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  1. February 2014, maybe next year:)
  2. From the album Snow

  3. Must get something for all this wind!!

    1. gary1365
    2. Carl46Wrexham


      Taken all my outdoor Christmas lights and other things and flung them back in the garage....fed up of them being battered!!!!! Bored of this crap weather now!

  4. From the album Lightning Symbol

  5. From the album Sunset 19th June 2013

  6. Glad I didn't buy a sledge bought a boat instead:)

    1. Eugene


      The rate we are going with all the rain we might need a mini sub instead soon to get inside our front door ;)

    2. Eugene


      lol smash straight through it

  7. I should have added to the photo that I ended up in those when I was asked for a Winter Forecast and said 'Look East'
  8. From the album Warwick Castle

  9. From the album Warwick Castle

  10. From the album Warwick Castle

  11. From the album Warwick Castle

  12. Shall I buy a Sledge:)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. gottolovethisweather


      Buy it if you can return it unused in March

    3. judowidow


      ours has been gathering dust since Dec 2010 :-(

    4. The watcher

      The watcher

      No, just keep the bin lid handy.

  13. Shall I buy Fireworks?

  14. I wondered if it's possible for me to filter out the moderated deleted posts from a thread?
  15. I maybe going mad<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif , however up until this morning I could return to a thread through the latest option and it would take me to the last post I read. Today both at home and at work it always takes me to the very first post of the thread. I presume something is stored somewhere to remember this information. Help Chris