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  1. For fun only but hills could get a dumping Wednesday night/Thursday.... 14 inches? Haha 😂
  2. For fun only but hills could get a pasting wed/thur 14 inches?
  3. Looking at forecasts and charts... looks like anything from a dusting to 5cm.... liking this one but think it’s a needle in a haystack of a forecast
  4. That’s one reason why I moved here so I’d be at least guaranteed some snow, I used to live in snow starved Kent and a Kent that was atrocious at dealing with minute amounts of snow....
  5. Winter is the next three months there will be more chances... we was robbed this time... that’s how I see it, including by the met office with an amber warning...but as I’ve heard before about Greater Manchester and here with a se wind the precip dries up...we’re lucky that eventually the wind turned easterly and drew in moisture which gave us two inches on top of previous days showers...
  6. Love this an inch of snow and nope schools cancelled.... more like can’t be bothered to go to school... up here things carry on... oh dear... I’m a southerner and remember the train debacles over an inch of snow.... from bbc
  7. I’m just east of Manchester snow cover gap with 2-3 inches four where it’s drifted....
  8. 8 inches from ecm.... don’t think so..... more like 1-2 at most....
  9. Would like to think so.... don’t really want to contemplate until it’s actually falling, even at my height.... at home watching Swansea vs city Wednesday night.... see a few models going for 5-7cms here...
  10. Woodburner on since 7am....
  11. Woodburner on since 7am.... love these modern ones only a log every hour and a half... very efficient
  12. Some of the individual flakes falling yesterday afternoon in the garden.... must have been very cold aloft for these to fall... but yesterday managed a couple of inches eventually.... -5c dew -7c cold.... got woodburner on
  13. Was in the garden the other day and left back door open, came back in a saw something go past my head... had a blue tit in the house... got it out eventually but poor thing didn’t want to leave...
  14. Some snowflakes from yesterday afternoons showers.... they were all visibly individual as they landed... much colder air aloft...
  15. -5c dew -7c here.....brrrrr....