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  1. Sat in garden having breakfast 23c not venturing anywhere as self isolating with my husband who’s having hip replacement on 18th August
  2. Leek sprung a leak on the radar? Plus south of Wrexham
  3. 21c and heavyish showers to 27c and steamy within an hour...(3c warmer than bbc forecast) blue skies hot sun and ground dried up
  4. 30.2c warmest day of year here I garden...lovely ? said 31c on car in stalybridge and ashton earlier...
  5. 29.5c Lovely gotta appreciate it, only lasting couple of days ??
  6. 27.2c warmest day of year here...Maybe 29-30c later? See Manchester 29c already... using up turkey ? from Sunday making Turkish ?? kebabs and shelling peas...
  7. Torrential rain close lightening big thunder love summer rainstorms
  8. Very similar over Chunal earlier very defined but not on ground... the clouds around made complete rotation around it... seen it in Illinois in USA but not in uk....
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