelled at numerous airports etc, and my location had falling snow for 7 consecutive days leading to crazy depths of well over 2 feet and drifts into the meters. The 70+cm in Bathgate mentioned in the met office article was about 2 miles east of
  2. Just been cathing up, Rogie falls looks amazing in spate!! My girlfriend and I stopped by a couple of years back on our North Coast 500 trip. Loved it there!
  3. Met office basically saying at the minute, they just don't know lol
  4. Turns out I was talking rubbish about the radar, the band has almost cleared here but left behind a decent covering of wet snow. Didn't expect anything so always a wee bonus. Tomorrow could hold some surprises if today is anything to go by
  5. Snowing heavy here and everything starting to turn white. Radar suggests its on for a couple of hours. Could be interesting
  6. A lot of shower activity building out west Could be an interesting night, I think the met office warning area might have been pegged too far west with the showers penetrating well inland
  7. Everything white here too, quick video... You can see just how heavy it is at the end of the video! VID_20200226_213517.mp4
  8. My take on it is that its the raw output generated by the gfs runs. I may be wrong but I had been using it as a quick guide to see what the gfs was showing locally. Met Office is having none of it just now ofcourse ?
  9. Opportunity for a surprise on Saturday night with the models playing about with different scenarios. A foot of snow and 50mph winds might be a too far fetched though
  10. More action today than there was yesterday VID_20200212_122354.mp4
  11. Pretty intense wee spell of snow this is giving
  12. I woke up to the revving of a BMW maxing out the rev counter.... Was not expecting this to happen this morning
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