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  1. hi you are in the warning area . Greater manchester covers us mate i i live in Hyde Newton and the Pennines too will get a good cover too
  2. yes me too lol what part of MANC r u from mate? I am in Hyde se MAN
  3. Yes your right mate. what time are we looking at for Manchester?
  4. met radar has it fragmenting over our region , showers rather than persistent snow I think
  5. met office now says rain sleet and snow moving up from the sw over our region. sure that has changed .
  6. The snow should arrive about 8pm for Manchester . enjoy folks. hope its enough to build a snow man for my granddaughter .
  7. hi I am in hyde Cheshire what are my chances of snow mate ?
  8. the only way is forward

  9. life goes on and what ever it throws at u get back up and dust your self down. hey is there not always tomorrow.

  10. they say keep your family close by your side and your enimie closer still. its seems that one enimie is one of my family . how hert do i feel well how deep is the ocean. you live and you learn but, hey folks is that not the best way to learn things in life.

  11. i'm honest and caring and don't ask things in return when i help others . the tunnel has light at the end of it. it's just a long tunnel but hey i wont run ill walk . better times ahead i think. so fortunate i have my children and beatuful grandaughter. oh i can see the light like a misty sunset.

  12. well a friday night on my jack jones. oh well at least i have control over the tv.

  13. my house is sooo quiet tonite. enjoying the peace. only me in did i hear a pin drop .

  14. is in trouble later the washing has turned blue my son will not be happy lol.

  15. why do i feel so lost.

  16. feeling a lttle better this afo

  17. they say that what does not kill you makes you stronger. i am strong but i also hert but i know i have my lovelly children and friends and that also makes me stronger. i have found out today a few home truths . i'm going to make a new life for my self and look back on my mistakes in life has foundation for change.

  18. is on his jack jones again.

  19. has anybody got a spare wheel and tyre to fit a viesta size 195/50 r15 desperately need one. or just the steel wheel will do

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