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  1. Light covering here in Kempston with some snow on the trees making it look nice. No problem with hard surfaces and roads were gritted again at 3am this morning.Soon be gone as the slightly warm air comes down before it turns much colder at the weekend.
  2. Thanks John for the well explained forecast and yes it has been cold here today with the temperature lowering from 4c in the early morning to 2.9c at 3pm according to the Met Office recording site.
  3. Sun is shining here and it was dark at 2am this morning when i was up not feeling too well which must have been down to too much gardening It will be a great result if it stays dry today and the rain starts just as we go back to work rather than the other way around. For another reason I just came across some photos of December 2012 when we had all that snow just before Xmas then you look out of the window today and can appreciate how wonderful our weather can really be.
  4. I appreciate the clarification AJ and I must be reading a different thread. What ever happens can we agree that if the regional threads do open next winter it is made very clear the date they close for summer so I can send my goodbye see you next winter cards
  5. Well that adds a lot to the thread!!! I really don't follow the argument that if all the regional threads are not being used then close them, the same could be said about the model thread which appears to have a few people posting every day. I don't want to have to look around the rest of the forum to try and find my fellow area members who have suddenly been cut off until next winter. It would have been nice to have had prior notification of this decision so people could have at least said there goodbys until the end of 2014 rather than everything closed at just after nine this morn
  6. Hopefully not, however the loss of many long term members and also committed forum hosts over the past weeks/ months has made this feel a very different place
  7. Well has something developed as when this was issued earlier at 3.40am there wa no mention of heavy rain which we have just had for the past hour Today:Widespread mist and low cloud initially, and patchy fog. Then gradually becoming brighter inland, with sunny intervals developing. Scattered mainly light showers today, although an isolated sharp afternoon shower is possible. Mist and low cloud may persist along the coast. Maximum temperature 17 °C.
  8. Latest BBC weather has removed the storm threat this evening and that front from the west seems to be coming through earlier around 4am but seemed to break up. Tomorrow see some showers in the afternoon but Sunday seems to be the day when a storm or two could be around the area.
  9. Well looking at he radar for Europe, something has to develop over the south of France as there is no precipitation down there. http://www.radareu.cz/ I wonder if the influence of the low pressure coming in from the west has pushed everything east and that rash of showers of Holland moving north was the showers shown on the BBC graphics last night moving up through the SE and EA. Still only 11.6c here and due to a solid brick built house i have had to put the heating on for them who have colds
  10. Looks a bit misty on the downs at the moment, however if it cleared and we had a good thunderstorm move up from the south, I don't think a marquee up there with a load of metal would be the place to be watching from http://dunstablehpc.co.uk/images/weather/dunnycam.jpg
  11. seems to be lots of heavy rain around and about which is growing however no lightening being shown on the radar, if only the sun would come out
  12. Here's a web cam picture from dunstable direction, seems to be growing and moving towards MK direction http://dunstablehpc.co.uk/images/weather/dunnycam.jpg
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