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  1. -1c at midday hills around glossopdale tintwistle looks so alpine in the sunshine gorgeous day minus the sheet ice, watch your step 🥶
  2. -4.5c low of -5.8c brrrr frozen over...few sprinkles of snow overnight left a dusting...remaining snow from yesterday of 1-3 inches frozen solid...
  3. Snizzle through the fog... 0c....
  4. Lookslike showers building and maybe merging going by radar?
  5. Big flakes again... looks really foggy out too...
  6. Fits in with this... just appeared on forecast on phone wasn’t there earlier... goulash is served
  7. Euro 4 update has this at 9pm but lookslike its 3hours early according to radar
  8. Snizzle flurrying fog low cloud now... 0c
  9. Really heavy really big big flakes £5 bank notes!
  10. Heavier snow again.... big flakes filling up my footprints earlier...
  11. Same as this recipe but lots of roasted peppers under the grill, put them in a plastic food bag when blackened leave to rest then skin them when cool, slice and add when you add tomatoes....yummy huge snowflakes again and pretty heavy....
  12. Smoked paprika and grilled peppers ( not from a jar), garlic, bay leaf, lots of tomatoes and paste....
  13. Woodburner on, goulash for dinner, birds going mad in garden with feeders, snowing again....
  14. 1 inch on paved surfaces but where snow lay first on car/grass it’s 3 inches...just been out to feed the birds and fill the feeders.... huge flakes of snow earlier.... looking forward to this afternoon