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  1. The wind was hallowing all night got to say it was quite comforting when I was warm and toasty in bed
  2. I think this week we will see snow pop up at short notice even in your locality 👍
  3. Yeah lol can’t wait fingers crossed and everything else 😀
  4. hi you are in the warning area . Greater manchester covers us mate i i live in Hyde Newton and the Pennines too will get a good cover too
  5. yes me too lol what part of MANC r u from mate? I am in Hyde se MAN
  6. Yes your right mate. what time are we looking at for Manchester?
  7. met radar has it fragmenting over our region , showers rather than persistent snow I think
  8. met office now says rain sleet and snow moving up from the sw over our region. sure that has changed .
  9. The snow should arrive about 8pm for Manchester . enjoy folks. hope its enough to build a snow man for my granddaughter .
  10. hi I am in hyde Cheshire what are my chances of snow mate ?
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