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  1. 3c feels like -4c cold icy rain 🥶 heading into Manchester for markets as have relatives over and looking at radar it’s a lot lighter in Man City centre.... hills might be white for trip into Buxton tomorrow
  2. Some quite lively gusts this evening....certainly making a noise out....
  3. WillinGlossop


    Married 9th October 2016 near Watchet North Somerset in gorgeous venue with a deer park.... weekend before heavy rain and chilly week afterwards cold and wet but the Saturday we got married was blue skies no wind and 22-23c felt warmer and was lovely that everyone could be outside with cocktails/canapés and for lots of photos in the sunshine... was very very lucky the weather was that nice for a weekend in October
  4. WillinGlossop

    Premier League Discussion

  5. WillinGlossop

    Premier League Discussion

    ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ love a good conspiracy story
  6. WillinGlossop

    Premier League Discussion

    6-1 super city! Should have been 10.... shark team....
  7. Been keeping eye on weather in uk and at home... warm wet and windy by looks of things.... in Laos/Cambodia for couple of weeks... 30c at 2330 glad for aircon
  8. -1c last night...not looking nice Saturday next weekend.. having friends over.... guessing it’ll actually be ok and low pressure goes further north or south or doesn’t develop as gfs has been rubbish lately
  9. WillinGlossop

    Storm Bronagh- Atlantic Storm 2

    Heavy rain, not as hard as earlier, 992 mb pressure...not much wind....thunder...
  10. WillinGlossop

    Storm Bronagh- Atlantic Storm 2

    On and off but heavy this evening again... could well have over 100mm from today through the weekend... problems with flooding already around and about too... river down the road again with this latest downpour edit registered 76mm so far today... not surprised... some very very heavy tropical style rain...
  11. WillinGlossop

    Storm Bronagh- Atlantic Storm 2

    Nearly 60mm here this afternoon... lots of surface water on roads...at times torrential rain... couple of breaks in the last two hours... lookslike more rain later this evening... put in three water butts last week all full to the brim and they are big butts....
  12. Netweather forecast, will probably change, going for 4.8 inches of rain between today and Monday for Glossop and my postcode going for 5.4 inches.... water butts already full... autumn in full swing this week/ weekend
  13. WillinGlossop

    UEFA Champions League

    Go PSG!
  14. Still hammering it down.... looking forward to some autumnal weather and some frosts but lookslike possible warmth again next week...
  15. Very heavy rain.... river down the road... gutters overflowing.... still saying 18c out too...