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  1. I'm still trying to remain optimistic for xmas wintryness, defo not out of the question yet but still plenty time for change either for better or worse
  2. Just took me 15 mins to get the ST into the driveway.... on level ground!!! Literally half an inch of slush has frozen here to create an ice road and ice pavement for accompaniment. Doesnt help that the ST is like bambi on ice but still!
  3. Some more organised showers heading SE looking like heading over the Glasgow, north Lanarkshire area and possibly south Lanarkshire
  4. Got a solid covering here now, looks like there may be the odd sporadic shower during the night aswell which will only add to it but seems that some more persistent showers will sink southwards by early morning ish
  5. Well I'm starting to take an interest now
  6. Have to admit, it's a thing of beauty seeing that big band of precipitation moving in, knowing it's going to dump a lot of snow somewhere. BBC news will have it as the top story through-out tomorrow I'd imagine with reporters dotted about at various hotspots .... seeing as it's England and Wales 🙄🙄
  7. Yep that rings true, I was training up in kinkardine for 10 weeks ( Jan - March 2012) and it was bone dry and absolutely freezing at times but never a drop of snow from what I can remember, even back home at shotts struggled for anything meaningful if I'm remembering correct. Was simialr in March 2013 also, England was crippled and we were dry for a large part of It but the snow did eventually come with a vengance with strong easterly gales and a cracking Forth - Clyde streamer set up one night (18th into the 19th of March 2013) giving us about 8 - 10 inches overnight with very decent drifting but yet 3-4 miles down the road in wishaw was about an inch or 2 and bellshill was just wet tarmac. This was the result:
  8. That is quite ridiculous 😂😂 As you say, I'd be amazed if we don't get some sort of a sniff in the next 10 days or so, possibly a snowy partial breakdown mid week, we shall see. I can't be too greedy I suppose as I did get a covering on the 25th of November
  9. Well barring a miracle the snow chances seem to have slipped well away to the south for the weekend but some very cold temps starting to be forecast for the Sunday especially. -5C forecast for here by 6pm on Sunday so I wouldn't be surprised to see it find its way down to -8c or -9c as Sunday evening goes on
  10. See this is everything that is wrong with the model thread!! I won't continue to post snow charts for every single GFS run because it is all still all over the place but the GFS 06Z is a peach for the central belt southwards with around 24 - 36 hours of snow from Sunday morning through to Monday night. The eastern half of borders look especially good and likely south Lanarkshire aswell. Again it will change but the point was with posts like that in the Model Thread, no wonder people have snipes all the time. Everything is bias all the time and apart from the ones who try to fly the flag for Scotland, the majority of it is England based all the time, weather ceases to exist from Gretna northwards 👀 Imaging the reaction if it was somewhere in central England being forecast with 24-36 hours of near continuous snow but Scotland looked set to miss out with some sleety p**h ... The 'if Calsberg did snowy model runs at just T36' patter would be whipped right out and everything would be great ..... unless ofcourse the they then decide to start the 'north or south of M4 corridor' cr*p. Everyone south of the M4 would be as happy as a turkey at Christmas and Everyone north would be as happy as monkey In a banana truck...... end everyone in Scotland need not give a sh*t cause weather simply does not exist here. Can't wait for the 12Z in the hope that everything shifts north and everyone south of the 'Gretna - Berwick corridor' looks set to miss out - winter over etc. Ye can take yer Model Thread, but ye'll never take, oor regionalllll 🤣
  11. Don't mean to keep posting these charts on every run because they do inevitably change on the next run but yet again there's potential showing for Sunday for a decent portion of Scotland, especially the central belt, lothians and down towards the borders. Also being reflected in the MetO forecast for my location for the same time which can't be a bad sign across different models.
  12. Appears that there'll be plenty opportunity for surprises to pop up at short notice too with an area of heavy snow being forecast on the latest GFS 12Z for the central belt down towards Haddington etc. for overnight into Sunday
  13. Maybe not too long, the 'slider' going further south at least keeps us in the cold and by Tuesday morning there's another system heading in that shows some pretty significant opportunity for snowfall, with some parts of central and southern Scotland getting snow for over 24 hours, especially with some moderate elevation. Admittedly it may not stay as snow in Edinburgh but certainly possible. Obviously it's still 6 days away and will most definitely change but if the event on Sunday misses to the south, then we still at least have further opportunity in the days afterwards. I'd be amazed if central, southern Scotland doesn't at least get one half decent accumulation over the next week to 10 days. (The last photo is dew points at 9am on Tuesday when the precipitation hits)
  14. I'll just jump onto the reminiscence of 2010, we just seemed to be in the sweet spot for the Forth-Clyde streamer here and got snowfall every day for 7 days in a row, before it abated for a few days prior to another huge dumping on the day of the mate chaos. In the very first picture, I cleared the top of the bin and courtesy of the Forth-Clyde streamer, the snowfall on top of the bin was in the space of a 9 hour overnight period. I believe some areas of Livingston and West Lothian received well over 10 inches that evening. Absolutely amazing weather only trumped by the snowstorm of February 2001 where we received 50cm of level snow overnight but the drifts were as deep as bungalows where we could walk straight up onto the roofs and walk over snowdrifts that had completely buried transit vans. Most incredible snow I have ever seen and most likely won't see anything like it again..... until Dec 17 ofcourse
  15. Just a quick update for this locale, the minor accumulation earlier partially melted and then froze over to a crispy hard slush but various top-up showers after dark have brought the accumulation back up to maybe half an inch. Can't get an accurate depth due to recovering from surgery on Tuesday but will be back out to play soon hopefully